Suppose you want to buy a new freezer, and you choose the Criterion freezer. You have heard a lot about this brand and it offers high-quality freezers. So you are thinking about purchasing from them.

However, at that point, you have started to wonder who makes Criterion freezers for Menards. It is important to know about the manufacturer and the brand before buying from it. In this article, we will provide you with the information which you are looking for.

So, stay with us for a while and read this article.

Who Makes Criterion freezers?

The maker of Criterion freezers has been playing hide and seek with the question about who makes Criterion appliances; especially about who makes Criterion freezers for Menards.

Hence, we are all in the dark about their company name, headquarters, and the places where they are made. We put our hearts in so that we can solve this mystery and finally come up with an answer.

As a result, we gathered some valuable information about them which might narrow down your path to finding the name of their owners. 

However, their biggest retailer Menards made sure that we all know most of their information so that it becomes easy for the users to decide on the purchase. 

The headquarters of Menards is in Eau Claire, Wisconsin but it also has other branches in Iowa, Ohio, Kentucky, Michigan, and more.

Who Makes Criterion Refrigerators for Menards?

Just like Criterion freezers, who makes Criterion refrigerators was not also known. The company chose not to disclose its names or the places of manufacture. 

Nevertheless, some of their appliances do come with a manufacturer tag and it states the name of particular regions with them.

Where are Criterion Freezers Made?

Our long research could not quite give a satisfactory answer to who makes Criterion freezers for Menards. On the other hand, some answers came from a few Criterion users and some of our readers. 

According to some, they are mainly manufactured in the US and their headquarters also reside within the US. They might have come up with that because there are hundreds of Menard branches throughout the US. 

However, many disagreed with that and claimed Criterion to be a Chinese company. They said Criterion has several manufacturers from China and then Menards imports them to various countries. 

They also mentioned Midea to be one of the makers of Criterion freezers as Midea and Criterion freezers both come with similar model numbers. 

On the other hand, a Criterion freezer user has already confirmed to us that his freezer’s manufacturer’s tag states that the freezer was made in Mexico and not in the US or China.

About Menards

Menards is the importer of Criterion freezers and the biggest retailer of Criterion. Not just Criterion freezers, Menards also imports pet products, lawn and garden supplies, electronics, brand merchandise, tools, and materials for home improvement needs. 

Menards is known for its incredible customer service, along with freezers. It has a selection of extraordinary quality. We can see the quality in Criterion freezers on account of their top-notch performances. 

Menards has developed so much that it has become the third-largest home improvement industry in the US. 

Menards has more than 300 stores in 15 states. They claim that they handpick manufacturers that produce Criterion appliances and make sure the quality meets their highest standards.

Does the Criterion Freezer Contain any Good Quality?

Criterion has home appliances such as freezers, refrigerators, microwave ovens, and more. It is an exclusive brand that provides high-quality freezers with outstanding performance at a sensible price. 

Criterion freezers are perfect for storing food. It keeps your food frost-free and fresh for a long time. It also has ample space for sufficient food. 

Alongside, they are known to be quite an energy-saving product which will cut your electricity bill to a satisfactory extent. 

They are not just meant for your kitchen, rather they can be used in different sectors such as restaurants, bars, garages, and anywhere that requires a freezer.

Read along and you will know about the types of their freezers and some Criterion freezer reviews, which will give a clearer idea about their quality.

Is Criterion a Good Brand?

Given the recent hype, we would like to believe that Criterion appliances are some of the best ones. With different models and different features of their appliances, you can get different price tags.

We must reassure you that the price tags are quite pocket-friendly and users claim their products to be a good value for the money.

Types of Criterion Freezers

There are several types of Criterion freezers are available. Every one of them contains different sizes and features. Here, we will describe them shortly so it would be easy for you to pick the right freezer.

👉 Criterion Manual Defrost Chest Freezer

This chest freezer freezes your food quite well and keeps it fresh. They are not difficult to operate. What’s more, the control panel of this freezer always keeps your food at the perfect temperature. 

This chest freezer also provides an interior that can defrost in a breeze. It also has a removal storage basket so that you can have enough storage options.

👉 Criterion Garage Ready Automatic Defrost Upright Freezer

This type of freezer is ideally suited for storing food. In addition, this Upright freezer is Garage ready because it has a stable and consistent temperature even when the garage temperature is 0 F to 110 F. It also offers automatic defrost, which keeps your food and i

This type of freezer is ideally suited for storing food. In addition, this Upright freezer is Garage ready because it has a stable and consistent temperature even when the garage temperature is 0 F to 110 F. It also offers automatic defrost, which keeps your food and interior frost-free. However, the answer to who makes Criterion upright freezers was not known.

The Best Criterion freezers (Criterion Freezer Reviews)

Everyone wants the best freezer for their home, which lasts longer than others and provides great performance. Here, we will talk about some best freezers of Criterion, so you can choose which one to buy.

1. Criterion 7.0-7.2 Cu. ft Manual Defrost Chest Freezer

It is one of the best freezers of Criterion by Menards. This freezer is noise-free and has low energy consumption. It rapidly freezes the food after you put it in the freezer. You can also easily clean the interior. 

This freezer has the perfect temperature, and it prevents your food from frosting.

2. Criterion 13.8 Cu.ft Garage Ready Automatic Defrost Upright Freezer

This freezer is best since it can store food for a long time. It has an LED interior light. This freezer also offers adjustable shelves so you can organize your food. 

It is called Garage ready freezer because it provides a steady and reliable temperature. Its defrosting system holds your food from frosting.


Who Makes Criterion Appliances?

The brand Criterion never mentioned any name of their manufacturer. Hence, only their retailer’s and importer’s name was known, which is Menards.

What Brand is Criterion?

Criterion is an exclusive brand of Menards manufacturing company of home appliances.

Where is the headquarters of Menards?

The headquarter of Menards is in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, Us.

Who Makes Criterion Upright Freezers?

Their upright freezers earned quite a fame due to their built quality and usage but it’s still a blur about who actually makes them.

Are Criterion Freezers Made in The USA?

There is a debate about this. While some like to believe they are made in the US, others claim them to have been manufactured in China and Mexico.

How Many States have Menards Stores?

Menards has stores in 15 states around the United States. They have 335 stores.


I hope you find this article helpful and got your answers to who makes Criterion freezers for Menards or who is the manufacturer of Criterion. 

You will be satisfied with the Criterion freezer because it offers great customer service and top-notch products. 

Thank you for reading.

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