Most of the time, we buy products without knowing about their manufacturer and brand. As a result, sometimes we face trouble with the product as we acknowledge nothing about them. And sometimes, we just get lucky with the product. 

If you are thinking about purchasing a freezer from Arctic King, first, you should know everything about them. For example, “Who makes Arctic King freezers?” or “Is it any good?” These are the important facts that you should know. 

Here, I will provide you with all the facts you need, and you can learn about the manufacturer, the brand, and their products. 

 So stay with us for a while, and you will find this article much beneficial.

Are Arctic King freezers Any Good?

Arctic King is an American brand. Advanced technology, efficiency, and reliability make Arctic King popular among customers. Arctic King provides unique models for its special markets. 

Arctic King started their brand by supplying air conditioners. Along with air-conditioners they also provide home appliances such as freezers, refrigerators, microwaves, electronics, and more.  You can rely on Arctic King freezers because they outlast all others in terms of durability. They have satisfactory ratings for freezers. 

Who Makes Arctic King Freezers?

It is well known that the Midea Company manufactures appliances for the Arctic King brand. It is the parent company of Arctic king. Midea Manufacturing Company also owns Eureka, Toshiba Appliances, and Little Swan.

Where are Arctic king Freezers Made?

The brand Arctic King is mainly a US-based company. They first started their journey in the US. However, when Midea took over the Arctic King, they began to make Arctic King’s appliances. The headquarter of Midea is in Beijiao, Southern China. So the products are manufactured in China but yet they have global operations.

About The Manufacturer

Midea is the largest manufacturer company of major appliances. Also, the brand is on top rank because of its top-notch appliances, air-treatment products, freezers, air-coolers, rice cookers, and kettles. 

Midea has become a renowned and international manufacturing company because of their advanced technology and innovation. Midea started to lead the world in white goods manufacturing after 1982. 

Midea owns the Arctic King brand, and that’s why Arctic King is now booming in the market. They are growing numerously. The US brand Arctic King first launched their product in 2006. They hit the market as a residential and commercial air conditioning manufacturer. 

Thanks to Midea, Arctic King is receiving the latest certifications and approvals from the world’s most restrictive consumer markets. Midea has been awarded more than 40 designs at different global design shows. Among them, Reddot, iF, and Good Design Award are included. 

Because of Midea’s guidance, Arctic king is now implementing its strategy to continue as a highly dynamic enterprise, with the aspiration for consistent growth characteristic of a world class business.

The Best Arctic King Freezers

The brand Arctic King supplies some unique models freezers. These models contain great quality, incredible features, and performance. Here, I will talk about these models, so you can decide which one to buy.

1. Arctic King Chest Freezer, 5 Cubic Feet

This model has a 5.0 cubic feet capacity which includes a bigger storage basket for your food items. This freezer is also energy efficient and cuts back on energy consumption. It also fits into small places because it is sleek and compact. You can keep it in the kitchen, basement, garage, or back room. 

The freezer comes with a removal storage basket so you can organize your food properly. The interior is easy to clean and has easy access defrost drain. 

This model is solid black, modern, and stylish. 

It only uses 218 kilowatts of power for an entire year. You can buy this freezer at a reasonable price. It also comes with one year warranty. 

2. Arctic King 3.0 Cubic Feet Upright Freezer

This 3.0 Cubic feet Upright freezer offers one year warranty. This model is Energy Star certified and has a Mechanical temperature control system. It is a large-capacity freezer, and you can keep this freezer in small spaces too. 

This freezer model provides extra room for your frozen foods because it has two fixed shelves and a removal wire drawer. This freezer can make a place in your kitchen, garage, cabin, basement, and lake house. 

The color of this freezer is silver, sleek stainless steel, which makes it stylish. You can easily clean the interior. It has an easy-access defrost drain system, a recessed handle, a reversible door, and two adjustable legs for easy leveling.    

3. Arctic King 7.0 Cubic Feet Chest Freezer

If you have a big family or having a big family gathering then this freezer is perfect for storing enough food. It has the ideal amount of space, and you can store food for the future. It keeps the food fresh for a long time. 

The mechanical temperature control system makes it easy for you to change it higher or lower with an adjustable thermostat. The color of this freezer is black, which makes it an excellent fit for the garage, shop, and basement. 

The removal basket helps you to organize your food quickly and easily. You can also clean the interior without any hassle. It also has a removal gasket that can keep your freezer clean and hygienic. This Chest freezer includes balanced hinge design features. 


Is the Arctic King freezer garage ready?

The Arctic King 7.0 Chest freezer is ideal for use in a garage. This freezer is garage-ready because of its convenient size and recessed handle.

Are Arctic King Freezers expensive?

Arctic King freezers are budget-friendly. This is because the Arctic King freezer offers such good quality and terrific performance at a sensible price.


Have you made up your mind about buying an Arctic King freezer? I hope this article helped you find all the information about the manufacturer, brand, and models. 

Thank you for reading.

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