Any room can become your own club with a good speaker. It produces sounds that are clearer and uninterrupted with a high-quality music system. And for that matter, Infinity speakers are the best ones.

For more than 50 years, Infinity has provided you with the perfect listening experience. They offer a wide range of products, including speakers for cars, boats, and power sports. Audio experts and enthusiasts often mention Infinity speakers as the best speakers for home theater systems.

In order for you to choose Infinity for your next music system component, let’s try to discover who makes Infinity speakers and gather all the information.

Who Makes Infinity Speakers?

The trio behind First Infinity, Arnie Nudell, John Ulrick, and Cary Christie, created what get regarded as the original set of high-end speakers ever made.

Established in Los Angeles in 1968 and with headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut, Infinity Systems is an American loudspeaker manufacturing company. Having joined Harman International Industries in 1983, Infinity is now a part of the company.

The acquisition of Harman International Industries by Samsung Electronics took place in 2017. The Infinity bundles include audio applications for a range of platforms.

Are Infinity Speakers Good?

Infinity’s innovation in loudspeaker design over the past 40 years has improved recorded music and video, providing it with the realism and excitement of a concert hall or a movie theater.

Audio experts and enthusiasts often mention Infinity speakers when describing the best home theater speakers. It is not surprising considering that Infinity has always taken great satisfaction in developing ground-breaking products with unique models, excellent sound quality, and reliability.

When compared to other headphones in this budget range, the audio and durable construction are excellent. Now let’s talk about noise cancellation, which is exceptionally impressive given that it is an in-ear headphone and not an over-ear model. The sound quality is appropriate.

Is Infinity A Good Brand of Speaker?

Another well-known name in this sector is Infinity. For a decade, they have been operating in this market. Their automobile speakers are some of the most popular ones available.

There isn’t much to grumble about when it comes to the sound output of Infinity speakers, particularly the Reference X-Series, which offer an excellent listening quality. They are a fantastic option because of their evenly balanced frequency spectrum.

Infinity Speakers Bluetooth

Infinity is the manufacturer of some of the best handheld Bluetooth speakers. It is portable and can get carried anywhere you go. It can improve the sound quality with deep bass for everything from parties and events to video streaming. Additionally, you will receive five hours of nonstop service from the voice assistant.

Infinity Car Speakers

If you’re seeking high-quality automobile speakers, your search is over. You have the support of Infinity. It’s interesting to note that Infinity started out making car speakers. As a result, you can trust them, particularly when producing automotive speakers.

If you search for car speakers, there are many different options. You will receive two 2-way speakers, a guidebook, and a warranty card with whichever model you pick. 

Moreover, the functionality you receive may vary depending on the models. A few examples include the audio system, carrier frequency, power level, RMS power, and many others.

Infinity Home Speakers

Your home theater system is worthless without speakers to transmit that direct sound. The house speakers provide crystal-clear high-frequency reproduction, excellent vocal and dialogue comprehension, as well as deep bass that is strong and deep.

You should choose a system that has a strong bass response from the Infinity Reference Series selections. The frequency range of the perforated structure on this 12″ driver SUB R12 300 W model (600 peaks) is 29 Hz to 150 Hz.

For those seeking something smaller, the Infinity Reference SUB R10 is the name of the powered subwoofer that is more compact. In contrast to the larger size, it has a 10-inch speaker with a 200-watt electronic amplifier and a response range of 31 Hz to 150 Hz. It also has the same capabilities.

Infinity Speakers Review

Let’s look at a few Infinity speakers you should consider using.

Infinity Reference R253

The Ceramic Metal Matrix Diaphragm (CMMD) in this three-way speaker enhances audio quality by containing an aluminum driver between ceramic layers. Two 5.25-inch flat piston drivers and two 5.25-inch woofers in the ported cabinet create a powerful midrange sound and better vocal and dialogue comprehension, respectively.

Speaker power can be up to 200 watts, and its nominal impedance is 6 ohms. In addition to its 41 Hz to 22 kHz frequency response, the sensitivity is 88dB.

Infinity Speakers Price

Now let’s talk about the pricing range for Infinity speakers. You must first select the nation you are in for that. The item’s price will appear after that. Price-wise, it is a premium company, so it is a little more expensive than most other brands. Everything from Infinity will cost between $99 and $700.


1. Is JBL The Owner Of Infinity?

Harman International Industries has owned Infinity since 1983. In 2017, Samsung Electronics acquired Infinity. The Indian company Harman has added Infinity to its lineup of household audio brands, which already include JBL, AKG, and other names.

2. How Does Infinity’s Audio System Function?

An electrostatic panel for the highs and midrange got used, as well as a bass chair, a crossover amplifier, and two electrostatic panels for the bass. Set it up at home like this. On the left, there is a black panel with electrostatic charges.


Last but not least, one of the best speakers you can own is an Infinity speaker. Like we said before, we will provide you with information on who makes Infinity speakers. And we’ve provided it for you above.

Here, you can find the majority of speaker reviews. With any luck, it will assist you in making your upcoming purchase.

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