Most folks will suggest an iPhone if you’re looking for a high-end smartphone with the best mobile device experience. The industry norms are an Apple device’s ecosystem and optimization.

The battery of an iPhone is no different. Although an iPhone battery does not have the same amount of mAh as other premium phones it can give excellent usage time. So let us talk about who makes iPhone Batteries and some interesting facts about the product.

About Apple Inc.

A tech giant that does not need any introduction, Apple Inc. is the biggest tech company by revenue. The company has its headquarters in Cupertino, California where Apple has one of the finest-looking buildings. 

Look at how Apple is doing in various markets to see the company’s success. You don’t even need to look there; simply observe how irrational techies and aficionados become whenever Apple announces a new product.

Apple is continuously working hard to make their device more user-friendly and introducing new technology with each of their new products. The optimization of an Apple device is also the finest for this reason the same software runs better on Apple devices. 

About The Manufacturer

You may be surprised to know that Apple neither manufactures nor assembles most of its products. Apple is responsible for the design and most of the parts are only designed by Apple but manufactured by others. 

Although iPhone’s main competitor in the smartphone market is Samsung, most of the iPhone’s parts are made by Samsung. Now, Are iPhone batteries made by Samsung? Samsung made batteries for Macbooks and iPads but never for iPhones. 

The manufacturing rights to iPhone batteries are in the hand of China’s Amperex Technology limited. One of the most important minerals for battery manufacturing is Lithium so where does Apple get its Lithium? Foxconn supplies the necessary Lithium to Apple. 


One of the biggest producers of lithium-ion batteries is Amperex Technology Limited or ATL. ATL attracted prominence by producing the best lithium-ion batteries. This China-based corporation has numerous production facilities there.

ATL has manufactured batteries for different devices like phones, drones, tablets, etc. The quality of ATL’s product has caught the eyes of many industry giants that are now working with ATL.  ATL also specializes in many wearables and different smart technologies from home.

Everything About iPhone Batteries

So iPhone has been an integral part of our life for a long time and they have the most powerful smartphone batteries. So why not take a deep dive into the iPhone’s battery and try to find out everything interesting about their products?

First thing first, what brand battery does Apple use? Even though Apple uses parts made by other companies, they are all branded with the Apple logo. So you might say that Apple makes use of its lithium-ion battery.

🔹 Capacity

iPhone battery capacity is the most interesting bit. If you look at other Android smartphones, you’ll see that the more affordable models have batteries between 5000 and 6000 mAh while the more expensive models have batteries around 4000 mAh.

When it comes to the iPhone things are a bit different. The latest iPhone 13 has 3.2 mAh whereas the Samsung S22 model is featuring 3.7k to 4k mAh batteries. Now, that can get you thinking is the iPhone providing the worst battery backup?  

Don’t get fooled by the numbers because iPhones, despite having a lower mAh provide the world’s finest battery backups. Apple achieves this by optimizing the apps at their finest and using a balanced set of hardware that you won’t find in any other phone. 

🔹 Health

iPhone battery health is something you should be careful about, like every electric product iPhone batteries also get damaged or degrade over time. To check your iPhone battery’s health you have to go to settings then battery, there you’ll find an option to look at your battery health. 

Now, when should you change your battery? If your battery health is below 80% of its original capacity it is recommended to change it. Your iPhone’s battery should retain 80% for about two years after the purchase. 

🔹 Battery Replacement

You have two choices regarding your iPhone’s battery replacement. Buying a new phone just for the battery is not a good idea. If you have a warranty or are covered by AppleCare+ then Apple should replace your battery without any fees. 

If you do not have a Warranty or AppleCare+ coverage but want to replace the battery officially( Apple’s recommended way) then from iPhone X to the latest models should cost you about $69 and previous models will cost around $49. 

You can visit here to learn more about the process: iPhone Battery Replacement – Official Apple Support

Do not fear; Apple offers you the option to change it yourself if you so desire. You may get replacement official Apple batteries from a variety of sources. One of those businesses is iFixit, which sells genuine iPhone batteries together with fixing equipment.

iFixit also has a detailed tutorial on YouTube on how to replace an iPhone’s battery. You can check out here if you want to fix it by yourself:

iPhone Battery Review

For many years, iPhone has had multiple variations with different batteries. One of the surprising outcomes was the budget phone’s iPhone SE. let us talk and share our thoughts on how good a battery that model is getting,

🔹 iPhone SE Battery Review

iPhone SE comes with a 2018 mAh battery but due to its smaller and low-resolution screen, the battery can handle a long time. The 20W fast charging is more than enough to keep your iPhone SE running properly.


For tech fans, Apple has been a godsend, and the iPhone revolutionized the mobile device market. One of the industry standards for hardware is the iPhone’s hardware. 

The power efficiency and quality of iPhone batteries are comparable to other batteries; this can only give us optimism for future progress.

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