TCL is a tech company that you may be familiar with, but perhaps not because of its mobile phones. The global tech giant from China gets well recognized for its assertively premium TVs that are popular everywhere, as well as a variety of audio systems that complement those TVs.

How about their smartphones, though? They do indeed have a wide selection of smartphones. These smartphones are widely available and reasonably priced.

And today we will talk about its manufacture. Yes, we will discuss who makes TCL phones. As well as other relevant details about TCL phones. And now, without further ado. Let’s get started.

Who Makes TCL Phones?

Despite being founded in 1981, TCL’s history with smartphones isn’t very old. In order to manufacture mobile phones, the business teamed up with the French technology company Alcatel in 2004. Alcatel was later get acquired by TCL.

The privileges to the BlackBerry brand were purchased by TCL in 2016, enabling the business to introduce smartphones under the renowned brand. By the end of 2020, the company will have continued doing this for four years.

There are claims that BlackBerry was acquired by another company a few months back, which means any BlackBerry phones released since then have nothing to do with TCL. Using its own title on mobile phones wasn’t until TCL introduced the TCL 10 collection in 2019 that they did so.

Is TCL a Good Brand?

In terms of inexpensive electronics, TCL is a well-known brand. Along with implementing technologies that go well beyond what you’d anticipate on a base model, TCL has also been able to keep its pricing structure lower than Samsung, Sony, and other producers.

The reason TCL is the second most popular smart TV in the North American market is that it provides dependability and a wide range of options at a lower cost than other brands. The company’s TVs typically receive four or higher stars in customer reviews.

The technology that consumers want in a smartphone is found in the Alcatel branded products from TCL Communication, one of the top 10 smartphone manufacturers worldwide.

TCL Phones Review

🔹 TCL 20 R 5G

The most recent manufacturer to offer less expensive 5G-compatible phones is TCL. With a 6.52-inch screen, the TCL 20 R 5G is a reasonably sized smartphone.

While still experiencing thin and light, it has a good feel to it. The TCL 20 R 5G performs incredibly well in terms of performance. The use of it wasn’t too challenging, and it moved fairly quickly.

A 13-megapixel primary camera, a 2-megapixel depth camera, a 2-megapixel macro lens, and an 8-megapixel front camera are all included in the TCL 20 R’s triple rear camera setup.

The TCL 20 R 5G’s best feature is its high-quality screen. This screen offers pleasant colors, transparency, and clarity, especially when compared to its price range.

Is The TCL an Android Phone?

The Alcatel OneTouch nameplate’s holding company is TCL. In recent years, Alcatel OneTouch has released a selection of Android-based mobile devices.

The TCL 10 Pro, TCL 10L, and TCL 10 5G are three brand-new smartphones that it is declaring. The company is experiencing a major milestone, but Android could also experience a major milestone.

Its user interface (UI) is largely stock Android with most of its customizations for its display technologies incorporated into the launch system and configurations.

Is TCL’s Phone Better Than Samsung’s?

These two brands are incomparable to one another. Which option the customers prefer depends on their spending limits.

You will receive a camera and function of the highest caliber from Samsung. They deliver good software support and efficient performance. But the cost of a Samsung phone will be slightly more than that of a TCL phone.

However, if you have a limited budget, you can still get a very effective phone with TCL models. The performance of TCL’s phones is very good considering the small budget. The TCL phones are for you if you are not looking for something exclusive.

Additionally, you can look at the smartphone brands and models to determine which is the best choice for you.

Are TCL Phones Safe?

TCL phones are a good option to consider if you have a limited budget. The reason is that TCL offers many dependable smartphones at that price point. You receive decent camera quality and moderate functionality for that amount of money.

It’s safe to assume that the 10L and 10 Pro utilize 600-series chipsets such as the Snapdragon 675, even though TCL didn’t specify what processors each of the phones utilized. It is because they all drove with comparable levels of responsiveness.

Is TCL Still Making Phones?

TCL has produced smartphones for the majority of the modern era of smartphones under the Alcatel and BlackBerry brands. But it has finally begun forward to market its smartphones simply as “TCL.”

After August 2020, TCL will stop producing and selling BlackBerry phones because the company is no longer authorized to do so. They still possess a brand-new smartphone, though. TCL phones continue to get manufactured.

How Long is The TCL Warranty?

TCL provides a one-year limited warranty on specific TCL products that get encountered to be faulty in their equipment or their fit and finish in exchange.

For the following things: clear evidence of payment: the actual sales slip or receipt with the product’s prototype, registration number, and date of collection written on it.


In the modern era of smartphones, TCL has largely operated under brand names like Alcatel and BlackBerry, but it recently faded into obscurity to become plain old “TCL.” And we are not grumbling. They have already earned people’s trust by producing electronic devices like TVs.

With TCL’s latest innovation, smartphones are now very reasonably priced and have good performance. They already have a growing following. About who makes TCL phones, we spoke here. Hopefully, now you will be able to consider buying a TCL smartphone soon.

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