The first thing the majority of us check after waking up is our phone. Back in the day, we used phones just to contact people. Today, there is almost nothing a phone cannot achieve. So you want a reliable phone as your daily drive. 

Many giants like Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi, etc produce incredible phones. You may want something different from these tech giants. In this case, Alcatel may be the phone you are looking for.  

So, let’s find out who makes Alcatel phones? We will describe the manufacturer of this phone briefly. Also, we will try to answer whether you should buy one for yourself or not.

About Alcatel

Like most phone brands, Alcatel may not be that familiar to you but you know about Nokia. In the early, 2000s you could find one or a Nokia in everyone’s hand. Their phone was famous for its insane durability, which everyone today still mentions in various memes or discussions. 

Alcatel is a trademark of Nokia but the official license mentions them as the TCL corporation. They are one of the largest consumer electric manufacturers in the world. The Alcatel brand was licensed in 2005 by a French company.

However, who made Alcatel Phone? The Chinese company TCL corporation has the manufacturing rights to the Alcatel product. Now, let us talk about them.

About The Manufacturer

The full name for the TCL technology is Telephone Communication Limited. They are a Chinese electronic company from Huizhou, Guangdong Province. TCL manufactures many consumer products like mobile phones, washing machines, television sets, air conditioners, etc. 

TCL technology was the world’s 25th largest manufacturer of consumer electronic products in 2010. Their innovation has made them trustworthy to consumers and achieved a second place as the largest consumer electronics manufacturer.   

They were known as the TCL Corporation which was changed to TCL technology in 2020. In the Stock market. TCL technology has five companies listed. Currently, TCL is focusing on three major sectors: Industrial finance and Capital, Semiconductor display semiconductor, and semiconductor photovoltaic.

Are Alcatel Phones Any Good?

Alcatel is not that familiar name in the mobile market like Samsung or Apple but they have been producing some amazing phones since 1996. Unlike some big names in the mobile market, Alcatel phones are more affordable side. 

If you are looking for an entry-level phone for teenagers, something for senior citizens, or a secondary device then Alcatel can be the best choice for you. We will discuss some of the best aspects of this phone. 

🔹 Pricing

The main selling point of these phones is the pricing and what they are offering at that price point. As an alternative to the big-name brands, Alcatel can be a great phone.

🔹 Battery

When there is a competition on who got the best battery, any budget phone can give a premium phone a run for its money in the battery section. They can achieve this because budget phones have lower-quality displays and do not provide much functionality as the premium phones.

🔹 Hardware and Software

Now, if you want to know how they can provide such a wonderful phone at that price. The main cost-cutting comes from the software and hardware section. 

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying they are providing low-quality products. Whatever they are providing at this price point is still amazing. If you consider the price of these products then what they are offering is the best possible in the market.

Alcatel Phones Review

Alcatel provides a lot of phones in the market. It is hard to cover all of these phones in a single article. If you want to check all Alcatel phones and the price list. You are welcome to visit Alcatel’s official website. 

On their official site, they have categorized all of their phones including price lists and a brief description of them.

In this section, we will discuss some of the best products that Alcatel is offering in the market. We hope this section will help you to choose the best phone for you. 

🔹 Alcatel 1066

Modern phones are getting bigger which is getting harder to hold in one hand. If you are looking for something smaller and easy to get grip on then this is the phone you are looking for. This phone is super budget-friendly costing about only $17. 

Let me remind you that this phone is not a smartphone. This is a button phone like those Nokias from the early 2000s. As a secondary device or something for any senior citizen, this can be a great deal.

🔹 Alcatel 1C

Now let us talk about one of the smartphones that Alcatel is offering. With only less than 100 pounds this phone is one of the best value for money. At this price point, you will find very few phones offering this powerful processor.

Unfortunately, you won’t get a 5G or better phone but considering the price, it is not much to complain about.

🔹 Alcatel 1S

This phone was released in 2020, and a follow-up was released in 2021. This phone is operating on Mediatek Helio P22, a 13 MP camera, and has an amazing build quality considering the price. You will get along an amazing display and long battery life.   

Unfortunately, this phone is not offering a 5G service. This phone is no doubt a great value for money.


At this time when the market is saturated with lots of premium phones, it is hard to get a secondary device that is cheap and better. TCL Corporation has been a blessing in this regard. A cheap but gets the job done, Alcatel is a great deal for your money.

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