It was not a long time since we used mobile devices just to talk with one another. Even it was not possible to talk with anyone from anywhere. However, technology has walked a long way since then and nowadays a mobile device has the power to replace a desktop computer.

To achieve this wonder a properly operating system has to work under the hood. Although Apple’s IOS was the pioneer of smart mobile devices, Google’s Android has made smart devices more accessible to the masses.

To capitalize on the smart device market, almost all the tech giants are working hard regularly. So let’s check on who makes android phones? Learn some interesting facts about them and also some of the best phones on the market.

What is Android?

Android is an operating system for mobile devices. It is just a modified version of the open-source Linux kernel. Chances are you have an android device right now in your hand or you have used any other android devices at least once. 

Like the Linux Kernel, the Android operating system is also open-source which means you can find the source code for this operating system, and also you can modify it according to your need. This is the opposite of Apple’s IOS which only Apple can use for their device.

Due to the open-source nature of Android, android phones prices are cheaper than other smart devices. The developer can focus their budget more on hardware than the software side for this. A cheap but powerful device has brought a revolution in the technological field.

Who Makes Android Phones?

There are a big number of tech companies are making android phones nowadays due to their huge demand. Here we will talk about some of those companies that produce Android phones.

Please keep that in mind due to the ban from Trump’s authority Huawei can not produce android phones anymore. Despite some of the old Huawei android phones being still available to buy and their new OS being just a knockoff version of the android we are excluding them from the list.


If you ask who is the biggest tech giant in the mobile market, most people will say Apple and Samsung are their direct competitors. This Korean giant is the world’s largest electronic device manufacturer.

However, when it comes to who makes the best android phone? I think most people will settle down for Samsung.


For a long time, Chinese electronic products were just knockoff versions of well-recognized brands. But time has changed and China with its electronic products and getting better. They are leaping towards innovation now and then.

Xiaomi is one of the prime examples of that. Their latest flagship device, Xiaomi 12 is challenging the performance of Samsung’s S22 Ultra. They are dominating the Chinese and Asian markets. They are also providing the best in the low price range.


Whenever someone says Google we think about the search engine, most the android services including youtube and play stores. Even if you are not using their phone, your android phone is powered by Google as they support the Android operating system.

Google is also a proud manufacturer of Android phones. Their Pixel series always creates hype around the tech world whenever they launch a new phone. You are welcome to check their launch event for their latest Pixel 6 device and the hype around it.


A great camera phone with an affordable price, if someone says this majority will think about Oppo. They are also one of the Chinese brands that are currently the first choice for a lot of people. Mainly those who are looking for a great camera with performance.

Android 12

Google has been doing a lot of innovation in the mobile device with various updates on the android devices. Android 12 is the latest version of this operating system and it is one of the biggest updates in Android history.


Probably the most important feature of the android 12 is its privacy features. From now you have more control over which app is using what on your device. You can protect your microphone, camera, and even the location tracking system.


For a long time, people were not happy with the look of stock Android. Google has listened to its audience and has done a massive redesign to its UI. Also, the UI will adapt the wallpaper and apply a color theme accordingly.


Widgets were always a strong side for android. They offered interesting widgets for every app but sometimes differentiating widgets from one another gets a bit confusing. Fortunately, in Android 12 you can find widgets more organized way.

How Android Changed The World 

Mobile or Cellular devices were meant to create communication in distant places. Nowadays that changed, now cellular devices in form of Android or IOS or other smart devices have become essential in our daily drive. 

Back in the days when you had to use computers for official and other work, now it can be done on an android device. You can check your emails, social media, read e-books from that, and even cameras. 

A well-renowned director Zack Snyder shot his 4-minute short film “Snow Steam Iron” with an iPhone in 2017. Although that was an IOS device in 2022 you can use your android device for your short film and channel your inner Zack Snyder.


Android phones are now more capable than ever before and this will keep improving in the distant future. Companies like Samsung, Xiaomi, Oppo, and Vivo are in a competitive mindset to produce the best android phones in the market. 

Companies will keep introducing more and more features to make their phone more compelling. With the pace that android phones are developing it is safe to assume that one day we will get an android phone with every feature imaginable and at a moderately cheap price point.

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