Since so many teeny little Chinese smartphone manufacturers develop products each month, it would be difficult to identify a Chinese firm phone if you were seeking one. You’ll see a discussion of brands like Xiaomi, Oppo, and OnePlus. Obviously, a few of these companies are now well-known.

But right now, you should also consider alternative brands. One of the brands that have been attracting interest all day long is Blackview. To learn more about this brand, we will focus more attention on it today.

This article will primarily concentrate on who makes Blackview phones, how good their offerings are, prices, and reviews. Do not hesitate; begin reading right away.

Where are Blackview Cell Phones Made?

Doke Electronic Co., Ltd. in Shenzhen. Blackview is a subsidiary of Shenzhen Doke Electronic Co., Ltd. that makes rugged smartphones.

Blackview is a 2013-founded company with its headquarters in Hong Kong. The business, which has almost ten years of expertise in rugged mobile devices, currently has offices in South Africa, Russia, Spain, Greece, Italy, and the United Kingdom.

In addition to making tough devices, Blackview competes with Samsung, Apple, Huawei, and other manufacturers of smartphones and tablets.

Is Blackview a Good Brand?

In the realm of smartphones, this brand has emerged as an underdog and is not well known. Despite having a small number of models in the inexpensive or budget class, the brand is still developing. They come pre-installed with a version of Android that is remarkably close to the original one, along with a few lightweight supplementary applications.

Blackview is making a lot of effort to raise the caliber of its smartphones in preparation for approaching the international mobile market. The firm makes fantastic smartphones, but they prefer to provide cellphones with more strength and morality. There is no doubt that Blackview cellphones are worth buying since the company has produced some outstanding products.

Blackview Phones Review

Since we are discussing Blackview phones, you won’t really comprehend how their models operate without reviewing their phones. Here, we have compiled a few of their most popular mobile phone features.

🔹 Blackview BV8800

MediaTek’s Helio G96 chipset powers the 6.58″ 90Hz HD screen on the BV8800. The huge battery within the device, which has a volume of 8,380mAh, weighs 367 grams.

In addition, there are four cameras on the back: a 50MP main, an 8MP ultrawide, a 2MP depth sensor, and a 20MP low-light system with IR emitters. The final component will assist you in seeing and capturing what gets hidden from view.

Even though the Blackview BV8800 is a moderate device, two noticeable exclusions stand out right off the bat: a 3.5mm jack and a microSD extension option.

🔹 Blackview BV4900

A rugged smartphone made by Blackview is called the BV4900. The smartphone has built-in NFC capabilities for easy digital payments. Customers can create transactions on specific speed point devices using the NFC capability, eliminating the need for actual money in the transaction.

The Blackview BV4900 successfully finished ten military-grade trials. The phone can withstand extreme cold and abrasive conditions as well as shock, rain, sand, and dust. Since it is waterproof and drop-proof, the Blackview BV4900 got made to withstand some of the most extreme weather conditions.

Are Blackview Phones Good?

Individuals who operate in specialized industries, those who enjoy outdoor pursuits, and fans of robust phones are the target market for Blackview’s rugged smartphones. Blackview phones get rigorously tested before they are released, ensuring that customers receive high-quality products as soon as they get their eyes on them.

A thermography sensor, heart-rate monitor, and accelerometer are among the capabilities of the company’s cell phones. Additionally, compared to several major competitors, the company’s phones feature larger storage and higher-quality cameras.

Moreover, the efficiency of Blackview smartphones is particularly strong, and this is evident in their technical specifications. The price of smartphones is moderate, certainly. Despite this, they are unquestionably worth the expense.

Blackview Rugged Phone

The following description covers a variety of rugged cell phones from Blackview. The Blackview BV4900, BV4900 Pro, BV5100, BV5100 Pro, BV5900, BV6300, BV6300 Pro, BV6600, BV99000E, BV9800 Pro, BL6000 Pro, and BV9900 Pro are some models of the company’s rugged smartphones.

The Gorilla Glass screen on the Blackview tough smartphone series has received approval to MIL-STD-810H or MIL-STD-810G military standards. It is, therefore, ideal for those who work in specialized fields, enjoy taking underwater photos, and go on outdoor adventures.

Blackview will give you a satisfying and affordable device, regardless of whether you want a gaming phone, a good camera phone, a high-capacity (battery/storage) phone, a 5G phone, or a fast-charging phone.

Does Blackview Make a 5G Phone?

Blackview and Indiegogo have reportedly released one of the first 5G rugged cellphones. In reality, this was accurate because 5G, a new generation of networks, offers better connection speeds for activities like downloading, playing VR games, and watching 4K movies.

All Blackview cell phones are unlocked, and the company provides 4G and 5G handsets. A 5G phone supports both 3G and 4G networks in addition to 5G, and you can utilize 5G wherever it is available. It is important that you confirm that the Blackview 5G phones are compatible with the 5G band of your local carrier.

Blackview Phone Price

If you inquire about the price range, you can easily find Blackview phones at a reasonable cost. In comparison to other Chinese phone manufacturers, they are less expensive. However, the performance and quality are actually worth the money you are paying.

Their phones are available for purchase for between $80 and $400. At this price, it’s simple to purchase the phones you want from them. Select your preferred model, then pay.


The user can choose from a variety of phones at Blackview. As time goes on, the market’s acceptance of their brand grows. Our main objective was to reveal who makes Blackview phones and to provide you with some background information so that you can look at their products. 

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