Most people answer “iPhones” whenever they want a recommendation from someone for the best phone. iPhone has been a leading manufacturer of smartphones and became a giant that we all know and love today. 

There is also no denying that iPhone has one of the most premium smartphone screens. Unfortunate things happen in our life and iPhone screens can also get damaged in some accidents. Replacing a new screen is much cheaper than buying a new iPhone.

But can the replaced screen give you the same quality you were enjoying? Let us find out who makes Apple iPhone screens and answer common questions about replacement and how Apple is offering such a premium display.

About Apple Inc.

If you know anything about tech then we don’t think we have to introduce you to the tech giant Apple. The company is known for its premium gadgets like iPhone, Macbook, iPad, Apple Watch, Airbus, etc. 

By revenue, Apple is the largest tech company globally. Apple is also the world’s biggest company by market capitalization, fourth largest computer vendor, and second-largest mobile phone manufacturer. By 2021, Apple’s revenue was a whopping $365.8 billion. 

The company started its journey as Apple Computer Company on April 1, 1976. Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne was the founding father of the company and started selling computers.

Apple is also the first publicly traded company that reached $1trillion in revenue in 2018 and $2 trillion in 2019. The constant innovation and excellent security of Apple’s products have made them the most trusted company to its consumer and the company keeps improving on that.

About The Manufacturer

So, who produces screens for iPhones? For many years Apple relied on different manufacturers for their awesome displays. If you look into the Android market you know that Samsung has the best display of all time. 

Apple has split its display manufacturing between Samsung and LG for some time. If we are talking about the upcoming iPhone, iPhone 14, Samsung got exclusive rights to manufacture all the displays for this device. So let us talk about them. 

Ok we know that other manufacturers are behind Apple’s display but does Apple manufactures their own screens? The answer is no, but Apple designs those parts and other manufacturers are behind that products. 

Another integral part of the Screen is OLED. So, who supplies OLEDs to Apple? In this case, it is not Samsung but a Chinese company Beijing Oriental Electronics. 

🔹 Samsung

If there is one smartphone manufacturer that can go toe-to-toe with Apple’s iPhone that is Samsung. Whenever there is an argument between Android vs iOS, android supporters will bring Samsung. Their latest S22 Ultra is the best android phone on the market. 

Samsung or Samsung Group is a Korean multinational tech giant that has expertise in manufacturing different electrical products including smartphones, chips(not snacks), etc. By brand value, Samsung is the world’s 8th largest tech company. 

Are iPhones screen made by Samsung? Yes, Samsung has been producing iPhone screens from iPhone 13 along with other manufacturers. Since the upcoming iPhone 14 Samsung has had a monopoly over all the iPhone screens.  

What Parts does Apple buy From Samsung? Although Samsung is iPhone’s largest competitor you will be surprised to know how many Samsung-manufactured parts are inside an iPhone. Apart from the display Samsung also manufactured A4 chips, flash memory, ram, etc. 

Although Samsung is manufacturing them most of these parts are designed by Apple.

iPhone Screen Replacement

In our daily life accidents happens and a damaged iPhone screen is one of the most common phenomena. So, how to replace these screens? Apple offers the official replacement for iPhone screens. Unfortunately, official iPhone screen replacement can be very costly. 

Now, you can replace your screen in an official way and a nonofficial way. iPhone did some shady thing just to force you to take the official replacement method by touch id or face id not working. 

After facing some backlash, Apple now provides its official parts to the local vendor and allows you to solve the problem by yourself. Now let us briefly talk about both methods.

🔹 Official

Some older models like the iPhone 5C can cost you around $129, the latest model is the pricier it gets like the iPhone X screen replacement cost is about $279, and for the latest iPhone 13, this cost can be $329. 

Apple does not recommend you to fix it by yourself or go to a local repair shop for fixing. According to Apple, fixing your damaged phone from anyone other than Apple can cause your phone to lose some of its excellent features. 

Now if you do not want to take that risk and want to fix them using Apple’s professionals then you can visit here: iPhone Screen Repair & Replacement – Official Apple Support

🔹 Unofficial

After facing some serious backlash Apple now provides screens to other vendors. If you are brave enough you can just get a spare iPhone Screen from amazon and try some youtube videos. One of the reliable vendors is iFixit, they sell iPhone screens with repair tools.

Also, why not check here how to use these tools and fix your damaged iPhone from the official iFixit youtube channel:


Apple always focuses on providing the best media experience with its mobile device. The iPhone screens can produce the maximum amount of color that can change the way you consume other media. 

To achieve this satisfaction Apple took help from the best Samsung which is also famous for its outstanding display in the android market. Even if you somehow damaged an iPhone screen you can easily fix them by yourself or take the help of an expert.

The excellent service and easy-to-repair Apple has created a benchmark in the industry for the finest smartphone display. 

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