The invention of phones and the upgrades they received in just the last 20 years is just a fascinating story to tell. It feels like yesterday when I was playing Snake Xenzia on my Nokia 3310 and now I’m doing everything with my smartphone. 

Almost all of us have some sort of memory with Nokia phones, and we adore Nokia as a brand for its amazing durability. In this article we will discover who makes Nokia phones and how Nokia is holding up in today’s market. Also, we will try to answer if buying a Nokia today is worth it or not.

About The Nokia

Although we know the company as Nokia, the company’s name is HMD Global Oy or HMD, Nokia is just the brand name. Later, HMD sold this brand to Microsoft in 2014 and again bought it from Microsoft in 2016. 

Now, HMD has the manufacturing and distribution rights to the Nokia phones again. The reason most never heard about HMD is that the HMD brand is solely used for corporate purposes not in marketing.  

Although Nokia was late to the party, they eventually partnered up with Google and started to manufacture android phones in the market. HMD maintains its operation from Espoo, Finland. HMD headquarters is maintained by Nokia veterans. 

So, who made Nokia Phones? Nokia phones are made by HMD Global but for a short time Microsoft was in charge of operations and again HMD bought the rights of the Nokia brand and gave the manufacturing rights to Foxconn. 

About The Manufacturer

The company we know internationally as Foxconn is the Hon Hai technology group from Taiwan. Foxconn is a multinational contract manufacturer for electronics operating since 1974. Foxconn achieved 22nd place in the Fortune 500 in 2021. 

Foxconn is the biggest employer provider in the people’s republic of China and one of the largest globally. Foxconn is responsible for manufacturing various well-known brands in America, Canada, China, etc. 

As of 2012, Foxconn is responsible for manufacturing almost 40% of electric products in the world.  

Is a Nokia Phone Good?

When everyone was using black and white button phones, Nokia was the priority when buying a phone. Time changed, many competitors have come into the mobile phone industry and Nokia is kind of nowhere to be found. 

So how is Nokia doing? We will discuss various points about Nokia phones to check whether buying one in today’s market is a good idea or not. 

Nokia Variations Over The Years

Before we start to deep-dive into Nokia’s hardware, software, and other marketing elements, let us talk about Nokia’s journey and how it ended up here. Before HMD required Nokia, they managed to combine its superior build quality with the latest features. 

The nostalgic phones have made Nokia immortal in our hearts. Now, Nokia is experimenting with multiple android features to see its worth. Now, the question is, are Nokia Phone prices good enough in today’s competitive market. Should you buy a Nokia now? 

To understand Nokia’s current situation, let us talk about the best Nokia phones in the last 10 years. 

🔹 Nokia 3310 3G

When someone says Nokia, I know many of you like me think about Nokia 3310. The durability of the Nokia 3310 was insane at that time. This phone came out in 2000 and immediately become one of the most selling phones globally. 

The build-in games in these phones were among some of the classics, Snake Xenzia, and Space Impact were unforgettable. Now, the Nokia 3310 came out when 2G was a thing. If you want to get a 3310 now, you can have the Nokia 3310 3G edition. 

If you want to get back into the good old days with snake II and durability like Thor’s hammer, then go for the Nokia 3310 3G. 

🔹 Nokia 9 PureView

Now let us check on the latest Nokia Phones, the PureView was released in 2017 after long speculation. PureView was meant to be Nokia’s comeback to relevance and offered some interesting specs and features. 

The PureView by Nokia features cameras with sony’s sensor with 12.5 Mega Pixel and Zeiss lenses. The smartphone’s focus was on the camera and PureView did an amazing job to provide a great photographic experience. 

🔹 Nokia 8.3 5G

The 8.3 5G is a Nokia phone from 2020 that was able to create some buzz in recent times. Not only the 8.3 5G was one of the early 5G phones but also it can be used as a Professional Camera. 

One 64 MP camera with dept-sensor, ultra-wide, and macro the Nokia 8.3 5G was a perfect packaging for mobile photographers. Not only that you are also getting fantastic durability and a guarantee to use it for a long time.

Should You Buy a Nokia?

If you are looking for something that is reliable and offers some interesting features, then yes Nokia can be a good choice. The current situation of Nokia won’t change anytime soon, they have a long way to go. Nokia has to make some crazy decisions to get back into relevance again. 

A budget-friendly, feature-packed, nostalgia phone with 5G service would be a Nokia. You may find buying a Nokia is not worth it but the legacy of the company is still here. No matter what model of Nokia you are buying you can be sure about the quality and reliability. 


A market leader at one time, Nokia, may have lost its relevance but still offers some nice phones in the market. With the legacy and trust Nokia has as a brand, Nokia should still be a consideration, but in reality, there are far better smartphones out there.

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