If you don’t have any idea about freezers, brands, and their makers, then it is not easy to choose the right one. However, Thomson freezers bring some high-quality freezers to the market. Assuming you need to buy a freezer, you can check out the Thomson freezers. 

But, first of all, you should know the answer to “who makes thomson freezers?” or “who is the manufacturer?” These important facts are necessary before you purchase from them. 

This article will provide you with information about the manufacturer, brand, and the best reviews of Thomson freezers. 

So, take some minutes and read this article. You won’t be disappointed.

Are Thomson Freezers Reliable?

The brand RCA makes freezers for Thomson company. It is a company of home appliances, electronics, and more. They produce freezers with advanced technology and terrific performance. 

Thomson freezer has enough room, and still, it will fit in small places. This free-standing freezer keeps the food fresh and cold for a long time. They are adjustable and also have enough shelves so you can arrange your food properly. It also functions great and is easy to clean and maintain.

Who Makes Thomson Freezers?

There has been no clear clarification of who makes Thomson freezers. But it is believed that the RCA brand makes Thomson freezers, such as the RCA Thomson Chest freezer. RCA is an American Company, and its headquarter is in New York, US. 

Presently, the RCA is only a brand name. The owner of the RCA trademark is now Technicolor SA or Thomson SA and Sony Music Entertainment.

Details of the Manufacturer

The RCA brand stands as an American multinational trademark brand that is owned by Technicolor SA, also known as Thomson SA. It is a French multinational corporation. 

The complete form of RCA is Radio Corporation of America. It was established in 1919.  In 1946, RCA manufactured television picture tubes. GE first purchased the brand (General Electric). In 1987, RCA’s consumer electronics rights were bought by the French company Thomson Consumer Electronics. Thomson SA additionally required GE Consumer Electronics. 

Thomson SA doesn’t use the brand and GE any longer. In fact, other companies have the permit of RCA trademark given by Thomson SA. By doing that, they can use various products and ten other product lines. 

RCA brand manufactures microwaves, freezers, refrigerators, ranges marketed by Curtis International Ltd., and other electronics.

The Best Thomson Freezers

No wonder you want the best freezer for your home. Thomson provides some great model of freezers which contains excellent features. So, let us give you a short description of them. It would be easy for you to pick after knowing all the details.

1. RCA RFRF690 Thomson Upright Freezer 6.5 cu ft, White

This freezer is 6.5 Cubic feet, so it has a large storage capacity, and you can put a lot of food in there. The internal thermostat is easy to control. It is perfect for a garage, basement, and dorm.

This free-standing freezer is easy to clean. The Manual Defrost operation system keeps it clean furthermore keeps the food fresh and frost-free. 

It is remarkably adjustable. It has a reversible front door and adjustable legs, which keeps it balanced and steady. 

Thomson Upright freezer provides three wire shelves so you can organize your food any way you like. There’s a bright LED light that keeps the freezer well see-through in the dark.

2. RCA Thomson TFRF520 Chest Deep Freezer, 5.0 Cu. Ft.

This Thomson Chest freezer is 5.0 Cubic feet. The freezer is compact but has enough space. It will fit in small places. This freezer also offers a full 1 -year warranty along with 2 -year compressor warranty. 

You can easily clean the interior of this chest freezer. It has a vinyl-coated shelf and adjustable Thermostat with mechanical control. It also provides one wire storage basket where you can put your food. 

There is a Defrost water drain which quickly drains the water in the back. This freezer is great for storing food, ice, ice cream, and it keeps them cold and fresh for a long time.

3. Thomson Chest Freezer 7.0 Cubic Feet

Thomson 7.0 Cubic Feet Chest freezer has a reasonable price. It provides a dependable storage capacity for everything. You can put enough food, meat, and ice in these chest freezers. 

The interior liner design makes it simple to clean. It has a removable basket, and the internal shelf gives you enough room for organizing food. The Defrost draining system keeps the freezer from frosting. This freezer provides a stylish door and adjustable leg leveling.


What is the rating of Thomson freezer?

The rating of the Thomson freezer is 4.6 out of 5. Thomson freezers have great reviews and ratings because they offer high-quality freezers.

Is Thomson a Chinese brand?

Thomson is a French manufacturing company that also operates as Technicolor SA.

Who is RCA owned by?

RCA is the biggest consumer electronics brand in America. Technicolor SA or Thomson SA practically owns the RCA brand.


An average or below-average freezer will give you the hassle, but a great freezer will always satisfy you. Thomson freezer supplies some of the best freezers. 

Now you know “who makes Thomson freezers?”. I hope, in this article, we provided you the information that you need. Hopefully, now you can decide if you should buy a Thomson freezer. 

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