Suppose there’s a 100-degree temperature outside. You just came home exhausted and in need of some ice but find out the freezer is not working. At that point, you need a freezer, and suddenly the Midea freezer pops into your mind. 

Undoubtedly Midea Freezers have amazing products, but do you know who makes Midea freezers? Or who is the manufacturer? Before purchasing from Midea, you should know about all this information.   

In this article, you can find out some essential information. So stay with us for a while.

Are Midea Freezers any Good?

The brand Midea supplies some of the best freezers in the world. It is one of the largest manufacturers of appliances, and it is a Chinese Company. 

It offers more longevity than others, and for a long time, it has been a success for its compact, high-quality freezer. Midea is a well-known company because it operates in more than 195 countries. Customers are delighted with Midea products as they have high ratings and an incredible amount of reviews. 

Midea freezers are durable, affordable, and have more storage capacity. If you want to keep your food fresh for a long time, then you should choose media freezers. They function well, and if you have a small house, then it’s a convenient alternative for you.

Who Makes Midea Freezers?

He Xiangjian founded Midea Group in 1968. It is a Chinese electrical appliance manufacturer, and its headquarter is in Beijiao. Alongside the GE appliances, Midea also manufactures some of the most popular US appliances. 

Midea Group Co., Ltd manufactures home appliances, air conditioners in China. They also make freezers, washers, dryers, and dishwashers. They have more than 150,000 employees who work for them.  

Midea produces its own products, and they have become a top-notch brand in China since 1985. For years, they are making high-quality home appliances and have been the lead manufacturing company in the world.

Where are Midea freezers Made?

Midea freezers are being manufactured in Beijiao, China. Indeed, even since 2016, North America- Anova Applied Electronics, Inc., Electrolux Icon are currently owned by Midea China. In addition, 21 production facilities and 260 logistics centers are owned by Midea all over the world.

About the Manufacturer

Midea Investment Holding Co., Ltd is the parent organization of the Midea brand. Furthermore, Midea manufactures its own products. Every year Midea has been awarded 40 designs on account of their creative items. 

Midea is known as the world’s largest manufacturer that makes home appliances and major appliances. It provides the widest-ranging portfolios and local products to premium goods. Midea Group’s Umbrella possesses some other well-known brands like Toshiba, Midea, Comfee, Eureka, COLMO, Beverly, Vandelo, and Little Swan. 

Because of its high-quality products and innovation, Midea becomes one of the most popular and international manufacturing companies. After 1982, Midea ascends into the world market and leads the world in white goods manufacturing. 

Along with freezers, Midea also manufactures air conditioning appliances, large cooking appliances, kitchen appliances, water appliances, vacuum appliances, and more.

The Types of Media freezers

Freezer has many sizes, but mostly, they are separated into three or four types. Each type is different in size, and they have various purposes. For example, media has different kinds of freezers such as chest freezer, upright freezer, and garage freezer.

1. Midea Chest Freezer

Midea Chest freezer comes with a one-year warranty, and it provides an efficient compressor that contains faster cooling capacity and more substantial freezing capacity. It also doesn’t make any sound while it’s running and keeps the food fresh for a long time. 

If you want to find more about the Midea Chest freezer, you can go to this link to get more information.

2. Midea Upright freezer

It’s an excellent freezer because you can keep meat, ice, and food for long-term storage. It keeps your food at an ideal temperature. The Upright freezer has so much space that you can put many groceries in this freezer.

3. Midea Garage freezer

Midea freezers with Garage Ready offers extreme temperature so you can keep the food frozen while you put the freezer in the basement or garage.

The Best Midea Freezers

The best Midea freezers are upright freezers and chest freezers. Here I will give some basic information about these freezers.

1. Midea WHS-109FW1 Upright Freezer

  •  This model uses the latest freezing technology to keep the food frozen for quite a while. It is the best choice for those who need the dependability of an upright freezer. 

This freezer arrives in a perfect size- 3.0 Cubic feet, not very huge or not small. Though it has sufficient storage capacity, you can still put it anywhere because of its portable size. It also provides three shelves so that you can easily organize your frozen items. 

This Midea Upright freezer is exceptionally reasonable. You can find more with regards to this product from the link below.

2. Midea MRC070S0AWW Chest Freezer

This model offers a full 1-year warranty, and the compressor has a 2-year warranty. This Midea chest freezer is 7.0 Cubic feet, so it is big enough for plenty of food items. Also, it has an adjustable temperature of -12 to -28 Degrees, and it’s extraordinary for storing meat, food, ice, and more.


Is the Midea freezer a good brand?

Indeed, the Midea freezer is a good brand. It is a famous manufacturing company for compact, high-quality freezers. Moreover, it is the best choice for storing food for a long time.

What is the Warranty of Media freezers?

Midea freezer offers a full 1-year warranty with parts and labor. In addition, the compressor has a 2-year warranty and free replacement service within this time.

Which one is the best Midea freezer?

Midea WHS- 109FW1 Upright Freezer is the best freezer because of its durability and longevity. It is reliable and doesn’t cost very much.

Which Country makes Midea Freezers?

Midea freezer is a Chinese brand. Its headquarter is in Beijiao, China.

Does Carrier own Midea?

Between Carrier and Midea, Carrier Midea India is a joint association. This company manufactures Carrier and Midea home appliances in India.


Midea brand is known for its innovative developments and home appliances. In this case, Midea freezers are your most ideal choice as they offer top-notch products. 

In this article, the primary purpose was to get some answer to this question- “who makes Midea freezers?” I hope this article gives you the information you need. 

Thank you for reading.

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