If you have these foods as your meal, you can do some severe problems to your heart and increase the risk of a heart attack. While frying some food, it is possible that the food can soak up too much oil. It will be wise to use an air fryer to prevent additional oiling in your french fries.

It is easy to get overwhelmed by many brands available in the market, and you may try Pampered Chef. Now, who makes Pampered Chef air fryer? What makes them unique and different than other brands that are available in the market? 

In the meantime, we will check on some of their best lineups available in the market and what consumers and critics have to say about them. Without further adieu, let’s get started.

About The Manufacturer

Doris Christopher, the owner of Pampered Fryer, started her journey on Oct 15, 1980. Since that day, the Pampered Fryer has been determined to bring quality to the kitchen and making cooking easier for everyone. Also, they provide recipes so that you can enjoy yourself with your family too. 

In today’s day and age where everyone is busy with their daily work, cooking can be very tough for you. Pampered Fryer has determined to make cooking easier so that everyone gets a chance to enjoy a homemade meal in their busy life.   

Pampered Chef provides high-quality kitchen tools, parties that show you how to make delicious, time-saving recipes, and the opportunity to join their supportive international community of more than 65,000 consultants. 

Now, where are pampered chef air fryers made? Pampered Chef has their North American home office, One Pampered Chef Lane Addison, IL 60101-5630 the USA. Here Pampered Chef manufactures and distributes all of their products all over the world.

What Can You Cook With Pampered Chef Air Fryers?

You want to get a Pampered Chef for yourself, and you want to know some pampered chef air fryers recipes. Before that, the common question is, does the Pampered Chef Air Fryer have a basket? Yes, you can get a basket with almost all the Pampered Chef air Fryers.

You may want to check on some of the recipes that you can do with your pampered air fryer. There are a lot of recipes you can check on their official website. Here’s one of the most common and popular recipes we want to bring in front of you.

🔷 Pampered Chef Air Fryer French Fries

It takes only 5 minutes of preparation and 30 minutes of cooking. You can get homemade french fries for you and your family to enjoy.

🔸 Ingredients

  • One lb. (450 g) potatoes, about 3–4 medium, sliced into ¼ (6-mm) slices
  • 1 tbsp (15 mL) vegetable oil
  • ½  tsp. (2 mL) salt or Seasoning Salt, divided

🔸 Direction

First, with ¼ tsp (1 mL) of the salt in a medium bowl, put it in the Pampered Chef Deluxe Air Fryer basket and cook it for  10 minutes at 325°F (160°C). Press rotate after 18 minutes of cooking and keep cooking until fries are crispy and brown. And finalize with a sprinkle of salts. 

Is The Pampered Chef Air Fryer Worth It?

Yes, buying a Pampered Chef Air Fryer for you is worth it. Pampered Chef with its quality product has earned the trust of their consumer and made themselves as a household name. We have gathered some reasons why they are worth it.

One of the most important reasons to get an Air Fryer is the health issue. A good air fryer will ensure less oil usage and also short time cooking. Pampered air fryers provide both of these issues. Also, you can get a Pampered Air fryer according to your needs.  

 Another great feature about a Pampered air fryer is its easy-to-use display. If this is your first time cooking, you can get started by simply following recipes and instructions from Pampered Chef Air Fryers. A Pampered Air Fryer is just perfect for any type of person.

Pampered Chef Air Fryer Review

For a long time, Pampered Chef has produced a considerable lineup of products over the years. Among all of these products, Air Fryer is one of their major successes. Here’s our short review of their product.

🔷 Deluxe Air Fryer from Pampered Chef

The Air fryer Pampered Chef offers in the market is branded as Deluxe Air Fryer. This product is one of the best selling in the market with a customer rating of 4.7 stars review on eCommerce sites. So, you can easily understand that whoever used these products is very much satisfied with the performance.

🔸 Product Description

The Deluxe air fryer is family-sized with a capacity of 11.6qt. This air fryer can fit up to 4lb of whole chicken inside it. A Deluxe Air Fryer offers eight programmed settings: Air Fry, Bake, Roast, Rotisserie, Reheat, Dehydrate, Custom, and Rotate.

The Deluxe Air Fryer also consists of two cooking trays, a basket, rotisserie set, drip tray, retrieval tool, removable shield, and a cooking guide. It has a dimension around 14½” tall x 12 3/4″ x 14 1/4″.

🔸 What Makes Them Great?

The Deluxe Air Fryer offers you to cook your food in the way you want. The proper family-sized tool allows you to cook for your whole family in one go. You can even serve the crowd in your house without any extra hustle. 

They are easy to clean and require no preheating making them one of the best air fryers available in the market.


Homemade food has a different appeal in our life. While cooking, we have to take care of our health and nutrition too. Too much oil can risk our lives with heart attack, but an Air fryer can prevent that. Deluxe Air Fryer by Pampered Chef has done this work for a long time.

With consumers’ trust, you can choose a Pampered chef as your Air fryer and have healthy food on your table.

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