Every home requires a microwave in order to have a functional kitchen. Whether you are preparing meals or quickly heating them, microwaves will significantly reduce your stress level. On the market, there are numerous different brands of microwaves.

Sharp microwaves are the best option if you want a machine with a well-thought-out design that is also powerful and effective. It has received widespread acclaim for its excellent technological output.

In this article, we will tell you more about Sharp microwaves. Here, we’ll go into detail about everything, from who makes Sharp microwaves to the high quality of their products. Here are some insights to ponder.

Who Manufactures Sharp Microwaves?

The Sharp microwaves are manufactured by Sharp Electronics Corporation, a Japanese company. It has been producing calculators, domestic appliances, audio, and video components, as well as electrical devices, since 1912. Despite having its headquarters mostly in Japan, Sharp also maintains facilities in Canada, China, India, and the United Kingdom.

The New Jersey-based U.S. division offers household appliances, countertop microwaves with a turntable, and grill-equipped units. In July 2016, Sharp Corporation applied for bankruptcy in the US, despite being well-liked in the industry.

Moreover, Sharp is dedicated to improving people’s lives through the use of cutting-edge innovation and a commitment to originality, dependability, affordability, and appearance.

Where is Sharp Microwave Manufactured?

Memphis, Tennessee, serves as the center of the Sharp Manufacturing Company of America. It is the business’s first location abroad. Microwaves created by Sharp are of a high caliber and are American-made (USA). Despite having a national manufacturing footprint, Sharp’s corporate office is in Mahwah, New Jersey.

Is Sharp Microwave a Good Brand?

If there is still any question about the quality of the sharp microwave, then allow us to assure you that this company has a very positive reputation in the marketplace.

There is not a huge difference between the prices of Sharp’s compact microwaves and those from other manufacturers. Their machines are a good buy though, because they have several extra characteristics and cutting-edge technologies that make them more than capable of exceeding your expectations from a low-cost machine.

If you’re short on cash or capacity, Sharp’s affordable compact ovens offer an amazing experience thanks to their auto-cooking options and two-sequence cooking. Therefore, Sharp’s microwave ovens are 100% worthwhile to buy if you are in the market for one.

Does Sharp Manufacture All Microwaves?

Sharp is a leading supplier of microwave ovens and offers a wide selection to meet your demands. There are currently 19 microwaves on the market, which fall into three categories:

👉🏾 Miniature microwaves
👉🏾 Medium-sized microwaves
👉🏾 Oversized microwaves

Simply make purchases based on what you need.

Does Sharp Manufacture Microwave Drawers?

This company created the Microwave DrawerTM Oven, a revolutionary advancement in microwave construction technology.

As the first of its kind, this cooking appliance boasts a range of user-friendly features, a sleek and innovative design, and versatile cooking settings equivalent to those available in full-size stainless steel ovens.

Memphis, Tennessee, is the source for every microwave drawer they make, so you can be sure of its high quality and American-made construction. Additionally, equipped with intelligent sensor systems, drawer microwaves make it simple to quickly reheat a variety of dishes.

Therefore, you can roast, thaw, or reheat even the smallest foods with the Sharp Microwave Drawer Oven, which instantly unlocks with the press of a button. It is simple to read and operate the settings menu since it comes up at a 45-degree angle!.

Are Sharp Microwaves Good?

Regarding quality, effectiveness, and use, Sharp microwaves are wonderful items. Both installation and use are very straightforward. It reduces your expenses by utilizing less energy due to its effective cooling capabilities.

They deliver a ton of energy and flexibility. Certain Sharp versions also have a safety lock that allows you to stop children from turning on the microwave unattended.

Sharp Carousel countertop microwave ovens are among the most popular on the market. In addition, to express cooking, sensor cooking, and 1000 watts, it has a number of other features that many other ovens lack. Its capacity is 1.4 cubic feet as well.

Furthermore, the microwave comes equipped with a turntable, five power levels, and a sophisticated dual grilling mechanism. The latter is an add-on.

Sharp Microwave Reviews

In the UK, one of the most well-known producers of electrical goods is Sharp. They manufacture a wide variety of microwaves, several of which have received excellent customer reviews.

Customers value the company’s microwaves and believe they offer exceptional value, despite the fact that their machines frequently fall short in terms of aesthetics compared to those of rival companies.

You can use this microwave as an example to figure out how their other ovens work.

🔹 Sharp Countertop Microwave Oven


👉🏾 Easy +30 seconds option for rapid beginning
👉🏾 Cooking becomes more accurate according to Fine Cook Smart Sensors.
👉🏾 Automatic Defrost for rapid and precise defrosting
👉🏾 For consistent cooking, use a 12.75″ Carousel turntable.

Sharp Microwave Oven Price List

We’ve already covered the Sharp microwave product categories, so we’ll help you figure out how much it will cost.

Sharp, compact microwaves offer the best value at $210; even though they are more feature-rich and energy-efficient than the majority of compact microwaves, they are not more expensive.

Then there are the more advanced microwaves, which can be purchased for $700 and up and are superior even for the price. Lastly, Sharp’s only large model is quite pricey at $1,200, making it the most expensive of the bunch.


Since there are so many brands available, it can occasionally be confusing to decide whats a good buy. In this regard, we made sure to include a thorough description of who makes Sharp microwaves. Additionally, we give you as much information as possible about their microwave so that you won’t second-guess your decision to buy.

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