Appliances are a daily part of our life, we all have proper appliances for our daily use. Without proper Appliances, we may have to face a lot of problems. You want your appliances to be both gorgeous and also good enough to get the job done. 

Among many appliance brands, Summit is one of the notable brands. So let us talk about who makes Summit Appliances. We will dive deep into everything Summit is offering and try to find whether it is the right brand for you or not.

About The Manufacturer

Summit Appliances maintains its corporate headquarters in the Bronx of New York City and was given trademark protection in 1969. From its main office, Summit manages its manufacturing and other businesses.

Additionally, Summit maintains storage facilities in Edison, New Jersey. Along with manufacturing its goods, Summit also imports appliances from Asia, Europe, South America, and North America.

So, where are Summit Appliances made? Summit manufactures most products from the Bronx manufacturing plant, they are known as “Made In NYC” partners. 

The quality of Summit Appliances has allowed them to partner up with many companies. For example, Summit had the opportunity to train the manufacturing and operation staff of the New York City Department of Small Business Services in 2006. 

Summit also partnered up with the Jericho Project with whom Summit was the leading employer in hiring veterans in 2014. Summit’s parent company is Felix Storch Inc, let us talk about this company.

About Felix Storch Inc.

Felix Storch Inc., commonly known as FSI is one of the leading manufacturers of Appliances like medical refrigerators and freezers, and cooking appliances. Felix started its journey by trademarking the Summit brand and began production in Long Island City, New York.  

When Felix Storch started to expand its business it then moved Summits operation to the Bronx where they still operate. Felix did not start its journey in the same spot as the Bronx they are now, it bought its current headquarter in 1998. 

Felix has shown consistency in its growth which lead them to add a state-of-the-art warehouse in the 2008-09 period in New Jersey. Felix Storch also has multiple manufacturing facilities with lots of employees working hard to give you the best tools. 

Are Summit Appliances Good?

Summit has released lots of products over the year with a great record, reviews, and popularity. Many customers are satisfied with the diverse selection of product Summit offers great quality. 

You may have different preferences for appliances than others. So, the question is, is Summit the perfect Appliance brand for you? We will look into different aspects of Summit Appliances to answer your question.

🔹 Customer Service

Many of us look into everything about the product before we want to buy something from a brand. Often we overlook the customer service aspect as many brands have the notoriety of being the worst consumer-friendly brand. 

How is Summit performing in this regard, then? Fortunately, one of the customer-friendly brands out there is Summit Appliances. Summit described providing a variety of services like repairs, manuals, and a lot more crucial information on the company’s official website.

If you want to know more about Summit Appliances Customer Service, you can visit their official website to find out the detailed information.

🔹 Warranty

The parent company of Summit, Felix Storch is always determined and ready to provide the finest products for the consumers in the market. To do so, Felix Storch not only emphasized quality but also provides one of the best appliances in the industry. 

Warranties depend from product to product but overall but for example in refrigerators and freezers, Summit offers 12 years of warranties. Also, you will get an additional two years warranty for the parts and labor. 

And Speaking of parts, compressors from a Summit Freezer or refrigerators can have up to 5 years of warranty. Compared with the other Appliance brands, Summit is offering a great deal for consumers. 

🔹 Parts

Although Summit offers some of the best products with the finest durability parts from Summit Appliances can wear off after significant use. The good news is Summit offers official support for its parts. 

By filling up a replacement form, you can get support from Summit’s finest with the proper parts you need right at your doorstep.

Summit Appliances Review

Summit has a very large catalog of products, it will take a lot of time and writing to talk about them all. Here’s what we think about one of the Summit Appliances, Refrigerators.

🔹 Summit Refrigerator Review

In the refrigerator lineup, Summit has a lot of refrigerators in its catalog. There are some common features that you can expect from all the Summit refrigerators. For example, the build material makes the Summit Refrigerators fingerprint-proof. 

For this reason, Summit refrigerators tend to look fresh even after a long time of usage. You will get a wide variety of colors from Summit, so everyone will get what they want. Now for the technical features, Summit Refrigerators are offering the best cooling you can get. 

Summit Refrigerators are also accessible for people with disabilities, they are ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act ) compliant. So, to get something that is reasonable and offers some great features Summit Refrigerators are a great choice.  


Summit has been one of the reliable appliance brands for a long time. The parent company Felix Storch is always focused to do something innovative and better for the consumer. We can hope for more improvements from the Summit brand in the future.

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