In this day and age can people think of surviving for even a day without a refrigerator? Most probably not. Also, new technologies are coming every day and most brands are integrating those in their products as efficiently as they can.

Likewise, Insignia has been coming up with new designs and technologies by keeping pace with modern technology. The catch here is Insignia’s pricing. Fridges with great features and functions are coming within the most affordable price range.

Hence, customers are being amazed and searching for answers to the question: who makes Insignia refrigerators? We understand why you too are here. The good news is, we thought of providing some reviews at the end as well so that the process becomes easy for our beloved readers.

Alongside the details about owners and manufacturers, the refrigerator review will include Insignia’s top-rated fridges of almost every kind. Starting from the ones that are made for a small family to even french door ones. You will get everything in one place.

Let’s not waste any time and get going with the details.

Owner of Insignia

The largest retail giant Best Buy is the owner of the brand Insignia. They introduced a line of different products from Insignia. Among them, the refrigerators are making headlines after their lineup of Insignia TVs.

Insignia is one of the prominent home brands of best buy. Therefore, this brand’s refrigerators are only available in Best Buy stores. Also, if you want to order online, simply go to Bestbuy place the order for your desired product.

However, the manufacturer and the owner are not the same for Insignia refrigerators. The next section will give you an idea of where it is made.

Who Manufactures Insignia Fridges?

Insignia fridges are produced and manufactured in China. Although, there have been different opinions and information regarding which company produces them in their factories in China. It is believed that the famous company Haier partnered up with Best Buy to make them and supply them afterward.

Nonetheless, the brands like LG and Media has also their names incorporated with some models of Insignia’s refrigerators. Not all, but a few models are assumed to have been made by these brands.

Are you still wondering about who makes Insignia refrigerators? We hope not.

Are They Any Good?

Most of Insignia’s fridges are top-rated on Best Buy’s website. Besides, as they are offering very low prices and trying to give the customers some of the most amazing deals on refrigerators, they share a part of compromises as well.

What Do Insignia Refrigerator’s Customers Say?

Without any more delay let’s show you some pros and cons that have come directly from people who bought one of Insignia’s fridges and using it.


  • Great value for many
  • Almost every model comes in different colors to choose from
  • Roomy on the inside
  • Decent size for the price
  • Keeps food at the right temperatures
  • Energy efficient
  • Best Buy provides exceptionally satisfactory service for delivery
  • 3 and 5-year geek squad protection plans are available for some extra money
  • Great storage at the door


  • Can be noisy at times
  • Can get dents while shipping but can be solved by talking to Best Buy
  • Limitation for adjusting shelf height
  • Wire shelves do not support stuff to keep in an upright position

Best Insignia Refrigerator Review 2022

In this list, we have put fridges ranging from a lower price for small families to giant ones for big families. Beverage fridges are also available which are not discussed here but you will find them easily at the Best Buy website.

1. Insignia™ – 18.1 Cu. Ft. Top-Freezer Refrigerator

Comes in two basic colors; black and white for the same price. With more than 2100 reviews, this one is one of the top-rated. It is a top freezer and very roomy on the inside. Perfect for a small family of four.

Two long, sleek handles with the logo at the top right corner give a smart outlook to the fridge. The price is around $550 only. Check other details here.

2. Insignia™ – Retro 3.1 CU. ft. Mini Fridge with Top Freezer

This is the cutest fridge insignia has to offer, we believe. Why? Because this cute little mini-fridge is only 33.5 inches tall and 18.9 inches wide. Comes in three different funky colors. Has little silver handles and the price is only around $160.

3. Insignia™ – 18 CU. Ft. Top Mount Refrigerator

This is almost like the first one but comes with a better design and newer mechanization. Comes in two colors. The white one will cost you around $599 whereas the stain steel will cost a bit more around $679.

4. Insignia™ – 25.4 Cu. Ft. French Door Refrigerator with Water Dispenser – Stainless steel

Do you have a big family and a little extra budget? If yes then this could be a pretty smart choice with a water dispenser and extra space to store your daily bread. Comes in only one color; stainless steel with a bottom freezer style.

Are you in awe and thinking about who makes Insignia french door refrigerators? It has the same owner and same manufacturer. The price is around $1699 but can be bought with monthly installments as well.


Best Buy’s Insignia refrigerators are going on the customer’s favorite list day by day. Shoppers are saying how all its pros are overriding the cons and adding great value. However, do check with the warranties before purchasing. 

Also, we would recommend you get the geek squad protection plan for your peace of mind. Customers who bought the plans were very satisfied and recommend everyone to do so. Hope you have a happy shopping and we thank you for staying with us!

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