You must be familiar with the Kenmore Elite brand. Kenmore Elite refrigerators are known for their high quality and exceptional performance. If you need to buy a refrigerator, Kenmore Elite refrigerators are a good option because they provide well-designed, reliable, and affordable products. 

Do you have this question in your mind, Who makes Kenmore Elite Refrigerators? If you are interested then you have come to the right place. This article will tell you everything you need to know about the brand, its products, and its manufacturer. 

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Are Kenmore Elite Refrigerators Any Good?

Kenmore is a brand of home appliances based in the United States and it is sold by Sears. The owner of this brand is Transformco company. Kenmore sells regular products, and then there’s the Kenmore Elite line. 

Kenmore Elite is a premium brand that delivers the best products with superior technology, user-friendliness, build quality, and overall specifications. Kenmore Elite models are equipped with more effective features than non-elite models. In addition, Kenmore has received more awards than any other brand. 

Kenmore Elite refrigerators are reasonably priced, but they offer the same quality as the expensive brands. The brand supplies some of the best refrigerators in the market. Customers are very much pleased with their products.

Who Makes Kenmore Elite Refrigerators?

Kenmore doesn’t manufacture their own products. They are manufactured by a number of other companies. Kenmore Elite refrigerators are made by Whirlpool, Electrolux, and LG. 

Whirlpool makes Kenmore side-by-side and French Door models. Electrolux manufactures top-freezer Kenmore fridges and LG makes some of the high-end French door models and side-by-side models.

Where are Kenmore Elite Refrigerators Made?

It is known that Kenmore Elite makes some of their refrigerator models in the United States. They are available in Sears and KMart.

Details of The Manufacturer

Kenmore Elite refrigerators are primarily manufactured by Whirlpool, Electrolux, and LG. These companies make home appliances for several brands, Kenmore is one of them. They are famous for their high-quality products. 

Whirlpool Corporation is an American home appliance manufacturing company. Whirlpool Corporation’s portfolio includes a number of well-known brands. They compete and outperform a variety of appliance brands. 

Along with Kenmore, they also make Amana, Jenn-Air, KitchenAid, Maytag Kitchen, and Laundry appliances. Whirlpool manufactures side-by-side and French door models of Kenmore refrigerators. 

Another company Electrolux makes top-freezer Kenmore fridges. It is a Swedish home appliance manufacturing company. Electrolux makes excellent appliances. After Whirlpool, it is the world’s second-largest appliance manufacturer. Electrolux was established in 1919. 

LG, which is a South Korean electronics conglomerate company. They produce many electronics and home appliances. It is the fourth large industry in South Korea. LG also makes high-end French door models and side-by-side models of Kenmore refrigerators. 

Best Kenmore Elite Refrigerators Reviews

We will provide some of the best Kenmore Elite refrigerator reviews in this section. It will help you in deciding which one to purchase. So stick with us and keep scrolling.

🔷 Kenmore 73102 French Door Smart Refrigerator

This model has 27.9 Cubic Feet interior capacity. There is plenty of room so you can keep food and leftovers for a long time. It comes with Dual freezer drawers, so you can easily organize your frozen foods. You can keep smaller items in the top drawer and prepped meals in the bottom drawer. 

This refrigerator has many features like the deluxe water filter which keeps the water fresh. CleanFlow Air filter and Multi Airflow technology keep the air fresh through a charcoal filter and removes the food odors. It provides an ideal temperature, so the food stays fresh for a long time. 

🔷 Kenmore Elite 51773 Side-By-Side Refrigerator

This refrigerator has 28 Cubic Feet interior space, it is big enough to keep lots of food. The CleanFlow Air filter keeps the refrigerator fresh and clean. It comes with Genius Cool that has a liner compressor. The Duel evaporators create an ideal temperature in the refrigerator.

🔷 Kenmore 71219 Top-Freezer Refrigerator

This model is both a freezer and refrigerator. It is a 21 Cubic Feet top mount freezer refrigerator. It has adjustable shelves and you can easily remove them and organize them. 

This refrigerator provides slide-out glass storage shelves, you can easily access these for removing foods. There is LED light for better sight and warmth. 


How long should a Kenmore Elite fridge last?

Kenmore Elite refrigerators last about 10 to 20 years. So if you buy a Kenmore refrigerator, then you don’t have to think about another one in a decade.

Who owns Kenmore?

Sears owns the Kenmore Appliances brand. They sell home appliances such as washers, dryers, refrigerators, freezers, and vacuum cleaners. Other well-known brands manufacture their products for them. Whirlpool, Electrolux, LG, Panasonic, Cleva North America, Daewoo electronics are among them.

Is Kenmore the same as Whirlpool?

It is known that Whirlpool makes some of the models of Kenmore Elite refrigerators. So the quality is the same. Whirlpool also makes Kenmore washing machines and dishwashers.


Kenmore refrigerators offer numerous advantages that you will find astounding. They are well equipped, reliable and with great design. If you want to buy one, this is a great option.

This article highlighted those answers you were searching for, Who makes Kenmore Elite refrigerators? I hope you found our article useful.

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  1. Nancy Kelley Reply

    Please tell me the cubic feet of a Kenmore Elite refrigerator model 795.75193401. haven’t been able to find it anywhere.

  2. Carol J Schubert Reply

    I have a Kenmore Elite Refrigerator, French door model, freezer on bottom. I believe it is an LG model, at least that is what I was told when I purchased it.
    That Was August 2018. the frig broke in May 2023 and after spending over $1,000.00 in repairs, Sears Repair service
    has confirmed it cannot be fixed. I want all consumers to know they should never purchase an LG model and I am
    wondering if you have information on what is the most reliable refrigerator. Consumer reports has given high ratings
    to LG and that does not match my experience so I no longer can rely on their reviews.

    • Avatar photo

      HI Carol,
      Sorry to hear of your bad luck with the kenmore. Unfortunately for modern white goods, 5 years lifespan is not far off their expectancy. A lot of manufacturers build around 5-7 years redundancy into their products to make the product more affordable and also ensure people have to buy replacements. Not ideal I know. I have always found LG to be ok but Whirlpool, GE and Samsung are a good buy if they fit your needs (in my experience anyway). Good Luck thanks for the feedback

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