Hey! Are you looking for a quality refrigerator that is energy efficient, has superior cooling technology, and offers a sleek design? If so, then Vissani refrigerators should be on your radar.

Vissani refrigerators are designed with a wide range of styles and sizes to fit any of your needs; be it for your home kitchen or your commercial venue. In addition, Vissani refrigerators are fitted with customizable features so as to give you the freedom to set it up internally just how you like. Overall, Vissani refrigerators are a solid potential choice for keeping your food fresh whether you’re looking for a featured-packed unit or just a basic model.

With that said, let’s now answer the big questions; Who Makes Vissani Refrigerators?

Well, let’s have look and see what we can find!

Who Makes Vissani Refrigerators then?

Vissani Upright Refrigator. Stainless steel effect.

Vissani refrigerators are manufactured by Magic Chef, with its expansive product portfolio, Magic Chef offers a wide range of refrigeration solutions, from the standard refrigerator-freezer combination units to specialized beverage coolers and wine chillers.

The Magic Chef brand is owned by CNA International which was established in 1992 as an import, export, and distribution company. And via the outbound licensing program, Magic Chef expanded its brand in 2018.

CNA International currently owns several brands which include Magic Chef, Magic Chef Commercial, and Norpole.

Overall, all Vissani refrigerators are designed with user-friendly features and advanced technology, ensuring superior performance and reliability – that’s why they get a lot of good reviews. Now we know who manufacturers Vissani refrigerators, lets hear some more about how Magic Chef came to be.

About Vissani Refrigerators Manufacturer

A Brief History of Magic Chef

In the 1850’s a German immigrant named John Ringen opened a tin shop in ST Louis.The business did well and Ringen joined forces with George Kahle in 1870 to sell housewares, primitive washing machines and cooking stoves that were named “quick meals. Then 11 years later in 1881 George persuaded his sisters husbands Charles and Louis Stockstrom to start making kitchen stoves. This group of 4 men created two corporations namely the Quick Meal stove company and Ringen stove company.

Ringen Stove company handled distribution and QUick Meal stove company did the manufacturing. Over the next 20 years the company grey massively and they acquired 8 other stove companies in the US. This was named the American Stove company. The American Stove company was later named as Magic Chef. From there they merged with Food Giant markets , which was then bought by Dixie Products. In 1986 Maytag bought Magic Chef and then sold it to Whirlpool corp in 2006. MCA corporation had already been licensing the brand for microwaves, compact refrigerators, small kitchen appliances and other related goods and in 2010 they bought the brand from Whirlpool as they still saw big potential with it.

Who Owns the Vissani Brand

Vissani is an exclusive brand to Home Depot. As with many private label brands (for example like Costco’s Kirkland range) the brand owner will use a variety of different established manufacturers to create their product range for them., but the product is manufactured by some of the same industries that produce other products. For example, the Vissani air conditioner I looked at recently appears to be built by Midea, who make products for many other brands under the brand owners label.

Another Vissani customer states “I noticed that the installation manual graphics are identical for Vissani and Frigidaire over-the-range microwaves, so it seems Vissani uses Frigidaire/Electrolux for at least some of their manufacturing.” So Different Vissani appliances will be made by different manufacturers for Home Depot. The Vissani official website is basically the Home Depot website Vissani section.

The Vissani trademark is registered and owned by Homer TLC (Home Depot) as can be seen here.

What Country are Vissani Freezers Made in?

Vissani is made through MCA Corporation factories (Magic Chef). We cannot be sure precisely where all the parts come from, to be honest, but it is likely that assembly happens at a Magic Chef plant in the USA. MCA also has a factory in Shenzhen (China) , one in South Korea and several around the USA. It is likely that the parts are from China and final assembly and checking may be done in a factory stateside.

Is Vissani a Good Brand

For the price point, Vissani seems ok, they have over 150 reviews on Home Depot with 4.5* , but analysis of other reviews across the web we see mixed reports with the main theme being that Vissani refrigerators do the job decently . Spares availability is not likely to be as good as with a pure brand as the Brand owner (in this case Home Depot) is beholden to their manufacturer to keep spares in production. Vissani bottom freezer refrigerator reviews also have 4.6* with 190 plus reviews showing that customers are happy with their purchases.

Do Vissani Refrigerators Have Safety Features


Vissani refrigerators are fitted with several safety features including:

  • Auto defrost: This safety features ensures that there is no build-up of any ice or frost in your refrigerator.
  • Adjustable temperature control: This feature allows you to set your desired temperature you’re your refrigerator.
  • Temperature alarm: If the preset temperature limit inside your refrigerator is exceeded then this feature alerts you.

Another nice touch you should be aware of; these refrigerators come with a door alarm safety feature that alerts you when the door is left open for more than five minutes.

How to install your Vissani Refrigerator

Well, here is a simple step-by-step installation guide for installing a Vissani refrigerator:

  1. Beforehand Installation:
  2. Start by removing the packaging part of your refrigerator – interior and exterior. Try not to tip it around too much as this shakes up the refrigerant.
  3. After removing the packaging let it stand still for about 4 hours
  4. Clean the refrigerating using lukewarm water if desired before using it.
  5. Final Installation:
  6. Note that this refrigerator isn’t designed for built-in systems use but rather free-standing.
  7. Keep the temperature in a range between 10 and 29.4 degrees Celsius.
  8. When positioning your refrigerator ensure that it is 5 inches away from the wall.
  9. Do not install the refrigerator in moist areas.
  10. Before using it, wait until the freezer has cooled down after plugging it in

That’s all! However, the point to note here is that you should always refer to the manufacturer’s installation guide as there might be a detailed requirement for a successful installation of your specific appliance.

 What are the common types of Vissani Refrigerators?

The standard refrigerator-freezer combination unit is the common type of refrigerator found in most homes or commercial kitchens.

Apart from that, Vissani also provides a wide selection of refrigerators that are specialized for specific products (wine, beer, and other beverages). These refrigerators include Ice makers, Mini-fridges, and Under-counter fridges.

Are Vissani Refrigerators Any Good?

Yes, they seem to be.
But what makes it good, you may ask?
Well, it is simple, the superior performance and reliability of their units are exactly what makes them good, which is aided by these key factors:
·         Advanced technology
·         User-friendly features,
·         Top-end safety features,
·         wide range of products
These are just a couple of reasons why Vissani refrigerators are good and more importantly a popular choice among many consumers.

How long does Freon last in a Vissani Refrigerator?

Generally, Freon can last as long as there are no leaks or damage to the coils.
However, the statistical average lifespan of Freon in a Vissani refrigerator is about 10 to 15 years. But keep in mind that the exact lifespan of Freon in this refrigerator depends on several things such as:
·         How often the refrigerator has been used (operating hours)
·         Temperature settings.
In addition, freon should only be checked by a qualified technician every two to three years so as to ensure it is functioning properly.

What is Vissani’s best refrigerator brand?

One of the top refrigerator brands for Vissani is without a doubt the Vissani Professional Series.
These refrigerators series are specially designed for both domestic and commercial use. Their characteristic features include things like adjustable shelves, temperature control, and a self-defrosting cycle.
To make it even better you can get any model under this series with 10-year limited parts and a labor-guaranteed warranty. This actually makes it an ideal long-term choice for most people looking for a premium quality and durable refrigerator

Final Thoughts

That’s all for now about Vissani refrigerators and their manufacturers.

Before we wrap up, it would be important to note that this refrigerator is one of the best in the market thanks to its superior performance and reliability. It is suitable for not only the home but some of the products ranges will work in any commercial kitchen all due to their innovative designs and advanced technology.

In fact, currently, these refrigerators are some of the most sought-after products in the market.

Overall, regardless of what you are looking for we can genuinely confirm Vissani refrigerators seem to be a solid product from our extensive research. And since you now know who makes Vissani refrigerators you can make a well informed decision whether or not to buy one!

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