The Appliances industry is one of the largest growing industries as we all will need one or other appliances today or tomorrow. To catch up with the market, thousands of brands are manufacturing Appliances and trying to be the best in the market. 

So, what is the best appliance brand for you among all the appliance brands? If you are thinking about giving Thor Appliances a shot then good news and welcome. Let us talk about who makes Thor Appliances and what they offer to improve your life.

About The Manufacturer

So, who are Thor Appliances made by? All the products of Thor Appliances are under the control of the parent company Thor Kitchen. Thor Kitchen is one of the most prominent US-based appliance brands that work hard to ensure the finest quality for their customer. 

Now, where is Thor Appliances made? Since the beginning of its journey, Thor kitchen has had its main operating center or headquarters in California. Thor Kitchen does all the important jobs like customer service, design, research, etc. in the California office. 

So, if you ask where are Thor Appliances from? It is from California. Although most important jobs are done there Thor Kitchen does the assembly of its products from Asia. Thor Kitchen also ensures high-quality material while manufacturing the products.  

For the critical parts, Thor kitchen outsources them from countries like Spain, Germany, Italy, etc. Thor Kitchen outsources parts like Safety valves, thermostats, Dual rings, etc. It is no different from other big-name brands, as most of your favorite brands like Apple are also manufactured in Asia. 

Are Thor Appliances Any Good?

Thor Appliances is one of the leading appliances manufacturer producing some of the finest appliances for the home. But is Thor Appliances a good choice for you? A better question may be is Thor a high-end appliance? 

In this section, we will look into everything Thor Appliances is offering and try to answer everything you need to know about Thor Appliances before buying the product.

๐Ÿ”น Price

Price is one of the deciding factors for many of us before buying anything. In the case of Thor Appliances, they are one of the premium appliances manufacturers so it is expected to get a high price range from this product. 

The cheapest LRG unit should cost around $1699, while the larger, more luxurious unit may cost around $5000. The price range for a 5-piece appliance from Thor Appliances is between $6,000 and $11,000.

As expected, the premium feature has raised the price tag very high for an appliance brand. 

๐Ÿ”น Packages

If you are looking to buy multiple high-end products from Thor Appliances then it would cost too much to buy them individually. Thor has some excellent packages that can be a great deal in that case.

Now, you can broadly divide Thor appliances into two major categories: 

  • The HRG and HRD Range
  • The LRG Range

The next section will discuss both of these categories in detail so you get the overall idea about Thor Appliances.

๐Ÿ”น The HRD & HGR

When you want to get the best appliances for the heaviest workload the HRD/HDR range products from Thor Appliances are the best things you can get. In terms of construction, Durability, and overall quality, The HRD & HGR from Thor is the best choice. 

For the size, you will get three standard options in the HRD and HGR segments and they are: 

  • 30-inch model
  • 36-inch model, and
  • 48-inch model 

And from what we check the size is very much ok for heavy-duty appliances. 

The HRG models are an absolute beast when we are talking about professional usage, where you can expect the BTUs to reach about 18,000! To handle the heat, HRG models are packed with central grids and cast iron grates.

To light it up, HRG models feature your typical halogen LED lights. Safety has been one of the top priorities for Thor Appliances, to ensure that on the HRG models Thor offers double glass panes to maximize safety.  

๐Ÿ”น The LRG Models

If you are a bit tight with the budget but still want to get the best of Thorโ€™s blessing then the LRG model is here to save you. You can get the LRG models for all the gas options. The primary material Thor Appliance use for its LRG units is stainless steel. 

The construction of the LRG model has ensured no dust or anything may harm this device. The LRG models can also work efficiently on high heat capacity and also can handle some heavy-duty workloads. 

The size options are almost similar to the HRG models which is great news for people with a bit tight budget.

Thor Appliances Reviews

Thor has been one of the premium brands for appliances and the first choice for many. In this section, we will share our thoughts on the Thor Kitchen Gas range and find out if it is worth your attention or not. 

Being one of the most well-known appliance brands at the moment, Thor’s quality has been seriously generating buzz on the market. Not only are you receiving a powerful burner, but you are also getting a flexible burner.

To provide the highest quality at a lower price, Thor has used the finest materials available worldwide. Although Thor comes with a 2-year complete warranty, it has the best durability and will last longer than many appliances.

From our perspective, Thor Kitchen gas is the best change that you can bring into your kitchen.


Thor Kitchen has been a blessing to the appliances industry with top-quality products and great customer service. For someone who is looking for professional kitchen appliances, Thor is providing the best of its kind for a lower price tag than many brands. 

Constant innovation in Thor industries is keep working hard to improve the kitchen experience to a whole new level.

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