Paper towels are one of the most popular products on the market. We are purchasing a lot of them. If you need to restock but couldn’t decide which one to get, you can check out the Kirkland Paper Towels. They are both absorbent and affordable. 

People often ask the question, “Who makes Kirkland paper towels?” In this article, I will briefly talk about the manufacturer, brand, and its products. So, stick with us until the end. You won’t be disappointed. 

Are Kirkland Paper Towels a Good Deal?

The brand Kirkland provides great quality products. They have home decor, furniture, textiles, accessories, and gift items.

Their most well-known product, paper towels, is soft and has a wonderful texture. It doesn’t leave any streaks when cleaning windows and mirrors. Kirkland Paper towels are less expensive than others. The roll contains 160 sheets at a cost of 1 cent per sheet.

Who Makes Kirkland Paper Towels?

Costco, a publicly traded big company, owns and operates the Kirkland brand. It is one of Clearwater Paper corporation manufactures Kirkland Or Costco paper towels. Costco protects the identity of their manufacturers. Kirkland is one of Costco’s signature brands of products. Kirkland signature brand doesn’t make anything of its own.

Where are Kirkland Paper Towels Made?

The wood pulp element of Kirkland paper towels comes from North America. By using these wood pulp they make 20 and 40 percent of paper towels in North America. Kirkland uses the most soothing virgin fiber for making their paper towels soft.

Kirkland Signature paper towels are also manufactured in Canada for the Canadian Tissue pulp comes to the US from the boreal forest of Canada. Also, a wide range of birch, coniferous, aspen trees and coniferous trees comes to the Southeastern United States.

About The Manufacturer

Costco has many suppliers in America like Kimberly Clark, Proctor and Gamble, Georgia Pacific, and Clearwater Paper Corporation. The Clearwater Paper Corporation is a renowned paper manufacturing company. It is the most prominent supplier in the US. The headquarter is in Washington.

It is known that Clearwater makes products for Costco’s Kirkland. Though this company does not have any retail stores for placing their products under their in-house labels. It was founded on December 9, 2008. Clearwater supplies store-brand bathroom tissues, paper towels, facial tissue, and napkins to grocery stores in America. 

In 2020, the one shipment from Clearwater proves that they are the regular supplier of the Costco or Kirkland paper towels brand. The Clearwater Paper Corporation is the biggest supplier of private label paper towels to retail grocery chains in America.

Best Kirkland Paper Towels Reviews

Let’s find out some of the best Kirkland Paper towels. Keep reading and you would be able to choose which one to buy.

1. Kirkland Signature Premium Big Roll Paper towels

These paper towels come with 12 rolls and have 160 sheets per roll. It also comes in multicolor. These are thick and absorbent with 2-ply paper rolls. They are affordable and work very well. You don’t have to worry about running out because the big size keeps you stocked up. 

These paper towels have the right amount of thickness. It is great for cleaning because it wipes out all the dust. When you clean the bathroom or the kitchen, it never leaves a spot behind. 

When it becomes soft, it will never be ripped off on your hand because of its toughness. The softness is another feature of Kirkland paper towels. You’ll be much comfortable with these paper towels.

2. Kirkland Signature Paper Towels, 12 count

It comes with 12 counts, a pack of one. These paper towels are white and have 1920 sheets. It provides 12 individually wrapped rolls. The material of these paper towels is strong, soft and thick.

Drawbacks of Kirkland Paper Towels

Kirkland paper towels consume a lot of space because of their large-sized package. If you don’t want to use all your space then you should avoid Kirkland Paper towels.


Is Kirkland toilet paper as good as Charmin?

Kirkland provides the overall best quality than Charmin. The rolls of Kirkland are much better than the narrower Charmin mega rolls. You can easily clean with Kirkland sheets and they do not tear across. Kirkland is also thinner than Charmin.

Why is Costco out of Kirkland paper towels?

There is a statement that Costco has been out of Kirkland paper towels. Costco couldn’t agree with the demand, prices and changes in products.

Is Costco cheaper for buying products?

Costco is much cheaper because they reduce price and makes everything budget-friendly. Also, Costco sells everything in bulk so you can find cheaper products there.


Kirkland Paper towels are very satisfying and they offer pleasant performance. They keep their customers happy with reliable products. 

Now, did you find your answer to this question “Who makes Kirkland paper towels?” Hopefully, this article has given the information that you were searching for.  

Thank you for reading. 

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    Thank you for your concern. I just want to clear out that Costco is the parent company who makes Kirkland Paper Towels. As you are interested to learn more about the core company that helps Costco to get the Paper Towels ingredients, the name of this company is Clearwater Paper corporation.

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