Jeans are widely used items of clothing throughout the world. Despite becoming a vital part of modern fashion, jeans have a long history of evolution. Among the top jeans brands around the world, Kirkland is a notable name.

People who choose jeans over other wear must have known about the Kirkland brand. Though many people don’t know who makes Kirkland jeans. This is also the most asked question by people. 

People are also very eager to know about Kirkland jeans reviews and whether Kirkland jeans are good or not. This article will provide various information regarding Kirkland jeans including some of the most asked questions on the internet.

Who Makes Kirkland Jeans?

Kirkland signature jeans are a house brand of Costco. Costco Wholesale Corporation is an American multinational company that operates a chain of large retail stores that have only members.

For increasing the profit, Costco sells some private-label products also. Private-label products are those manufactured by a company to be sold under the brand name of another company. Kirkland Signature jeans are one of them.

The cotton that is used for Kirkland jeans, is processed by a third-party textile company located in Madagascar. The same company does the job of manufacturer too. Previously, Kirkland Signature jeans were manufactured in Mexico.

In 1995, Costco launched the Kirkland Signature line after acknowledging the need to have higher quality products at a lower price. Other products are also available in this lineup excluding jeans.

Do Kirkland Jeans Shrink?

Costco is very sentient with the cotton of Kirkland Jeans. They always put effort into making good jeans with good quality cotton. Kirkland jeans are made of 100% cotton. Thus making it very comfortable to wear.

People are curious to know if Kirkland jeans shrink. Costco Kirkland jeans don’t shrink much. Nevertheless, air-drying is particularly recommended. If any shrinkage happens, putting it into the dryer or ironing the jeans will solve that.

Are Kirkland Jeans Still Good in 2022?

Kirkland Signature jeans have been in the market for more than two decades. Those jeans have some excellent features and qualities that make customers choose Kirkland. Most importantly, Kirkland jeans are extremely durable.

Some users have confirmed that they used a single pair of Kirkland jeans for over one decade. We can’t expect more from jeans in this price range. Jeans are also at a reasonable price that can be afforded by the most.

Kirkland jeans are very stylish and long-lasting at a great price. Their jeans are made of heavy-duty denim. It is also very comfortable to wear and doesn’t need much maintenance.

By considering all the aspects of the Kirkland jeans, it is proven that these jeans are a very good choice in 2022. Those jeans are a real value for money product.

Features of Kirkland Jeans

Kirkland jeans are mainly sold for men. They don’t sell jeans for women under the Kirkland Signature name. The jeans come as a relaxed fit. Relaxed fit can be put on by any user regardless of their physical condition.

The Jeans have doubled-seam stitching which prevents fraying of the raw edges and keeps the seam line neat. It has both buttons and zipper closing helping the users to pick the right option for them. The reinforced belt loop is another good thing for Kirkland jeans.

Kirkland jeans waist size is available from 30 to 50 inches. The inseams come in 30, 32, or 34 inches. The color availability depends on the individual stores.

Care of Kirkland Signature Jeans

As Kirkland jeans are made of heavy-duty denim so it doesn’t require any special maintenance. The jeans are washable by the machine’s normal cycle. It can be washed with other clothes in cold water as jeans color is not going to be washed up. Kirkland jeans are free from shrinkage.

You can even dry clean these jeans and are very easy to iron. With minimum care, Kirkland jeans can be used for a long duration.

Why is The Costco Brand Called Kirkland?

As mentioned earlier, Kirkland comes under the Costco brand. Therefore, people use different names while mentioning Kirkland like Kirkland Signature, Costco, Costco Kirkland, etc. Sometimes people got confused and search on the internet who makes Kirkland jeans.

Now and Then of Kirkland Jeans

Though the Kirkland is now used as normal pants, the original Kirkland was considered as work pants. Those jeans were old style with signature 5 pockets. In 2016, Costco briefly gave up his Kirkland Signature 5-Pocket Jeans for men, then reintroduced them with design enhancements.

The newer style is as durable as it was before with more versatile looks.

How Much Do Kirkland Jeans Cost?

A pair of good-quality jeans can cost you more than $50. But Costco introduced their Kirkland line intending to provide good quality at an affordable price. Depending on the stores, Kirkland Jeans cost up to $20(Approx.).

At this price, very few brands have quality jeans like Costco Kirkland. Thus, Kirkland is a great choice indeed.

Brief History of Jeans

Jeans are vividly blended with the era of modern fashion. However, the tale of jeans development is lengthy enough. In 1873, Jacob Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss invented jeans but for a slightly different purpose

Jeans were created as practical workwear, and their indigo color was chosen to better conceal dirt when worn by miners and workers. But nowadays jeans have acquired the place of one of most fashionable clothes. You can wear jeans everywhere.


When you are wearing a pair of jeans, you are not only wearing simple pants but a history of working people’s wear. You might be wondering if jeans have a symbolic meaning also. While off duty the working class wore their jeans proudly as a symbol of home.

In the 1960s jeans had spread to the American middle class. Movie stars at that time also played an important role in making jeans a trend. And with a great purpose of serving all people with high-quality jeans in a reasonable Costco has been producing their Kirkland Signature jeans.

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