For some, coffee feels like a staple of their lifestyle that is actually a necessity! If you too are a coffee lover, you are really going to enjoy this write-up!

Anyhow, we are assuming that you are here because you have been searching for either the best great-value coffee or you are already a regular customer of Kirkland coffees from your favorite neighborhood giant store, Costco. 

However, you must have been wondering about who makes Costco Kirkland Coffee? or maybe Who makes Costco Kirkland instant coffee? If yes, then stay till the end of this article to know all about Kirkland coffee with the best Kirkland coffee review, where to buy them, which Kirkland coffee is best, and much more. 

Also, if you are a new customer, make sure to try out some of the blends first to know which one seems best for you.

Who Makes Kirkland Coffee?

While picking up a pack of Kirkland coffee, if you see labels like “Custom Roasted By Starbucks’, then know that the product features Starbucks as the manufacturer. The good news is most of Kirkland’s coffees are manufactured by the big brand Starbucks themselves. 

However, only some coffees are confirmed by Costco to have been made by Starbucks and they are:

  • Kirkland Signature House Blend Medium Roast
  • Decaf House Blend Medium Roast
  • Espresso Blend Dark Roast

Other than these three, the name of the manufacturer has not been confirmed but it is rumored that they have also been made by a big name brand as well.

Are They Any Good?

Unquestionably yes. Costco has been selling Kirkland coffee for a long time now and they have gained an enormous amount of good feedback for their great value products. 

Flavour wise they are meant to give a silky smooth blend along with a rich flavor. Keeping affordability at the top of the list, the great flavor just adds a nice cherry on top! Coffee lovers in North America mostly prefer buying Kirkland coffees in bulk. 

Kirkland Coffee, Where to Buy?

Being Costco’s biggest house brand, Kirkland features almost every possible lineup of product starting from your morning coffee to tissues, to dog food, toilet paper and more ! So who makes kirkland signature instant coffee? This is a question we cannot answer! but user feedback from our research ranges from “its great” to a “big no from me” and “It’s basically your average grocery store quality coffee. Not the worst in the world, but not very good.”

However, Amazon features a great number of their lineups as well with affordable price tags just like any Costco store. So, buying from the comfort of your home is now even easier with Amazon.

Best Kirkland Coffee Review

This section will introduce you to some of Kirkland’s best coffees along with a full-fledged review which includes Kirkland’s medium roast coffee review from our in house tester (that’s me and my wife in fact!) as well.

1. Kirkland Signature Organic Pacific Bold Dark-Roast Coffee

This organic coffee lineup from Kirkland Signature offers unquestionably excellent value. They are dark and roasted. One of the main reasons why you should consider buying them is because they come in recyclable K-cup pods so they are easy to make and distribute. 

They are certified by QAI for being organic. Organic Pacific is made in the USA and they are 100% Arabica coffee. They are also fair trade certified and known to be one of the most reviewed products from Kirkland coffee on Amazon. In a box, there will be 120 K-cups.

2. Kirkland Signature 100% Colombian Coffee

Consider this one to be the talk of the town because you are most likely to get questions going around regarding who makes Kirkland 100% Colombian coffee at least once while coffee shopping online. 

This fine-grind, dark-roasted Colombian coffee comes mainly in a 3-pound container. Check Amazon to find great package deals on this coffee. They are made in the USA and rated as one of the best from the Kirkland line of coffee by customers.

3. Starbucks Kirkland Signature Medium Roast Coffee Beans

This product is known to be one of the best coffees from Kirkland and hence many people want to see some Kirkland medium roast coffee reviews.

They are not ground beans and instead you will find whole coffee beans inside the pack, just how I like it!. Their roasting level is dark and medium roasted (too roasted for some). Comes with Fair Trade certification. This house blend is specially roasted by the Starbucks company. Hence, Costco had a big headstart in getting this one up high in the popularity charts!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is Kirkland ground coffee good?

Yes, for the price it could be labeled as one of the best in the market. However, there are other coffees from Kirkland that possess a better taste and blend than their ground coffees. Some of their Ethiopean, Mexican and Mayorga Costa Rica coffees get superb reviews.

Which Kirkland coffee is best?

From a big list of Kirkland coffees, Kirkland Signature House Blend received a generous amount of good reviews from customers. We would say Kirkland Signature House Blend is potentially their best seller.

Who makes Kirkland Colombian Coffee?

Though many of Kirkland’s famous coffee lines are produced by Starbucks, 100% Colombian Coffee is not. They are produced by other third parties whose name is still unknown. Many on the internet guess different manufacturers’ names but none of them have been confirmed by Costco.


In these closing few words, we would like to believe that your queries on who makes Kirkland coffee have been answered as best we can! Although Costco’s house brand Kirkland’s products are manufactured by third parties they stand out from the crowd every single time delivering excellent value but the tradeoff is usually buying in quantity. If you are wanting to test out which flavours you like you could buy a small quantity off Amazon until you find your preferred flavour and then take a trip to Costco!

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