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As Costco is the only place where you can buy Kirkland dog food, there has always been a debate and confusion about who makes Kirkland dog food. Naturally, most people assume Costco is the sole owner and producer.

There is no blame game because recently Kirkland dog food and signature dog food have been earning hoards of good reviews. They have already taken the place of being known as ‘ low-cost premium food for dogs ‘.

And such a renowned dog food brand can only be found in Costco. This is the reason for all the confusion among shoppers. However, according to our research on all the data found on the Web Kirkland’s owner is Diamond Pet Foods.

Let’s get deep into the details about who makes Kirkland signature dog food, how good are they in the year 2022, and lists of their best dog foods along with important small details(AAFCO) of each.

About The Manufacturer

Diamond Pet Foods manufactures this top branded Kirkland dog food for one of the largest retail stores Costco. Moreover, Diamond Pet Foods has two owners, one named Richard Kampeter and the other person is Gary Schell. They both are also the founders of Schell & Kampeter Inc.. 

They let this new line of pet food be born from the thought of producing nutritious and balanced pet food at an affordable price. Now, we can see their success on this.

Lineup of Kirkland’s Dog Food

Kirkland dog food is mainly composed of two types. One of them is the grain-free variant and the other comprises different types of whole grains and seeds along with other common ingredients. The name of these two types are:

  • Kirkland Signature 
  • Kirkland Signature Nature’s Domain

Kirkland Signature Nature’s Domain is the one that is free from grains. This also answers one of the most frequently asked questions about who makes Kirkland grain-free dog food?

Are They Any Good?

What things do we want while deciding if a product is good or bad? As customers, we want our product to be as premium as possible within our price range. Congratulations! You get the best of both worlds with Kirkland dog food.

Furthermore, their recall histories will also be mentioned so that you can decide for yourself they are worth buying. On the other hand, please consider watching this video to help yourself differentiate Kirkland from another dog food brand:


As discussed, these are one of the most affordable good quality dog food that can be found in the market. Costco mostly sells bags of 40 lb Kirkland’s dog food. Guess how much they will cost you. Though prices may vary from time to time, we will mainly show you the average range that it varies.

The answer is around $40. That means you are only paying a dollar for each lb. According to us, this is extremely budget-friendly given the exclusive quality.

No Artificial Flavors and Colors

Yes, you read that right. These bags of dog food contains no preservatives, no artificial flavors, and no artificial colors at all. So, you can simply say: they are actually who they showing they are!

Apart from that, their products contain no corn, soy, wheat, or any other bi-products.

Recall History

Alongside all the good things, this brand has two recall histories. They were in March 2007 and May 2012 for melamine contamination and salmonella contamination respectively.

Does Kirkland Meet AAFCO Standards?

Association of American Feed Control Officials is the abbreviation for AAFCO. Kirkland is known to meet AAFCO standards ensuring a complete balanced diet for your puppy.

The AAFCO symbols are A, M, G, S, and U. These stand for All Life Stages, Maintenance (adult), Growth (puppy), Supplemental and Unspecified.

Reviews and List of Kirkland’s Dog Food

The 6 super premium lineup of Kirkland Dog Food are:

  1. Chicken, Rice & Vegetable Formula; Puppy
  2. Chicken, Rice & Vegetable Formula; Adult dog
  3. Lamb, Rice and Vegetable Formula; Adult dog
  4. Chicken, Rice & Vegetable Formula; Small dog
  5. Chicken, Rice & Egg Formula; Mature dog
  6. Healthy Weight Dog Formula Formulated with Chicken & Vegetables

All of these comes with an AAFCO nutrition symbol as well. And they are A, M, M, M, M, and M respectively for the list above.

dog food kirkland

Some of these are discussed and reviewed for your convenience:

1. Chicken, Rice & Vegetable Formula; Puppy

This is an excellent choice for most active puppies as it consists of probiotics to help indigestion. However, it is low in fiber.

2. Chicken, Rice & Vegetable Formula; Adult dog

A good choice for active adult dogs. Has probiotics for good digestive support. Yields very good joint support. On the other hand, avoid feeding these to overweight dogs due to their high-fat content.

3. Healthy Weight Dog Formula Formulated with Chicken & Vegetables

As we were just talking about overweight dogs, here is the perfect diet food for them with low-fat. A better choice for dogs with digestion problems because it is extremely fibrous and has probiotics. Provides great joint support.

However, due to being a low-fat diet, it has only one meat source and hence should not be fed to all types of dogs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who makes Kirkland dog biscuits?

Kirkland dog biscuits are produced by Diamond Dog Foods and sold at the enormous retail market Costco.

How do I know if a particular dog food is OK for my pup?

Look if that particular dog food meets AAFCO standards. If it does, it should be alright for almost all puppies.

Who makes Kirkland canned dog foods?

Two of Kirkland’s canned dog food recipes are produced by Diamond Pet Foods.


If you have read it till now, we believe, you already know almost all the important nooks and crannies about this brand. Also, the confusion about who makes Kirkland dog food has also been answered. For any further details, feel free to reach out to us.

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