Which pet owner does not want the best food for their beloved pet? The answer would be everyone wants the best and hence they keep looking for the best options and want to know who made those famous brands.

Do you know who makes Pedigree dog food? We would suggest you read till the end to get yourself amazed by some of the untold secrets about the big brand Pedigree. 

Who Owns The Pedigree Brand?

Mars Incorporated is the owner of the big brand Pedigree. Being a subsidiary of Mars, Pedigree has quite a number of its products that are sold and is popular amongst many pet owners. However, today’s Pedigree was found in the year 1957 as the name ‘Chappy’.

Who Manufactures Pedigree?

A division of Mars Inc. named Mars Petcare is the manufacturer of Pedigree dog food. They manufacture for big brands like Pedigree, Whiskas, Royal Canin, Banfield, IAMS, and many others.

Pedigree Dog Food Ingredients

Considering the ingredients, you might want to think one more time before buying Pedigree dog food for your lovely dog. Here are some of their main ingredients: 

  • Corn and Gluten 
  • Animal fat
  • Beet Pulp
  • Ground Whole Wheat
  • Meat and Bone
  • Vegetable Oil
  • Brewers Rice

You see, the first one and the main one is Corn, which is a filler by nature. Also, the animal fat is mainly the poultry by-product, which is dried from the slaughterhouses and is extremely harmful. 

According to researchers, they can make your furry fellow have liver and kidney diseases if consumed for a long time.

Is Pedigree Dog Food Good?

The previous and the next section must have given you a clear idea on this matter of if they are good or not. However, for this section, we shall tell you about some of their advantages and disadvantages so that you can judge further about them and make your decision whether to buy them or not.

🔹 Price

As mentioned earlier, they are priced very reasonably which makes many pet owners run for these. Remember, a cheap price has its shares of compromises as well.

🔹 Preference

Many pet owners say that their dogs prefer having Pedigree’s dog food and they are also cheap. Hence, going with Pedigree seems like the best option at hand.

🔹 Ingredients

Corn; the main ingredient of their dog food is a filler and it is extremely hard for dogs to digest. Among many digesting problems, corns are also the cause of many allergies and skin diseases. 

Although it is clear that corn is pretty inexpensive and making them the main ingredient of dog food is easier than going for other options.

🔹 Artificial Color and Dyes

Other than using corn, grains, poultry by-product fats Pedigree uses artificial colors and dyes for many packages of their dog food. These altogether can make your dog extremely sick from several diseases if used regularly.

The Truth About Pedigree

This section will talk about the bitter truth about the brand Pedigree for dog food. This was one of the brands that were founded a few decades ago and at that time there were only a few brands that sold processed dog food. 

As we all know, for giving your dog all the nutrition at once, the dog food packages are the best and one of the most convenient options out there. Hence, when this brand came introducing an affordable price range, every pet owner rushed towards it and Pedigree started getting all its fame. 

That was the time their business started flourishing and one pet owner started recommending these to the other. In this way, they went further and now they are in this place where almost everyone is familiar with the brand and accepts Pedigree to be one of the best dog food brands. 

On the other hand, there are many pieces of research that are going on and those researchers do in-depth examinations on the ingredients used and their proportion. 

You see, if there is any problem with the ingredients and how they act on a dog’s body in the long run, we normal pet owners won’t know. Therefore, when pet owners are reviewing these products on various online platforms they are only seeing that their dogs can eat this and they come at a great price. 

Only a few understand that sometimes their sensitive dog is having tummy aches or other discomforts after eating these portions for a long time. 

Long story short, researchers say that Pedigree is not good for long-term usage although it might seem fine to the pet owners for its brand name, affordability, cheap price, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Pedigree owned by Purina?

No, Pedigree and Purina both are different brands and both have their own line of products. Both of these brands are well known and none of these manufactures the other. They both have different manufacturing companies.

Is Pedigree bad for dogs?

Unfortunately, they are in the long run. Some of their ingredients do not act quite well on a dog’s health. It is very shocking that such a renowned pet food brand is reviewed in numerous places to be bad for dogs after many researchers.

Were there any recalls on Pedigree dog food?

Yes, there were several recalls on Pedigree dog food. One of the recent recalls states to have found metal fragments as contamination and there were rumors that the brand got shut after that. 

However, they are still selling their dog food items and on business after several recalls and we hope they have solved those on time.


We hope this content was a turnaround point for you because of the revelation of many secrets along with the answers to questions like who makes Pedigree dog food if they are any good, etc. 

This was a result of our long in-depth research about Pedigree. We just thought about our dear furry fellow and wanted the best for them in the long run.

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