The dog has been our best friend since the earliest civilization. They have been our helping hand when we used to hunt, they guard our home and property, they bring us happiness and joy The best boy in your house deserves the best meal. 

To ensure a proper diet for your dog you need a brand that you can trust. Tons of companies are offering different dog food. Today we will discuss who makes Retriever Dog Food? We will discuss in-depth what Retriever Dog food is offering and is it good for your dog or not.

About The Manufacturer

Purina Mills, LLC, is a famous well-known animal food manufacturer that has the manufacturing and distribution rights to the Retriever Dog food. Purina mills were a part of Ralston Purina, they parted ways when Ralston sold the US animal feed portion in 1986. 

Purina’s origin can be dated back to 1894 when William H. Danford started to produce feed for farm animals under the Purina Mills brand. Usually, Purina products became famous as “Chow”. Later in 1902, Purina partnered up with Webster Edgerly, a university professor, to form Ralsrtonism. 

Ralstronism was producing breakfast cereals, after the merging, the company “ Ralston Purina Company” was formed. Purina Mills mainly provides food for farm animals but they also manufacture products for pets that can be found under different brands. 

Is Retriever Dog Food Good?

Retriever is one of the well-known brands in the market. So, to determine whether Retriever Dog Food is safe? We will look into how many types of Retriever Dog Food is available what is inside it and how good is it. 

🔹 Ingredients

Before we start to analyze a Retriever Dog food let us have a look inside the ingredients section. We have taken this information from the packaging of Retriever Dog Food. 

  • Meat and bone meal, 
  • ground yellow corn, 
  • wheat middlings, 
  • ground wheat, 
  • soybean meal, 
  • animal fat (preserved using BHA and citric acid), 
  • corn gluten meal, 
  • natural flavors (source of chicken flavor), 
  • salt, 
  • potassium chloride, 
  • choline 
  • Chloride and many more.

🔹 Nutritional Value

If you serve your dog one cup of Retriever Dog food, the dog will get 3250 kcal. We took data from the packaging and on a weighted basis, the calories of Retriever Dog Foods are 

  • 38% Carbohydrate, 
  • 26% Protein, and 
  • 36% fat.

🔹 Ingredients Analysis

Yes, there are a lot of ingredients inside Retriever Dog Food, what do these ingredients mean? We will try to describe some of the ingredients inside Retriever dog food and check out what they mean for your dog.

👉🏾 Meat and Bone Meal

The first ingredient that you will notice in Retriever dog food is the Meat and Bone meal. Bone meal is rendered product from mammal tissues like bones, hair, hoof, horn, etc. Meat and Bone meal has lower digestibility meaning it will stay for a long time in the stomach. 

The lower digestibility is because of higher ash and lower amino acid. And what animals are used to extract this item is unfortunately anonymous which can be a problem as identifying specific food allergens is impossible. 

At a glance, it may feel like a Meat and Bone meal is a source of protein but we are very much unsure about the quality. 

👉🏾 Corn

Corn is one of the famous sources of carbohydrates with modest nutritional value for dogs. It may be a good carbohydrate source for humans but many experts do not recommend corn to be a part of dog meals. 

👉🏾 Wheat Middlings and Corn

Commonly known as wheat mill run is an inexpensive by-product produced while cereal manufacturing. Wheat Middlings are not only a bad choice for a dog’s meal but also bad for any livestock feed. 

As wholesome as the name sound, wheat middlings is nothing but some dust attained by floor-sweeping. What we said about wheat middlings, the same can be said about corn.

👉🏾 Soybean Meal

Soybean meal is a very common ingredient in livestock feed, Soybean meal is just a by-product of soybean oil production. Soybean is riched with protein, 48% to be exact but the nutritional value is yet lower than meat. 

This low-coast ingredient can boost the total protein amount in the food. Before judging the total amount of protein you must consider where those proteins are coming from, as a different source of protein has a different nutritional value.

👉🏾 Animal Fat

It is also a generic by-product of rendering that is also anonymous. That means we have no idea about what animal is being used to extract the necessary fat. The worst part is the fat is preserved with a cancer-causing agent, BHA. 

👉🏾 Corn Gluten Meal

When you wash out all the stretchy carbohydrates from the corn you will get Corn Gluten Meal. Corn Gluten Meal also adds protein to the menu as it has 60% protein to it but as with any plant base meal, the protein is not as nutritious as meat.  

There are also a lot of ingredients that serve different purposes. Now, the real question is, is Retriever Dog Food safe? According to what we said above, Retriever dog food has a lot of controversy regarding its ingredients. We do not recommend Retriever dog food. 

Retriever Dog Food Review

Retriever has different kinds of products for different kinds of dogs. Here is one of the products of Retriever dog food and what we think about it.

🔹 Retriever Mini Chunk Dog Food

Who makes Retriever Mini Chuck dog food? Like every retriever’s dog food, the mini chuck is also made by Purina mills. The shady nature of ingredients can also be found in Mini Chuck dog food. So, we don’t think Retriever Mini Chunk Dog Food is a good idea.


Retriever dog food has some done some controversial choices with its ingredients. We all love our dogs and want the best for us. As some crucial info is missing from Retriever’s side we think it will be a bad idea to choose them as your dog’s food habit.

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