Your best friend is ready to sacrifice themselves just to protect you. He deserves the best treatment from you. Of course, I am talking about the cuddly good boy you like to go on a walk with. You want reliable and the best quality dog food in your dog’s regular diet. 

Multiple brands are playing with your emotions to be your regular brand of dog food, but which brand should you choose? So, today we will talk about Nature’s Domain Dog Food and everything you should know about the brand before buying it.

About The Parent Company

Ask any American where their favorite store is for buying everyday items, and I bet many will say Costco. The top brands are available from this American wholesaler at the most affordable prices you can imagine. Don’t forget about the delicious free samples that so many of us adore, either.

According to a 2020 report, Costco Wholesale was the third biggest retailer globally. The service and quality of Costco have earned them 10th place in the prestigious Fortune 500. Costco started its journey in Kirkland, and eventually, it moved to Issaquah, Washington, where it still operates. 

The first official Costco warehouse was founded back in 1983, but the origin of this company can be dated back to 1976. The Costco we know today is the result of multiple mergers. According to a report in August 2022, Costco now has more than 800 warehouses up and running. 

Costco not only operates in the USA but also has shops in countries like Canada, Japan, Mexico, Puerto Rico, etc. Costco sells different products from different brands, but its main attraction is its private brand, Kirkland Signature.

🔹 Kirkland Signature

As we have mentioned before, Costco started its operation in Kirkland, and they have taken the name for their brand from where they started. You can get Kirkland products exclusively from official Costco warehouses and their official website for home delivery. 

Kirkland does not spend a crazy amount of money like your favorite brands, but many of its products are manufactured by the same brand that may be your favorite. By doing this, Costco manages to keep Kirkland’s brand price lower than other competitors. 

Nature’s Domain dog food is just one of those excellent brands from Kirkland. So, where is Nature’s Domain dog food made? Diamond Pet Foods, which manufactures Nature’s Domain dog food, has three different U.S. locations: South Carolina, Missouri, and California.

About The Manufacturer

Kirkland gave the manufacturing rights of Nature’s Domain dog food to Diamond Pet Food. They are a family-owned business that started its journey in the 70s with two brother-in-laws Gary Schell and Richard Kampeter. 

Schell and Kampeter believed that dog food should not be expensive, and Diamond Pet Food is the brand that provides nutrition at an affordable price. Diamond also claimed to be constantly working hard to make pet foods more nutritious and of better quality over time. 

Diamond Pet Food has its base of operations in Missouri. Initially, Diamond has a humble beginning, in a small place close to the residence of both founders. Diamond saw its first success in the 90s when the market for pet foods started booming. 

One of the founders, Schell, has shared the hard path they had to take, for, according to his word, both of Diamond’s founders have gone broke five times. As of 2020, Diamond Pet Food was the 5th largest pet food company, with annual revenue of more than a billion.

Nature’s Made Dog Food Review

So, in this section, we will talk about everything you should know before buying Nature’s Domain Dog Food and what we think about the product.

🔹 Price

The parent company of Nature’s Domain, Costco, and the manufacturer, Diamond Pet Food, are always rooting for the best product at the best possible price. We found that the price of Nature’s Domain dog food is comparatively more affordable than that of other brands.

🔹 Ingredients

Before buying any products, you should know what the product is made of. So, what are the ingredients of Nature’s Domain dog food? Nature’s Domain Dog Food has multiple types of pet food, and each has its own unique flavor and ingredients. 

Here we will talk about the ingredients of Nature’s Domain Turkey and Sweet Potato ( dog food). We have also checked other products, and we can say you can expect almost the same sort of ingredients and nutrition.     

Some common ingredients that can be found in most Nature’s Domain dog foods are: 

  • Potatoes
  • Canola Oil 
  • Sodium Selenite
  • Different proteins, iodide, and a lot more.

🔹 Nutrition

Nature’s Domain Dog Food also deviates in nutrition depending on which one you are buying. You can expect almost 50% carbohydrates, 16% fat, and 27% protein in different dog foods. With the number of nutritious elements in the product, we can say this is a truly nutritious meal for your dog.

🔹 Feeding Guide

Like every other dog food, Nature’s Domain Dog Food feeding guide also differs depending on the age, percentage of body weight, and how many daily meals are provided. You should consult your vet to know more about your dog’s health status and the best meal. 

But usually, you can follow the below-feeding guide for your dog:

  • For 2-4 month age number of 3 to 4 time serving
  • For 4-6 months serve 3 times
  • And for older dogs, you serve them twice a day.

🔹 Some Serious Concern

Nature’s Made unfortunately has had some serious backlash in recent times. In the news from 2019, CBC accused some dog food brands of heart disease, and Nature’s Made was one of the brands. 


You love your dog more than your life and you don’t want that good boy to suffer just because of a lack of nutrition. Nature’s Made has been one of the famous brands that provided good food for your dearest canine companion. Considering the heart attack issue, you must consult your vet before feeding anything.

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