If you own a dog, you understand how critical it is to provide your pet with the proper nutrition. They, like humans, must be cautious about what they consume. Dogs aren’t any different. They also require nutrient-dense food.

As a dog owner, your primary responsibility is to select the appropriate dog food and feed them on time. And Member’s Mark dog food is available for that purpose. Thankfully, Member’s Mark produces high-quality dog food at a reasonable cost.

You’re probably curious about who makes Member’s Mark dog food and how it stacks up against the industry’s top dog food brands. Here you’ll find all the information you need about Member’s Mark dog food.

Let’s get started with the reading!

Who Makes Member’s Mark?

Sam’s Club’s private label is known as Member’s Mark. Sam’s Club is a membership-only retailer, similar to Costco. Walmart purchased the company and named it after the founder of Walmart, Sam Walton.

Member’s Mark products are available in extremely large backpacks. It appeals to dog owners who want to save money or have multiple dogs.

Additionally, Purina, a Nestle-owned company, is expected to manufacture Member’s Mark dog food in 2022. At Sam’s Club, Purina, the world’s largest pet food manufacturer, offers a wide range of wet and dry dog and puppy food.

Member’s Mark manufactures a wide range of items in addition to dog food. As a well-known brand, Member’s Mark is capable of offering dog food that your pet will enjoy at a reasonable price.

Where is Member’s Mark Food Made?

Member’s Mark dog food gets supposedly produced by a third-party manufacturer that belongs to the large manufacturer, Purina.

Purina is a Nestle brand that sells dog and cat food, treats, and other pet supplies. Purina is the largest pet food manufacturer in the United States, with headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri.

Now, Member’s Mark dog food get manufactured in the United States. Moreover, it is unclear whether they are made in-house or by a third-party manufacturer. Because having a dedicated venue is inefficient, many local supermarket brands export their production to a third party.

Member’s Mark Dog Food Review

Let’s take a look at some Member’s Mark items.

🔹 Member’s Mark Exceed Dry Dog Food, Chicken & Rice

Dry dog food, chicken & rice from Member’s Mark provides a nutritious meal for your four-legged friend. It arrives in a sealed bag to add to the intrigue.


👉🏾 It includes vitamins and nutrients that are necessary for good health.
👉🏾 There are no inorganic substances or additives in this product.
👉🏾 On the back, there’s a helpful dietary chart.

🔹 Member’s Mark Exceed Grain-Free Dry Dog Food, Wild-Caught Salmon & Peas

A high-quality diet is a key to providing your pet dog with energy, better health, and years of togetherness. Member’s Mark grain-free dry dog food contains wild-caught salmon and peas, as well as other healthy and nutritious ingredients.


👉🏾 Protein-dense
👉🏾 There are no synthetic colors or artificial ingredients in this product.
👉🏾 It does not contain any grains.

🔹 Member’s Mark Exceed Dry Dog Food, Lamb & Rice

The new recipe in this dry dog food from Member’s Mark puts meat first, so it tastes fantastic. It’s an excellent option.


👉🏾 The first component is a genuine lamb.
👉🏾 Digestion-friendly natural fiber.
👉🏾 There are no fillers or preservatives in this product.
👉🏾 There are no corn or meat by-products in this Member’s Mark.

🔹 Member’s Mark Exceed Dry Puppy Food, Chicken & Rice

Chicken is the first ingredient in Member Mark’s hearty, high-protein puppy food. It’ll make your dog delighted.


👉🏾 Digestive fiber from nature.
👉🏾 Real chicken and rice flavor.
👉🏾 This product contains no fillers or inorganic preservatives.
👉🏾 This recipe doesn’t contain any corn, soy, wheat, or meat by-products.

Is Member’s Mark Dog Food Good?

Most dogs enjoy Mark, which is one of the most popular dog food brands. It’s helpful to know that the brand takes high-quality ingredients like chicken, lamb, fish, flaxseed, and other sources of essential nutrients for the dog.

Furthermore, it contains fewer carbohydrates than regular dry dog food. Member’s Mark gets 2.5 stars for using a small percentage of recognized and unnamed meat and meat by-product foods as its foremost protein supplement.

Another important thing is that Omega 3 fatty acids from flaxseed make this a good diet for your pet dog, as well as all of the other essential nutrients it contains.

The following lists contain a few pros and cons of Member’s Mark dog food.


✅ The protein content is high.
✅ The price is reasonable.
✅ Dogs of all ages will enjoy this food.
✅ Different kinds of dog food are available.
✅ Nutritional Confirmation


❎ A few of the ingredients in the product raise some concerns.


Is It Possible to Order Member’s Mark Dog Food Online?

Absolutely. Sam’s Club, as the owner of Member’s Mark, provides access to the food through its website. It can be delivered directly to your front door or your residence. You can also use the websites of Amazon or Walmart to place an order.

Does Member’s Mark Have a Cat Food Line?

Member’s Mark produces a few recipes for cat food. This collection includes only one dry cat food recipe and a few wet or canned cat food recipes.

Member’s Mark does not make cat food for kittens or senior cats, but their dry food recipe is suitable for cats of all ages. The dry cat food recipe created by Member’s Mark does not contain any grains.


In the final verdict, Member’s Mark dog food represents a steady, secure position and is suitable for all dog breeds. It’s high in protein and contains prebiotic recipes to help with digestion.

We began this article by asking who makes Member’s Mark dog food. So, we have the answers to all the questions we had about Member’s Mark dog food, from who makes it to what products it contains. There’s no doubt in our minds that your dog will enjoy this meal.

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