One of the top Kirkland questions that we get asked a lot is who makes Kirkland sparkling water? In the world of manufacturers of sparkling water, Kirkland is a leading manufacturer. Kirkland is the leading signature brand of Costco, one of the biggest retail chains.

It is always fascinating to know more about what you are drinking and eating. This could be the reason why readers are inclined to know more about who makes this brand of sparkling water. So, if you are interested to know more, then without any further ado, read this article.

About The Manufacturer

Costco is the manufacturer of Kirkland sparkling water. It is based in Issaquah, which is in Washington, located in the United States. There is a great similarity between Costco sparkling water and La Croix sparkling soda water available on the market.

In this Kirkland sparkling water review, we aim to cover the details of the manufacturer. Kirkland’s signature is one of the official chains of the Costco Company. Costco’s operations started in the 1970s.

More About The Manufacturer

Kirkland is one of the few private labels of the Costco supermarket chain. Kirkland’s sparkling soda water first started its journey in 1992. It is important to note, however, that Kirkland’s beverages are also manufactured as part of the co-branding efforts of the group.

For example, Kirkland makes K-cup pods which are produced by Green Mountain Coffee Roasters but sold under the label of Kirkland. Kirkland also sells other beverages under its labels, even though many of them are produced by other manufacturers.

Where are Kirkland Sparkling Water Bottles Made?

Kirkland sparkling water, which is sold at the outlets of Costco, is sourced directly from Niagara. Niagara Bottling, LLC, situated in California, is responsible for making the bottles for a wide range of companies, including the signature line of Costco, known as Kirkland.

Costco gets its bottles for the Kirkland signature line of sparkling water from the Niagara Bottling Company because it is not in the bottling business.

What is Kirkland’s Sparkling Water?

Kirkland’s sparkling water is a light, low-calorie, bubbly drink that is meant for those who would love to have a cool drink during the summer, without the additional calories.

The best part about this refreshing drink is that it is flavored, yet not calorie-dense. The different flavors, lime, lemon, and grapefruit, cater to a wider range of taste buds.

Kirkland Sparkling Water Nutrition Facts

In a single can of Kirkland sparkling water, there are 12 ounces. The best part is that a single can of this sparkling water has 0 calories, 0 percent fat, sodium, cholesterol, carbohydrates, and protein. This is what makes the Kirkland sparkling water healthy for you.

So, if your question was, is Kirkland sparkling water good for you? Then the answer is yes, it is not entirely bad as it doesn’t have any excess calories.

If you wanted to know more about Kirkland sparkling water sugar content, then we have information regarding that too. Sparkling water is healthy because it has no artificial sweeteners or additives. Therefore, the answer to your query is Kirkland sparkling water good, which would be yes.

Kirkland Sparkling Water Ingredients

All Kirkland sparkling water cans have the same ingredient list. They all contain carbonated water and natural flavoring. One more important thing that you need to know about is that Kirkland water has no caffeine.

Besides the main ingredients, it has less than 2 percent citric acid. Additional ingredients include fruit flavors, natural flavorings, green tea extract, niacin, vitamins, and also potassium benzoate to ensure the freshness of the products.

Flavors of Kirkland Sparkling Water

Now that you know a lot about Kirkland’s sparkling waters, let’s get to know some more information about its flavors.

Kirkland’s line of water comes in three different flavors, with two being similar. A fan favorite has to be the lime flavor, which has a crisp and refreshing flavor. The grapefruit flavor is quite average, on the other hand.

The lemon flavor has a very citrusy lemony taste, which many will love. Some may also not like the excessively citrusy taste of the Kirkland lemon water.

Kirkland Sparkling Water Price

Compared to other brands such as La Croix, Kirkland water comes at a much lower price. The 35-pack of this sparkling soda water comes at only $9.99. Each can come for $0.285 only.

The price of the Kirkland soda sparkling water is thus much less compared to the La Croix variant. If you end up buying La Croix water, it will cost 30 percent more.

Is Kirkland Sparkling Water Completely Healthy?

Costco’s Kirkland water is similar to natural water. It will not impact your bone density or your teeth. However, if you have gastrointestinal problems, it can make you feel bloated.

Therefore, a word of caution for those with gastrointestinal problems would be to avoid this drink if possible. For those with problems like these, it is best to have ice when compared to Kirkland sparkling water vs. ice.

However, since this sparkling water has no added sugar, it is fine to celebrate your special occasions by gulping down on these, if you don’t have gastrointestinal problems.


Does Kirkland’s Sparkling Water Contain Any Added Caffeine?

No, Kirkland’s sparkling water has no added caffeine. This is a piece of good news for those who are trying to avoid caffeine but still enjoy a drink.

How Much Sugar is Present in Kirkland’s Sparkling Water?

Kirkland’s sparkling water has 0 g of sugar. It does not have any additives or any added sugar in it.


In the United States, these flavored sparkling waters have been sold under the label of Kirkland by Costco since 2018. The flavors of these soda water cans are strikingly similar to those sold under the label La Croix.

If you are someone who is looking for something affordable, then Kirkland’s sparkling water could be a good choice for you. We hope this helped enlighten you on who makes Kirkland sparkling water.

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