Katy Hearn, a fitness influencer and entrepreneur, founded the energy drink Alani Nu in 2018. Since its founding Alani Nu has taken the health and wellness industry by storm. Their USP is offering a range of tasty, convenient products that bring bright flavours to the consumers daily routine.

Alani Nu is manufactured in the USAaccording to their own website and although we cannot be certain, our research on “who makes alani nu energy drink” points to it possibly being made by Country Pure Foods on behalf of the brand owners certainly in its earlier days. Country Pure Foods are a renown white label manufacturer of beverages in the USA. Other possible manufacturers for this brand include the Blue Chip Group and the Great Energy Drink Private Label Company.

Where is Alani Nu heaquarters

They are headquarted in Louisville and recently moved from an 18,000 sq ft facility into a new larger 100,000 sq ft facility in 13551 Triton Park Blvd .

Who is Alani Nu founder

Katy Hearn started on Instagram in 2021 where she built a big following for her own fitness and health routines. The story behind the actual founding of Alani Nu however started before this. The Instagram success was the spark that really ignited the Alani Nu success though.

Katy and Haydn Schneider, who used to be a health enthusiast with The Vitamin Shoppe (they are now married), started hosting fitness challenges, and then they went on to create a 10,000 sq ft fitness gym. They launched Alani Nu in 2018.

Alani Nu’s mission was to establish consumer trust and offer an amazing range of flavours in their energy drinks.

How much is Alani Nu worth?

In July 2023 during sale negotiations the company was valued at over $3 billion! The company generates over $100 million per year in Pre tax earnings

Who owns Alani Nu?

Congo Brands, owned by entrepreneurs Trey Steiger and Max Clemons, is a holding company that owns a significant stake in Alani Nu. Katy Hearn’s husband Haydn Schneider also owns a stake in Alani Nu. and we can only assume that Katy Hearn is also a significant shareholder.

That means in the event of a sale or public offering, the founders and early investors are likely to make some serious cash!

What does Alani Nu sell?

Alani Nu has expanded their product range a lot since they first launched, their product lineup now includes

  • Energy Drinks
  • Protein Drinks
  • Plant Protein
  • Gummies
  • Fat Burners
  • Pre workout drinks
  • Sugar Free drinks
  • and more!

Alani Nu FAQ

How much is Alani Nu worth?

As at July 2023 the company was valued around $3billion during potential sale talks

Who started Alani Nu?

Katy Hearn was the original founder of the company.

Where is Alani Nu made?

Alani Nu state that their products are made in the USA

Alani Nu competitors?

The health supplement and energy drink market is stacked and very competitive. Companies like Redbull and monster dominate the market and Alani Nu brings something different.

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