Ice cream with alcohol in it is currently popular. Since a few years ago, several companies have released flavors based on wines and liqueurs, such as Häagen-Spirits Dazs’s line. Most recently, Truly Hard Seltzer introduced a line of hard ice cream and sorbet that genuinely gives you a buzz.

But nothing compares to the satisfaction of eating a scoop of rum raisin ice cream. As a special treat, rum-laced raisins get scattered throughout the base of the creamy, rich vanilla ice cream. The experience is like eating and drinking at the same time!

And today, we’re going to talk about who makes Rum Raisin Ice Cream, what the ingredients are, and how well-liked it is.

What Company Makes Rum Raisin Ice Cream?

The flavor got primarily popularized in America in the early 1980s thanks to Häagen-Dazs. The taste soon gained popularity among consumers, and Noelle Perillo, public relations manager for the main business of the brand, called it “a genuinely unique item in the U.S. ice cream market.”

Rum raisin ice cream from Häagen-Dazs is still available and gets frequently spotted in ice cream parlors.

Who Invented Rum Raisin Ice Cream?

California raisins that have been allowed to grow in the sun are steeped in rum for 42 days before becoming combined with sweetened vanilla in a particular recipe for Rum Raisin Ice Cream.

A pleasant and rich sweetness is the final outcome. We always utilize the best ingredients to produce ice cream that is as delicious as it reasonably can be.

According to most people, Häagen-Dazs was the first American firm to popularize the flavor in the 1980s, when it rose to become Haagen-ultimate Dazs’ legendary sensation.

Who Makes The Best Rum Raisin Ice Cream?

Presently, Häagen-Dazs still offers rum raisin, which is normally available in ice cream parlors. The only flavor that can rival traditional vanilla ice cream is the legendary rum raisin. This flavor gained mainstream acceptance in the early 1980s as a result of Häagen-Dazs’ introduction.

Anyhow, there are other companies selling alcohol-flavored ice cream on the market, but they aren’t even close to Häagen-Dazs’ rum and raisin flavor. But if you are looking for recipes you can easily make at home, watch this video.

Brands of Rum Raisin Ice Cream

Häagen-Dazs introduces rum raisin ice cream. California raisins that have been exposed to the sun and soaked in rum for 42 days are then mixed with sweetened cream to create a unique recipe for rum-raisin ice cream. A rich, spicy flavor is the result.

For their ice cream to be as delicious as possible, they use only the best ingredients available. However, companies like Chapman’s and Hard Seltzer also offer rum-flavored ice cream that tastes delicious with raisins.

Ingredients in Rum Raisin Ice Cream

Two methods to use rum are in rum raisin ice cream. In order to prevent the ice cream from forming improperly in the freezer due to alcohol’s decreased freezing temperature, only a small amount gets added to the ice cream base itself.

The leftover black rum gets used to plump the raisins and add more rum taste. The dried fruit will soak up the liquid by simply heating them on the burner gradually and letting them cool.


👉🏾 12 big yolks of egg
👉🏾 1.3 cups of sugar
👉🏾 2 cups heavy cream for whipping
👉🏾 two cups of dark raisins
👉🏾 2-cups of milk
👉🏾 Pure vanilla extract, 1 tbsp
👉🏾 Divvying up 1 1/4 cups of dark rum

Review of Rum Raisin Ice Cream

🔹 Haagen-Dazs, Rum Raisin Ice Cream


👉🏾 8 pints of ice cream with rum raisins
👉🏾 Carefully constructed with the best components
👉🏾 Rum-soak ripe raisins
👉🏾 Kosher Milk
👉🏾 To create rich, tasty ice cream, add pure, sweet cream.
👉🏾 The Forest Stewardship Council has certified the packaging.

Does Rum Raisin Ice Cream Have Alcohol?

A more aromatic and tasty aroma may get detected in the Rum Raisin tiny cup now. It contains a lot of luscious raisins, which lets the rum flavor stand out. This elegant dessert is best suited for adults because it contains 7% alcohol.

Alcohol-infused ice cream does not cause intoxication. It’s perfect for your internal booze enthusiast, and all of the ingredients were still wonderful. It is simply a combination of sweetened cream with raisins steeped in rum that gives this cold dessert its flavor balance.

Does Rum Raisin Ice Cream Have Nuts?

A vanilla custard base comprised of simple cream, sugar, egg yolks, and vanilla is the foundation of the rum-raisin ice cream. Its rich, buttery flavor comes from the cream.

The eggs are important for thickness, creaminess, and pigment, while sugar gets used for sweetness and glossiness. These are the basic ingredients. However, you can also find dates, raisins, and various kinds of nuts.

In essence, it depends on the type and brand of rum raisin ice cream that you are purchasing.

Where is Rum Raisin Ice Cream Available?

You can conveniently purchase rum raisin ice cream from any nearby retailer. Even on Amazon, Haagen-Dazs sells its ice cream with rum and raisins. So, you have the option of ordering them online or from a store.


We pretty much covered all the information you require about rum raisin ice cream to conclude this article’s topic. Ice cream with booze flavors has a very long history, and the Haagen-Dazs brand is no exception.

They have given the market ice cream with a genuine, rich rum flavor. Here we have already talked about it. There are many details to know about it, including who makes rum raisin ice cream and whether alcohol gets added or not.

If you still have questions, you can check out their website, or just buy some ice cream and find out for yourself.

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