It is very normal to get confused over the question of who makes Publix ice creams. Because like other brands, Publix did not hire other manufacturers to make their products. Then who actually makes their ice creams? 

Many of us are even more curious about Publix ice cream prices because of their great quality. Along with that, in their sea of flavors and limited editions, which one should I try and which ones to skip? 

Trust us, we are all set to answer everything about Publix ice cream here today. Just make sure you stay till the end. 

Then, without any further ado, let’s dive into the answers!

Who Makes Publix Ice Cream?

Being a private label company, Publix itself is the manufacturer of their ice creams. They do not depend on other companies to make ice creams for them. Rather, with their own quality raw materials and the best craftsmanship, they build their own empire. 

As a result, you will see those who make their own products are very concerned about their reputation and hence make products with greater perfection. Because it is a matter of your own fame, folks. 

Thus, it is very unlikely for their products to face recalls. However, different flavors may taste different to you based on your taste bud. But going through many customer reviews, we learned almost all of their flavors are a favorite to at least one person from the crowd. 

And those are the perks of having a private label company around, that makes their own products in their own facilities.

Where Are Publix Ice Cream Manufactured?

Publix ice creams are manufactured in two of their facilities; Lakeland in Florida and Atlanta in Georgia. These two facilities are owned by Publix and their company is headquartered in the Lakeland city of Florida.

Who Makes Publix Brand Products?

Although their ice creams are made by Publix itself, it is not the case for all of their products. Their different lines of products are made by different companies and brands.

What is Publix Premium Ice Cream?

Have you been wondering why are there ‘premiums’ and classics’? As Publix takes the tag of premium in their ice creams, it is high time we make clear statements about why a product is called ‘premium’. 

While classic ice creams have a low-fat content, premium ones will always come with higher fat content and more calories. Not only that, the ingredients used in the premium Publix ice creams are of higher quality and made with the best care.

Is Publix Ice Cream Good, Even in 2022?

Yes, they are still in the market and they are still people’s favorite. Their classic vanilla ice cream is one of their best sellers. And chocolate has taken up the next place. 

Publix makes sure all its flavors are made from 100% quality ingredients. Therefore, we get the final result as creamy smooth treats in jars, cups, sticks, and cones.

Also, did you know Publix offers a money-back guarantee for their chocolate and vanilla flavors( if not others too) if you are not satisfied with their ice creams? What is better than this?

However, one of their cons is that they are widely available only within the US. Our suggestion to Publix would be to open up more facilities outside and allow everyone to taste their creamy goodness. 

After going through hoards of Publix ice cream reviews, we have come up with this one con and others are just differences in taste buds for different individuals.

Publix Ice Cream Flavors

Like their own craftsmanship in the ice cream market, they like to provide people with valuable pieces of information about their ice creams and frozen treats. This must be the reason why they shared in their blogs to try some of their Publix ice cream flavors even if you have tried any other. 

Let us go through those special must-try flavors first: 

👉🏽 Rum Raisin Ice Cream (Florida’s number one choice)
👉🏽 Heavenly Hash Ice Cream (The marshmallow and chocolate heaven)
👉🏽 Light Ice Cream Mint Chocolatey Chip with Artificial Sweeteners
👉🏽 It’s Your Birthday Cake Ice Cream
👉🏽 Homemade Style Butter Pecan Ice Cream
👉🏽 Moose Tracks Frozen Yogurt
👉🏽 Roadrunner Raspberry Frozen Yogurt

Additionally, make sure you indulge yourself in their limited edition flavors which are available only around Christmas and Thanksgiving. 

Not only these, their premium vanilla and chocolate flavors are standing on the top of the list for many American ice cream lovers.

Publix Ice Cream Price

As Publix has a wide range of varieties for their ice creams, it is almost impossible to mention all their prices in this one place alone. We suggest you go to their website and then see the prices for yourself. 

One thing must be mentioned before we move to the next section, they are extremely pocket friendly, yet super delicious. The days of our long research have confirmed this piece of information very clearly though.


Is Publix Vanilla Ice Cream Good?

Yes, in fact, their vanilla ice cream is one of the bests. You must try their premium vanilla as it is made without cutting any corners so what could be more authentic than that? 

Does Publix Sell Red Velvet Ice Creams?

Yes, and you must not miss out on this flavor. It is a rich combination of pure red velvet cake pieces with cream cheese icing and roasted pecans.

Bottom Line

Last but not the least, are you still trying to know which is the best Publix premium ice cream? We can not really settle for one alone. Some go crazy over their classics while others are great fans of their premium lineups. 

However, make sure you have tried their premium vanilla and chocolates before anything, and then look up in our Publix Ice Cream Flavors section and explore all their rich goodnesses. 

It is time to say goodbye but if you need any help or still have questions, we are always here!

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