You may buy girl scout cookies from the girls who take part in the girl scout cookie program. Although Girl Scout cookies may be one of the overall favorite cookies in America, a lot of people know very little about them! apart from what they taste like!

Some different types of Girl Scout cookies have different names. There are some which are more popular than others. So, if you want to know more about who makes girl scout cookies, please read this guide we have put together!

How It All Started

In 1917, a Girl Scout unit in Oklahoma started selling cookies in their school’s cafeteria to generate money for group activities. Soon, the concept spread, and other groups began collecting money by following the trend. 

In 1922, the American Girl journal provided a recipe for sugar biscuits or cookies particularly suited for troop sales. It was purposely kept basic, so the girls could make them easily. Each bag of cookies cost 30 cents back then.

Current Manufacturers of Girl Scout Cookies

By the late 1940s, 29 separate bakeries were engaged in market forces, but in the 1990s, that figure had been trimmed down to two. Today, the companies that make girl scout cookies are ABC Bakers and Little Brownie Bakers. ABC Bakers are located in Indiana, while Little Brownie Bakers are located in Kentucky. 200 million cookies every year.

So, that’s your answer to the question of who owns girl scout cookies!

Types of Girl Scout Cookies

Some types of girl scout cookies have various names based on where you purchase them. Samoas, the crisp cookies coated with caramel, coconut flakes, and strips of cocoa, are manufactured by Little Brownie Bakers. You may want to know who owns Little Brownie Bakers? Well, Kellogs sold Little Brownie Bakers to Ferrero a few years ago which gave Ferrero the rights to make the Girl Scouts cookies that are sold annually by members of the leadership development organization. Little Brownie Bakers based in Kentucky manufactures and supplies the cookies to Girl Scout troops, and is licensed to provide eight varieties of cookies. So Ferrero owns Little Brownie Bakers at the current time.

Local Girl Scout councils can choose which factory supplies their cookies so they can get different types. ABC Bakers girl scout cookies, on the contrary, are named by them as Caramel deLites. It’s the same with Little Brownie Bakers’ choco peanut butter Tagalongs and the shortbread biscuit Trefoils. 

Although they are literally nearly the same cookies, they have different names. Samoas contain more toasted coconut than Caramel deLites, while Tagalongs contain a greater amount of peanut butter.

Which Are the Most Famous Girl Scout Cookies?

Thin Mints have to be the best girl scout cookies among Girl Scouts in the United States. Caramel deLite, Peanut Butter Sandwich, and Lemonades come in after Thin Mints. When is girl scout cookie season is another question we get asked a lot, the answer is it is recognized nationally from January through April, but local timing and product availability varies, so local councils decide their exact dates.

Pricing of the Girl Scout Cookies

If you reside in New York City and want to purchase cookies from a regional Girl Scout troop, the Girl Scouts of New York, which oversees the troops, determine the girl scout cookies’ price. 

The prices depend on the demand and supply forces in the ever-changing markets. They also depend on the availability of Girl Scout Programs in the region in question.

Sales of Girl Scout Cookies

In 2021, the group partnered with GrubHub to provide contactless deliveries and pickup services even in 2022 and onwards. Since then, they’re collaborating with DoorDash to accomplish the same thing, with local Girl Scouts monitoring and managing the sales. 

You can also utilize the Cookie Finder to see which troop is in your neighborhood and when and how they will be setting up a booth.

What Happens to Leftover Girl Scout Cookies?

Cookies that are leftover are not thrown away. Girl Scout cookies are only sold during the season, which spans from January through April. Any cookies that are not sold are given to local vendors or charities.

When Covid compelled girl troops to abandon their in-person cookie booths for safety concerns in 2021, leftover cookies became a major problem. They were left with a surplus of 15 million cookie boxes that had not been sold. 

According to NPR, the majority of the 12 million boxes were left with Little Brownie and ABC Bakers, who claimed to be working with the girl scouts to distribute the cookies to food banks.

Where to Buy Girl Scout Cookies?

Ordering cookies straight from a regional Girl Scout is the ideal way to go. Contact your regional Girl Scout Council to see whether cookies are presently being supplied in your region.

You’ve never heard of a Girl Scout? To find a troop or booth near you, utilize the Cookie Finder. You may even download the Cookie Finder app. Local Girl Scouts may also mail Girl Scout Cookies all across the country.

So, if you wanted to know where to buy girl scout cookies, click here.

Where To Get the Nutritional Value and Ingredients List on Girl Scout Cookies

The cookie packaging includes this information. The information is also available on the website’s Meet the Cookies section and in the Cookie Finder application.

The bakers create Girl Scout Cookies on modern premises with specific attention to allergy issues. Customers can be confident that every needed safety process is followed to avoid cross-contact of ingredients. 

Consumers with more queries may learn more by visiting the ABC and Little Brownie Bakers websites. Call your local Girl Scout organization to find out which certified baker provides your council with cookies. 

Moreover, the ingredients may vary significantly depending on the baker, so check the printed package for details.

Type of Girl Scout Cookies

  • The Adventurefuls,
  • Caramel deLites,
  • Lemonades,
  • Do-si-dos
  • Girl Scout S’mores
  • Lemon Ups
  • Peanut Butter Patties,
  • Peanut Butter Sandwich,
  • Thin-Mints,
  • Toast-Yay!
  • Trefoils cookies
  • The Caramel Chocolate Chips cookies
  • New! Raspberry Rally cookies

Reasons For Using Palm Oil in Girl Scout Cookies

Palm oil is the most extensively utilized vegetable oil on the planet and is used in most baked snacks marketed in the United States. 

Palm oil is required in Girl Scout cookies, according to GSUSA’s certified bakers, because of its unique capacity to produce volume and fullness in baked products without introducing trans fats. 

Furthermore, compared to other vegetable oils, palm oil takes less land to cultivate and supports the lives of over 4 million farmers throughout the world. 

Although the brand is always looking into alternatives, there are presently no suitable or easily accessible alternate oils for use in Girl Scout Cookies.

Final Verdict

So, finally, we have come to the end of the article regarding who makes girl scout cookies. We hope that we have given you some awesome information related to girl scout cookies, even if we could not satiate your hunger for these special girls’ troop cookies. To do that you will need to place an order!

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