If your considering buying some Kirkland Chocolate chips, it is only natural to want to know who makes Kirkland Chocolate Chips and if are they going to be a good purchase? 

Have a good read through the following article, get all your queries answered, and make your next purchase a well informed one.

Who Makes Kirkland Chocolate Chips?

As we all know all Kirkland products are produced for Costco, one of the biggest wholesale corporations. And Kirkland is solely owned by Costco themselves. 

However, different Kirkland products, for example, Kirkland Hot Dogs, Kirkland Butter or say Kirkland Protein Bars? are made by different companies from all around the world and they are well known for always maintaining the best quality within an affordable price range.

Now, the question comes about who exactly manufactures their chocolate chips? We went over hundreds of pieces of information and researched deeply and discovered that this piece of information has not been shared publicly by Costco yet. 

This might be their trade secret and we completely respect that but we like to dig a little deeper on whomakehub.com!. At least some Kirkland signature products are made by Silk Yard inc; we know this because its printed on the packaging. Who the mysterious Silk Yard inc are though is another matter and the likely identity is a private label brand created by Kirkland themselves.

Where are Kirkland Chocolate Chips From then?

Most Kirkland Signature chocolate products including their chocolate chips come from Cocoa sourced through their own sustainable programs. Some come from Costco’s Sassandra Cocoa program. And the others come from sourcing cocoa from Côte d’Ivoire and Ecuador.

Are Costco Chocolate Chips Good? Should You Buy Them?

One straight answer from us would be a yes! They are as good as you can get at this price. Honestly, they are priced so low that people usually mistake them to be of bad quality. But they are not and are as good as or if not better than some more expensive brands! When compared to other chocolate chip brands like Nestle Toll house chocolate chips, Hersheys semi sweet chocolate chips, Trader Joes Chocolate Chips they surely have to represent the best bang per buck and a really good quality product.

Yes, there are several better chocolate chips brands for example Scharffen Berger chocolate chips, Barry Callebaut chocolate chips, Thrive organic chocolate chips or Ghirardelli chocolate chips (not an exhaustive list) but they will cost you a lot more to buy 2 kgs when you can get almost one year of Kirkland chocolate chips supplies weighing 2 kgs for about the cost of a good pizza!

Therefore, considering the price and taste they will be a ten out of ten from us at whomakehub.com.

On the other hand, there has been a change of ingredients and they added milk to the recipe of the latest version of their chocolate chips. So, if you consume dairy-free products, be sure to check this out before buying them. Go through the ingredients and nutrition facts section on the backside of the pack carefully and then decide as there are two types now available, dairy free and normal. 

Kirkland Chocolate Chips Ingredients

The main ingredient for the new semi sweet Kirklands chocolate chips (non-dairy free) is chocolate, Sugar, Milk Fat, Cocoa Butter, Lecithin (Soy), Milk, Natural Flavour.

Are Kirkland Chocolate Chips Dairy Free?

These days there are 2 versions of Kirkland Chocolate Chips. The original version is dairy-free and the bag is mostly white . The latest version however according to namelymarly contains milk fat and the bag is primarily red with white lettering. most Costco’s should carry both bags, but the dairy-free version can be a little harder to find.

Are Kirkland Chocolate Chips Gluten Free?

While Kirkland do not label this product as Gluten Free Goodforyouglutenfree.com tested an original bag of Kirkland Chocolate chips with a Nima Sensor (it tests for traces of Gluten in case you wondered what the heck one is) and it came up as “No Gluten Found” but as with anything like this, do your own due diligence and testing if you have a Gluten allergy as Costco do not label this as a Gluten free product.

Nutrition Facts

Like any other chocolate chips, they are pretty loaded up on calories and a 15g serving contains 70 calories.

A big bonus is that they are semi-sweet which actually equates to 7g/15g total portion size being sugar, not bad at all for chocolate chips.

Kirkland Chocolate Chips Review

Talking of Kirkland chocolate chips so much is making us a bit peckish here at whomakehub so onward to our diligent product review of these succulent morcels of chocolatey goodness.

As we are talking about reviews, we should mention the stunning 4.6* out of 5* on Amazon.com for this product.

94% are 3 to 5-star reviews with the overwhelming verdict being great value for money, very tasty and a happy customer.

The remaining 6% are 1 and 2-star reviews, with a theme seeming to be that “they melt together into a big block”. Now, I haven’t actually seen the storage methods that these customers used, but pretty much any chocolate will melt together if not stored at an appropriately cool temperate.. so, the jury is out on that one.

🔹 Kirkland Signature Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips

Considering the taste and price, there will be few products on the market that can beat Kirkland chocolate chip cookies or the cookies that are made out of Kirkland chocolate chips. They are a baker’s first choice when on a budget. 

Additionally, being a semi-sweet chocolate chip type, the chocolate flavors rule more than the sweetness like most other chocolate chips. The bag is extremely convenient to use and they are reusable. You can easily store the remaining product safely by air-locking the bag. 

However, it is best practice if you store them in the fridge after every use. That way ensures the taste and all other factors are almost exactly as if you just took them out of the packet for the first time. Except they will be a bit cold and hard for a short while..! 

To avoid this, you can take the pack out of the fridge fifteen to twenty minutes before using them. 


Are Kirkland chocolate chips real chocolate?

With 51% of Cacao as the main ingredient, these chocolate chips are semi-sweet and made from chocolate liquor, sugar, soy lecithin, and vanilla.

Do Kirkland chocolate chips melt?

Yes, they melt as easily as any other chocolate chips would do. Just take them in a bowl and microwave them for 30 seconds. Stir. If there are still chunks left, microwave again for 30 seconds and stir. Continue this process till all the chips are melted.

Do Kirkland chocolate chips contain gluten?

Although the packs come with no label as ‘gluten-free’, they are free of gluten according to tests published online. See the source above.

Are Kirkland chocolate chips vegan?

Many reviews from their customers say, they are vegan and can be consumed without any concerns, we do not have solid evidence of this other than customer testimonials.


Before we go, we hope this helped and if you do buy Kirkland Chocolate Chips and make some chocolate chip cookies, would you mind sending the whomakehub team a few over please!!

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  1. I spoke with Costco corporate to find out if any of the ingredients in their Semi-sweet chocolate chips contained bioengineered (GMO) ingredients. I was told that that was a possibility. I remarked that they really need to find out yea or nay due to the fact that genetically modified food ingredients are carcinogenic and should be completely avoided. The receptionist agreed, was very polite and pleasant.

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      hi Chrissy, awesome work!! You would make a fab researcher for whomakehub!!
      Interesting to hear this; it seems to be a problem with a lot of manufacturers as its not specifically listed in many cases. Will look into this more and see if organic products also have the same lack of ID on GMO ingredients (technically they should not)! thanks

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