After going through hearing a hefty number of Kirkland Chocolate chips silver linings, it is very normal to get interested to know who makes Kirkland Chocolate Chips and will they be the best option for you as well? 

Why not read through the following content, get all your queries answered, and make your next purchase a worthy one.

Who Makes Kirkland Chocolate Chips?

As we all know all Kirkland products are produced for Costco, one of the biggest wholesale corporations. And Kirkland is solely owned by Costco itself. 

However, different Kirkland products are made by different companies from all around the world and they are known best to always maintain the best quality within an affordable price range.

Now, the question comes about who manufactures their chocolate chips? Are they the same as the ones that make their chips? We went over hundreds of pieces of info and researched deeply with great dedication and found out that this piece of information has not been shared by Costco yet. 

This might be their trade secret and we completely respect that to the core. 

Where are Kirkland Chocolate Chips From?

Most Kirkland Signature chocolate products including their chocolate chips come from Cocoa sourced through their own sustainable programs. Some come from Costco’s Sassandra Cocoa program. And the others come from sourcing cocoa from Côte d’Ivoire and Ecuador.

Are Costco Chocolate Chips Good? Should You Buy Them?

One straight answer from us would be a yes! They are as good as you can get with less budget. Honestly, they are priced so low that people usually mistake them to be of bad quality. But they are not and we assure you that. 

Yes, there are many other better chocolate chips brands but they will almost cost you a fortune to buy 2 kgs when you can get almost one year of chocolate chips supplies of 2 kgs with your daily pizza money!

Therefore, considering the price and taste they will be a ten on ten from us. They are less sugary so even after being full of calories, it ensures a less sugar intake for you. 

On the other hand, there has been a change of ingredients and they added milk. So, if you consume dairy-free products, watch out before buying them. Go through the ingredients and nutrition facts section on the backside of the pack carefully and then decide. 

Kirkland Chocolate Chips Ingredients

The main ingredient for their chocolate chips is chocolate liquor. They also contain sugar, vanilla, and soy lecithin. 

One important thing to be noted here, there have been many complaints recently regarding the change of ingredients. Costco might recently have introduced milk to the ingredients list and that makes the product a dairy item that can not be consumed by a lot of people. 

So, the people who used to opt-out of this product for being dairy-free, now have to switch to buying other dairy-free options in the market.

Nutrition Facts

Like any other chocolate chips, they are mainly all about calories. To be exact, 15 g will contain 70% of the calories. There is a little carbohydrate, iron, and potassium in addition. 

But the best aspect is as they are semi-sweet, the sugar content is less and it will hit you with a bold chocolate flavor than the sugary one.

Kirkland Chocolate Chips Review

Talking of Kirkland chocolate chips mainly directs to the famous and most loved Kirkland’s semi-sweet chocolate chips. So, here you will find a somewhat detailed review of it. 

As we are talking about the review, we would like to mention their change of ingredients recently which have been clearly stated in the Kirkland Chocolate Chips Ingredients section above. Hence, we can not really blame them for writing complaints regarding this issue. 

However, you can check more than 800 reviews on Amazon just by clicking on the ‘Check Price On Amazon’ button. 

🔹 Kirkland Signature Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips

Considering the taste and price, there will be a few in the market that can beat Kirkland chocolate chips cookies or the cookies that are made out of Kirkland chocolate chips. They are a baker’s first choice when on a budget. 

Additionally, being a semi-sweet chocolate chip type, the chocolate flavors rule more than the sweetness like most other chocolate chips. The bag comes extremely convenient to use and they are reusable. You can easily store the remains by air locking the bag. 

However, it is best practice if you store them in the fridge after every use. That way ensures the taste and all other performances to be almost exactly as if you just took them out of the box now. Except they will be a bit cold and hard. 

To avoid this, you can take the pack out of the fridge fifteen to twenty minutes before using them. 


Are Kirkland chocolate chips real chocolate?

With 51% of Cacao as the main ingredient, these chocolate chips are semi-sweet and made from chocolate liquor, sugar, soy lecithin, and vanilla.

Do Kirkland chocolate chips melt?

Yes, they melt as easily as any other chocolate chips would do. Just take them in a bowl and microwave for 30 seconds. Stir. If there are still chunks left, microwave again for 30 seconds and stir. Continue this process till all the chips are melted.

Do Kirkland chocolate chips contain gluten?

Although the packs come with no label as ‘gluten-free’, they are free of gluten because the ingredient part or any in other parts of the packs do not talk about containing gluten.

Are Kirkland chocolate chips vegan?

Many reviews from their customers say, they are vegan and can be consumed without any worry.


Before we go, we hope this helped and we would like you to check the expiry dates of these so that you know for how long you can consume them.

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