During sports or other physical activities, you may want to participate in bare feet to have the best efficiency. But your foot may suffer damage from small stones or other rubbish from the road or field. So, choosing the perfect shoe for the occasion is important. 

There are a lot of premium brands like Adidas, Nike, and Puma offering some of the best sports shoes that can give you an edge in competitive sports. One of those high-end brands is RBX, so are they doing anything extra special?  

Let us talk about who makes RBX shoes and find out if this is the perfect shoe for us or not.

About RBX Brand

RBX is a high-end shoe company that specializes in premium sports gear. The brand has a rich history and success and the experience of working alongside well-known companies. 

The full form of the RBX brand is Rugged Bear X-Tremeu2122 which then evolved into the RBX Active that we know of. RBX believe that everyone should get their hands on quality shoes to maintain fitness and have the best sporting experience. 

To make fashionable sporting shoes more accessible to all RBX started its journey. So, who owns the brand RBX? RBX has been making some of the best items for 20 years, and Eli Yedid, a fashion industry insider, currently owns the company, though it is unclear when he acquired it.

Is RBX Shoes Reebok

The short answer is no, many people often make this mistake and there is a good reason for it. So let us talk about why this confusion happened in the first place.

The first factor is the logo; if you compare the logos of RBX and Rebook, you will see that they have a lot in common. Because the logos of these two companies share a similar line design, Adidas, the parent company of Rebook, sued both companies in 2015.

According to that lawsuit, Addidas claimed that RBX active is trying to “imitate Adidas and Rebook marks to create confusion among consumers”. In August 2016, Addidas has filed another lawsuit that RBX violated section 337 of the 1930 Tariff act. 

I guess we have talked about many lawsuits for one day, we hope you get the point. The similarities between both logos and some technology have made some people believe RBX is a Rebook brand. 

Are RBX Shoes Good?

RBX has been one of the top players in the sports shoe market. So, how good is RBX doing compared to other brands? Let us discuss everything you need to know about RBX shoes before buying one.

🔹 Price

Like every other product, the RBX shoe’s price will depend on what kind of material or technique is used to build the shoe. Now, if you want to buy a pair of RBX shoes then you can expect to get one for between $35-$49.

🔹 Breathability

What is your expectation from a sports shoe? You will run around for a long time and you want your feet to be comfortable around it. One of the important aspects to make your feet comfortable is the breathability of your shoes. 

A proper airflow inside your shoe will make it more comfortable while running or doing some heavy sports. Besides low airflow in your shoes will prevent your excess sweat to vaporize which will cause some serious odor problems and potential fungus infection.

So, what about RBX shoes? Well, from our testing we found RBX shoes to be extremely comfortable. The lightweight nature of this shoe has made us feel like we were wearing nothing. You don’t have to worry about comfort or sprains if you have an RBX on your feet.

🔹 Build Materials

One of the strongest aspects of RBX shoes is the build material they use. RBX may not always use the latest and the most advanced technology but the proper use of materials has allowed them to provide the best shoe to their customer. 

One of the materials that made their shoes perfect for budget options is the EVA. EVA is a lighter version of foam that replaces previous bulkier materials, making your shoes more comfortable at a more reasonable price. 

A perfect combination of Mesh and Synthetic has made RBX shoes the best on the budget. Mesh allows that proper airflow inside RBX shoes. Combining with synthetic has made something stronger and more durable shoes. 

🔹 Sizing

A good brand of shoe must offer different size variants so that it can attract and provide something for everyone. This is a huge issue when someone wants to buy a shoe for some occasion. Even if you follow the size chart properly you will not be able to get a proper fit. 

We, therefore, examined many RBX shoe models, and the results of our searches revealed that RBX shoes mostly cater to adults, with their men’s show beginning at 9. The majority of individuals can wear the right sizing that RBX offers.

🔹 Final Thoughts

So, are RBX good running shoes? Based on what they are offering for the price point you can be sure about the comfort and edge you will receive from RBX shoes. Yes, we can say RBX is one of the best if not the best budget running shoes.

RBX Shoes Review

If you want to buy RBX shoes and looking for recommendations here is our recommended RBX model and what we think about it.

🔹 RBX Burke Men’s Running Shoes

If you want to try something different than regular shoes then the Bruke running shoes for men from RBX may be a great choice for you. A budget shoe that is good on trails and also light, you will not have any regret if you get the RBX Bruke Men’s Running shoe.


RBX active is not like Nike or Addidas which has done something revolutionary to shoes in general. But, RBX did manage to make a good quality shoe more accessible to everyone without too much compromising in quality. 

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