No matter who you are, what your gender is, or what your age is, the t-shirt is the most comfortable outfit you can ask for. On almost all occasions we like to make a unique t-shirt. So, not only t-shirt is an outfit but also a part of our culture. 

Also, multiple brands are working to make t-shirts more accessible and some brands are working to make t-shirts more premium. So, what about Stafford’s T-shirt? Let us discuss who makes Stafford t-shirts and what’s so special about them.

About The Manufacturer

Stafford is a premium t-shirt brand from JCPenny, the business name for PennyOpCo LLC. Often abbreviated as the JCP they are an American Department store chain that sells different products for everyone. 

JCPenny has multiple departmental stores in 49 states in the US and Puerto Rico where they operate about 669 stores. Initially, JCPenny started in most downtown areas but later in the 60s when shopping malls got popular they also moved those shops into shopping malls.

JCPenny has also worked hard to expand its business and they have also established some standalone stores, and some stores in power centers to get a bit more competitive. Since 1998, JCPenny has entered the internet to reach out to more customers. 

Unfortunately, not everything was great for JCPenny, the company had to file for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in 2009. JCPenny has moved on from this nightmare and now doing better than before. In 2022, JCPenny is now planning to move back into its old Plano headquarters.

Are Stafford Shirts Good Quality?

Stafford is the premium product from JCPenny, now the question is how good this brand is holding up. Let us try to answer this question by analyzing this product from every fiber. 

Before buying a Stafford t-shirt this is all you have to know:  

🔹 Price

Stafford has a good variety of t-shirts that comes at different pricepoint. Depending on the fabric, the Stafford T-shirt price will vary. If you want to buy a Stafford t-shirt from Amazon that you can expect to get one for around $35. 

You can check out here to get an idea about the pricing and other information: Stafford 4-Pack Men’s Heavy Weight 100% Cotton Crew-Neck T-Shirt White

🔹 Fabrics

The most important aspect of any clothing is what type of fabric is being used in the products. A good fabric can make your t-shirt more comfortable and durable. So what about JCPenny? What are they using to make the Stafford t-shirt? 

So, we have scoured the internet and checked the product’s description for multiple Stafford t-shirts and found all of their t-shirts are 100% cotton. This means you can get maximum comfort from wearing a Stafford T-shirt. 

100% Cotton t-shirts are also lightweight that make you feel like you’re wearing nothing. Depending on the quality of the cotton Stafford t-shirts may hold up pretty well for a long time. 

We did find some of the reviews that claim Stafford does not use the best fabrics and they do not hold well after some washing. Also, others are very vocal about how good their t-shirts are. 

🔹 Do Stafford T-Shirt Shrink?

If you ever had a t-shirt that is made of cotton then you know how serious the shrinking issue is. Now, why did this happen? Because of the tension of cotton or cotton blend during manufacturing of the t-shirt. 

The shrinking has to be triggered by outside conditions like heat water or air. Remember that episode from Tom and Jerry where Tom’s outfit gets shrinks after washing from water, yeah that’s a serious real-life issue for cotton products. 

So how is Stafford addressing these shrinking issues? We checked at those who have been wearing Stafford shirts for a long time and see if they have faced any kinds of shrinking issues. To our surprise, we found out Stafford has solved that issue and their shirts do not shrink.

🔹 Sizes

Sizing is the next headache if you want to buy a t-shirt. Does JCPenny have the perfect sizing options for you? The size chart of JCPenny’s Stafford T-shirt is given below. Note that all the numbers are here indicating the chest size. 

  • Small: 34-36
  • Medium: 38-40
  • Large: 42-44
  • XL: 46-48
  • 2XL: 50-52

🔹 Availability

Now you want to buy a Stafford t-shirt and want to know where you can buy them? The first and the obvious answer is to check out your near JCPenny shop to buy directly from them. If you want to buy it from your home’s comfort then JCPenny offers an online shop for you to buy. 

There are also different eCommerce sites like Etsy and amazon to get the best deal on Stafford t-shirts. So, you don’t have to work too hard to find your favorite Stafford t-shirt.

Stafford T-Shirt Review

Stafford has some of the best t-shirts that your money can buy. Most Stafford t-shirts have very positive reviews on eCommerce sites. So let us check out one of those t-shirts.

🔹 Stafford Men’s Cotton V-Neck Undershirt

This t-shirt from Stafford is one of the best, you’ll understand why when you look at the reviews. In amazon, this Men’s Stafford t-shirt has 4.5 out of 5 stars. I guess it is safe to say the reviews are highly positive. 

Some of the reasons, why this t-shirt is getting that many positive reviews are because of the comfort and fabrics that give you a premium feel. Stafford t-shirts also look good. So, if you are looking for something that looks good and also feels good then Stafford Men’s V-neck is the best.


JCPenny has been producing some great quality products with love and care. Their innovation in creating something new has paid off and JCPenny has gained great fans. The Stafford brand is here only to make the finest premium clothing and so far they are successful. 

So, we can easily expect JCPenny to make the Stafford brand better and introduce more premium clothes. 

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