Any watch enthusiast will undoubtedly mention Tissot watches when asked about their favorite watch brands. One of the well-known watch companies with customers all over the world is Tissot. The primary factors in their success in the watch industry are their quality and design.

You will find a huge collection for both men and women. A wide variety of stylish, lightweight watches with upscale looks are available there.

In this article, we will explore some of the finest watches on the market, as well as who makes Tissot watches. Tissot has something for everyone, whether they are seeking a casual wear watch or something more formal.

Who Makes Tissot Watches?

Tissot is a Swatch Group manufacturer headquartered in Le Locle. Since 1835, this brand has created Swiss watches for both modern gentlemen and stylish women. Many users are not familiar with who makes Tissot watches. 

Swatch Group got established in 1983 as a multi-brand retail corporation. Tissot is an established watch brand. Given Tissot’s prominence and respect following nearly 160 years in the industry, it is not surprising that the brand frequently appears in various partnerships.

Who Owns The Brand Tissot?

Initially founded in 1886 by Edmond Mathey-Tissot in Les Ponts-de-Martel, canton of Neuchâtel, Switzerland, Mathey-Tissot is a Swiss manufacturer of prestigious timepieces.

Mathey-Tissot produces quartz and mechanical timepieces with a variety of customization options. Currently, Mathey-Tissot doesn’t manufacture its own movements for its watches.

Is Tissot a Good Brand of Watch?

The Swiss company Tissot Watch is known for producing high-end timepieces at competitive prices. The main reasons Tissot has been able to accomplish this are its effective manufacturing processes and membership in the Swatch Group, which also includes well-known watch brands like Omega, Longines, and Blancpain.

The Tissot watch line is a good option if you’re seeking a classy watch. Most products, which can normally cost between $100 and $1,000, have quality that frequently exceeds their price range.

What is So Special About Tissot Watches?

Tissot has produced innovative, elegant watches since its founding. People in over 150 countries adore their sturdy, cheap, well-made items. Charles Tissot, the third generation, moved to Moscow in 1885 and expanded Tissot into Russia.

Moreover, Tissot’s relationship with Russia dates back decades. Since providing timepieces to Tsar Alexander II’s court decades ago, the Swiss firm became one of his preferred brands.

Not only this, Tissot is well-known for its brilliance and a variety of system qualities, including non-oxidizing, impermeable, and unchangeable. It makes use of 18K gold, a renowned mixture made of 75% pure gold and a combination of silver and copper that is beneficial in the creation of gold.

Tissot Watches Review

Let’s look at some of the reviews of Tissot watches.

🔹 Tissot Men’s T-Sport Textured Dial Stainless Steel Watch

This stainless sports watch includes a bright bezel and dials that illuminate in darkness. The casing comes in 42mm by 8 am. The anti-reflective sapphire time markers allow you to view the analog sensor in direct sunlight. |

The exterior dial contains a Tachymeter, while the interior dial includes three Chronograph subdials. The watch is water-resistant to 200 m, so you may swim with it but not scuba dive.

🔹 Tissot Bellissima

The Tissot Bellissima is a premium women’s watch. This watch’s white dial featuring diamond accents sparkles without becoming gaudy. The brown leather strap features three adjustable links for a perfect fit.

The quartz movement alerts the user when the battery requires changing. It’s water-repellent up to 50m, making it the ultimate adventure accessory.

🔹 Tissot Men’s T-Race Black Chronograph Dial Watch

This T-Race watch has a 45 mm case and a gun barrel bezel. The motorsports-inspired chronograph elevates your style. The date window at 3 o’clock is covered by a magnifying crystal dial on the interior black dial. It is water-resistant to 330 feet, making it perfect for snorkeling and swimming but not diving.

Tissot Watches For Men

A stylish wristwatch demonstrates your fashion status and displays your taste. So, it is essential to buy a watch that complements your style and reflects your good taste. Tissot has a valiant collection of watches for men. You can select watches that match your personality and attire, from sporty to daily office wear.

Tissot Watches For Women

Watches are wise investments made as they are a little different from other women’s accessories. An appropriate watch makes you feel confident and striking. Tissot has a breathtaking collection of watches for women.

Women can get from a Tissot watch everything they require. Their watches for women are only meant to entice women to wear a watch with every outfit. Additionally, they place a focus on design, which will make women look more presentable.

Tissot Watches Price

The price of one of Tissot’s traditional analog quartz watches begins at $200. An additional $150–$200 get required for wristwear that has a contemporary appearance and functions as a chronograph.

Among the Swissmatic automated watches, the standard price is $400, while the Powermatic 80 pieces begin at $500. The price range for tactile solar-powered wristwear is between $1,000 and $1,200, while the cost of tech-full watches with additional complexity can range into multiple thousands of dollars.

There are several Tissot watches on the lists of the best Swiss watches that cost less than $500, as well as the best automatic watches. So, do not hesitate to look into them!


Tissot has consistently produced high-quality timepieces. World-class elements, mechanisms, and technologies ensure Swiss watch durability. Lastly, our article about who makes Tissot watches should have convinced you that the brand offers elegant watches at accessible prices.

We hope this whole discussion will make you want to buy your next watch from them. You could also just walk over to your neighbor’s Tissot showroom or buy them from Amazon.

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