Charmin Toilet Paper is one of the best-selling soft and absorbent toilet paper. That wide popularity often makes people wonder where Charmin Toilet Paper is manufactured.  Are they original USA products or imported from China?

Well, In this article, we will talk about who makes Charmin Toilet Paper and everything else you need to know about them in 2022. Let’s get started!

About Charmin

It’s been around 100 years since Charmin has started its journey and became one of the most familiar names in the bathroom accessories department. Charmin is a product by Procter & Gamble, also known as P&G, which owned Charmin in 1957.

According to their website, the name “Charmin” came from the word “Charming” as one of the employees at the Hoberg Paper Company used that word to describe their toilet paper. And voila! The name Charmin was born.

Where are they manufactured?

We have good news! As you have asked us earlier, where Charmin Toilet Paper is made, we got the answer! And, no it isn’t from China. Charmin Toilet Papers are made in the USA.

The largest US manufacturing plant of P&G is in Mehoopany, Pennsylvania. During the Covid -19 situation, the demand for toilet paper skyrocketed. Thus they have reopened some of their factories in the US to meet the demand.

100% of the products are made in America, thus resulting in thousands of American jobs. This approach helps thousands of American households as well as the economy of the country.

Who is P&G?

Now, it is important to talk about Procter & Gamble separately because we believe that a product’s nature is largely dependent on the brand value it possesses. A good brand ensures a good product. Not-so-good ones often produce a lesser quality product.

P&G is a US brand, aging over 180 years. They have several home-based products all around the world. They are among the leaders in this category. They have always been one of the innovators, change-makers, and impactful companies in the rising business structure of the US.

So, is Charmin toilet Paper any good?

Before we tell you, you must remember certain things before you pick toilet paper. Such as-

  • Number of Plies
  • Price
  • Septic Safety
  • Eco-Friendliness
  • Brand

And, we are happy to report that Charmin Toilet Paper checks all of your boxes with flying colors! They are durable, last longer, and are also not expensive. And most importantly they are so soft! In fact, the company promotes the brand mostly based on its softness!

Moreover, its softness doesn’t mean that it is fragile. It absorbers better than most of the competitions, and stays strong when in wet situations. It is in the all-rounder category in our opinion.

Climate-friendly Product

According to websites, Charmin toilet papers have two certifications. They are –

  • Rainforest Alliance – The Rain Forest Alliance seal indicates better sustainable farming methods that lead to the improvement of the farmer’s living style and mitigate climate change.
  • The Forest Stewardship Council or FSC – FSC certified products support responsible forestry, to keep the forest healthy for the upcoming future.

Also, the pulp used to make the toilet paper is sourced from responsibly managed forests. Those forests keep the good practice of replanting a tree as soon as one is cut down.

Types of Charmin Toilet Paper available in the market

Charmin covers quite a few target markets with its products. As they use the widespread supply chain of P&G, their variety of products are available everywhere. Some of the Charmin products are –

  • Charmin Forever Roll
  • Essential Soft Mega Roll
  • Essential Strong Mega Roll
  • Flushable Wipes
  •  Ultra Gentle Mega Roll
  • Ultra Soft Super Mega Roll
  • Ultra Strong Mega Roll


What is Jumbo – Mega – Super Mega?

When the pack has 220 sheets per roll, it’s called Jumbo. When the pack has about 264 sheets per roll. And finally, 420 sheets per roll makes it Super Mega.

What is the size of the sheets?

4*4 sheets.

What Is the ply situation for the ultra-soft?

It is 2-ply.

Does it provide any sort of guarantee?

As per the websites, No.

What makes the Cushiony touch and Clean touch-type toilet papers?

The clean touch tends to be a bit rougher. The cushiony one, as the name suggests is softer.

Is Charmin Ultra Soft Toilet Papers bleach-free?

The Charmin Ultra Soft Toilet Paper is made of wood pulp, conditioner, water, and water-based adhesive. The pulp is from a purified source which stands as elemental chlorine-free bleaching in the industry. So it has bleach but the bleach is not the harmful kind.

Is there any model Charmin produces in China?

No. As per their statements, 100% of their products are homegrown which means they are made in America.

Are Charmin & Cottonelle the same company?

No, they are not. They both sell similar types of Toilet paper but they are owned by different companies. Cottonelle is owned by Kimberly- Clark whereas Charmin is owned by Procter & Gamble. However, both of them are American companies and manufactured in the USA.

Should you buy it?

Charmin is a well-established brand. They have been making products for a long period of time and have never disappointed the customers. Their unbeatable plushness and quality actually made them superior to many of their competitors.

However, the one thing with Charmin is that it may cost you a little extra than the other brands. But again, Charmin is produced in the USA which automatically makes the prices higher than the ones made in China or any other country.

In short. if you can ignore that little extra bucks, Charmin toilet Papers provide a good value and will satisfy you nevertheless.

Final Words

So, here you have it. We hope we were able to clear all your confusion on who makes Charmin Toilet Papers or who manufactures them. Before the end, we would like to encourage you to reduce waste and use Toilet paper responsibly.

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    Charmin recently reduced the size of the sheets from 4.5″ sq to 4.0″ sq. A 26.5% decrease in size. Trying to cover it up by changing the perforated edges – easier to tear.

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