Choosing the right freezer for daily use is challenging. First, you spend a lot on a freezer, but then you find out it doesn’t match your expectation. It happens, so you need to be careful about all the facts. 

Danby freezers are well known for their terrific performances. You want to purchase from this brand, but you have some questions such as “who makes Danby freezers” or “is the brand reliable?” 

In this article, we are here to help you decide whether you should buy a Danby freezer or not. Besides, you can have a complete idea about the manufacturer, brand, and its selections. 

So don’t go anywhere and stick with us for a while.

Danby Freezer: Is It Any Good?

Danby is the brand of Danby Appliances Inc. and Danby Appliances Ltd. They are in the line of appliances in the market. Danby produces small appliances, electronics, and more. 

Danby freezers serve their customer with first-rate quality, advanced technologies, and high-efficiency freezers at a reasonable cost. Danby brand has appliances of all types, and they are notable among the people because of their quality products.

Who Makes Danby Freezers?

Danby freezers are manufacturing by Danby Appliances Inc. and Danby Appliances Ltd. It is a Canadian and Us company. This company sells their products all over the world. 

Along with freezers, Danby Appliances Inc. manufactures microwaves, refrigerators, wine coolers, ranges, washing machines, air conditioners, and other appliances. 

Where are Danby Freezers Made?

The majority of Danby products are made overseas except for the Renoir line of wine fridges. They are made in Canada. However, Danby has never fabricated their products directly. Truth be told, it designs products and works with the affiliated manufacturers in China.

Details of The Manufacturer

The CEO of the Danby brand is Jim Estill. The company Danby Appliances Inc. was first founded in Montreal, Quebec, in 1947. At that time, they sold cookers and hot plates. Then they started to sell air conditioners and some other private brands in the local area. 

Now the manufacturer has become the most significant market share of compact appliances in North America. Privately held Canadian and US company and its headquarter is in Guelph, Ontario and Findley, Ohio. You can find Danby products, appliances, freezers, microwaves, air conditioners in any Walmart or Costco in Canada and the United States. Danby Appliances is one of the main specialty appliance companies in North America. 

All things considered, the company doesn’t only sell in Canada and the US. It also has half of its sales throughout the world. The company has independent retailers in Uk and Mexico. Moreover, Danby Appliances has been affiliated with manufacturers in China, Mexico, Turkey, Thailand, and India. 

Danby provides remarkable, excellent quality, performance, and inspired appliances. The customers are delighted with its service. Where would you be able to find such products at such reasonable prices? If you choose Danby, undoubtedly it is your suitable decision.

Some Best Danby Freezers You should Buy

Danby brand offers some best models of freezers which you will find much beneficial. Here, we will give you a complete idea regarding these freezers, so you can decide which one to buy.

1. Danby Chest Freezer, 3.8 Cubic Feet.

This freezer has enough space so you can put a great deal of food in it. The adjustable thermostat of this freezer keeps the food fresh. The reversible door gives the opportunity of placing the food anywhere in the freezer. 

This chest freezer has an incredible storage solution for the kitchen. The Danby DCF038A2WDB-3 3.8 Cu.ft. Chest freezer baskets and shelves so you can organize food appropriately. 

It has a digital touch thermostat that makes your freezer temperature adaptable enough so that you can set the freezer to the optimal temperature. It keeps your food stored for a long time. 

The size of this chest freezer is so adjustable that you can keep it anywhere. Also, it is adequately large to store a lot of food. This model provides built-in wheels for easy portability. 

The price of this freezer is sensible, which also offers high-end features.

2. Danby 7.1 Cubic ft Upright Freezer

This upright freezer is consists of 7.1 cubic feet of ice-cold storage space. Also, it doesn’t take much space because of its upright design. It has six shelves and one plastic crisper. So you can arrange your food anyhow you prefer it. 

This freezer offers Energy Star compliant. It implies this freezer uses less electricity, so it prevents your power bill from going up.

This Danby DUF071A3WDB Upright freezer accompanies a manual defrosting system and also has five years warranty. It is a perfect freezer for your home.

3. Danby Designer Manual Defrost 10 cu.ft Upright Freezer

Assuming you need a large freezer, then Danby 10 Cubic feet Upright freezer is the best choice. It has enough capacity for food so you can feed a lot of people. It provides easy to maintain manual defrost system. 

The thermostat of this freezer is mechanical. Also, it has three shelves and four-door shelves. This freezer is particularly stylish and reliable. Along with great quality, this freezer has five years warranty.

4. Danby Diplomat 9.0 Cu. ft. Chest Freezer

This freezer is perfect for a big family since it is a 9.0 Cubic Feet Chest freezer. You can keep sufficient food, and it keeps them fresh for quite a while. The drain which is mounted on the front keeps the manual defrost system fast and simple. 

The electronic thermostat is also easy to maintain. It has enough storage baskets for a considerable amount of food.


Are Danby freezers frost-free?

Without a doubt, the Danby freezer will keep your food frost-free and fresh because the Danby freezer does come with frost-free operations.

Are Danby freezers made in China?

The Danby Appliances Inc. company manufactures their products in Canada and abroad because they are affiliated with manufacturers in China.

Are Danby freezers Energy Star?

Danby Upright freezer offers Energy Star compliant, which will keep your power bill down.


The Danby brand is one of the famous brands in the market. Phenomenal quality, advanced features, design, and technology make it a leading manufacturing company worldwide.

In this article, I hope you get all the facts about who makes Danby freezer and that now you know whether you should buy it. 

Thank you for reading.

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