Did the name Westinghouse surprise you when you came across the brand? No worries, you are not alone. Westinghouse has not been around for a long time hence only a few people came across the name.

However, those who got to know the price got pretty interested to know who makes Westinghouse TV because they are much cheaper than the ones that themselves are competing with.

With time, they came up offering some of their signature TVs that earned a lot of fame among customers. This brand has some of its histories too as to why people are less familiar with the name.

We would like to introduce you to the owner, manufacturer, the history behind its owners, the best Westinghouse TV reviews, and a lot more in here.

Who is the Owner Of Westinghouse TV?

Westinghouse TVs are under the ownership of Westinghouse Electronics Corporation itself. Among many other home appliances, their TVs have recently got much attention. It is a private company that supplies consumer electronics under its hood.

On the other hand, it was the year 2010 when they were founded as the name Westinghouse Digital, LLC. The place of their foundation was Orange, California, USA.

At present, they are serving various electronics nationwide and headquartered in Diamond Bar, California, USA.

Westinghouse’s parent company is Tsinghua Tongfang. This Chinese company got its acquisition after Westinghouse discontinued its operation. More about this company along with who actually makes them will be discussed in detail in the next sections.

What Company Makes Westinghouse TV?

The TVs are manufactured by a Chinese-owned American company Tsinghua Tongfang. Tsinghua has one of its facilities in California and these TVs are however made under one of its divisions named ViacomCBS.

They are information technology, energy, and environment based industry which was founded in 1997. Tsinghua’s headquarter is situated in Beijing, China.

They got the license to make TVs under Westinghouse’s name as a result they are now manufacturing them and then supplying them to different retailers in the USA.

Is Westinghouse A Good Brand?

The most important thing here is, you are actually getting what you are paying for. With such a small amount of money, we can not quite expect them to be as good as Samsung, LG, or any other big-name brand.

The catch is that they can be a genuine investment for someone who is on a tight budget. You will get decent color and picture quality. Additionally, with that price, they are well known for good sound quality.

Alongside that Westinghouse will not last you for a long time. Two to three years is their average lifetime. Therefore, give a second thought if you really want to buy Westinghouse or want to save some more money and go for a more decent one.

Right now Sony, Vizio, LG brands would be of more great value if you want your TVs to last.

Best Westinghouse TV reviews

For buying one of their TVs you will have to spend a good amount of time finding the retailer who sells them first which itself will be a hectic journey. Hence, here is a small list of TVs that can be found on Amazon so that you can buy them simply by sitting anywhere in the world.

1. Westinghouse SK Widescreen LCD HDTV

With a 26 inches screen size, this TV will give you a 720p resolution which is not at all unsatisfactory for what you will be paying. With the nice LCD display, it will come with an HDMI port for connectivity.

Here are some pros and cons of this TV to know before making the purchase.


  • Widescreen LCD
  • Comes in Black cabinet color
  • 16.7 Million colors capability
  • Good contrast ratio and viewing angle
  • Several screen fit modes


AV syncing problems that are fixable

2. Westinghouse SK-26H520S LCD HDTV

This TV comes with three types of connectivity ports that include VGA, USB, HDMI. The screen size is 26 inches with a 720p resolution. It is extremely slim and portable. Also comes with an HD LCD display technology.


  • Excellent HDTV 
  • Waterfall cable management
  • Auto source detection and switching
  • Supports 1080i, 720p,480p, 480i
  • You can choose from two colors, black, and silver


Possibility of being a bit too brighter

3. Westinghouse SK-26H640G Widescreen LCD HDTV

Along with a good tuner and aspect ratio, this TV comes with a 26 inches LCD HDTV display. It gives a resolution of 720p. Looks more modern than many of its 26 inches TVs.


  • High Glossy black colored
  • ATSC and NTSC tuner
  • 16:9 aspect ratio
  • Good picture quality compared to its price


  • Has a number of technical failures
  • Does not last 
  • A very old model, should not be bought unless someone wants to experiment with them

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Are There Any Westinghouse Smart TVs?

Yes, there are a few of them but the availability is extremely low. You might find a few models in Walmart and some other retailers.

Is Westinghouse a good brand?

Coming to this era of technology, we will say, no, they are not. Rather add some more money and buy a decent TV that will at least last for some time. 

Is Westinghouse TV made in the USA?

The manufacturer Tsinghua Tongfang is mainly a Chinese company who has one of their small facility in California USA. It is rumored that they make them in there and then supplies to the retailers.


Are you wonderstruck after knowing all the history about Westinghouse and who makes Westinghouse TVs? Honestly, we were as well. Although, they are not that of a good brand they still hold a good value for money.

Our recommendation would be to rather not get them if not extremely necessary and wait for a few weeks to save some more money and get a decent one.

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