Nowadays, TVs are a must-have item in almost all our rooms. As a result, to meet the increasing demand, manufacturers from all around the world are trying their best to present the best deals to the customers. JVC is not any different in this case. 

Talking about the best deals on TVs brings JVC TVs to mind because you can get JVC high-end curved and big-screen TVs with prices that are in a word, ‘unimaginable’. Are you now wondering about who makes JVC TVs? And how can they be so cheap?

Nothing to worry about, dear friend, because we got you all covered here. This article will give you an insight into all the details about JVC TVs starting with the owner info to JVC TV problems

Just make sure you read till the end and decide whether to go with this brand or not.

Who Owns JVC TV?

To answer the question of who owns JVC TV, we need to go a bit back to history so that the whole scenario is clear to you. 

JVC is widely known as Japan Victor Company and is currently owned by JVC Kenwood Corporation. However, it was founded in 1927 in Yokohama, Japan. After its birth, the owner has been changed a few times. 

Firstly, they were an individual company, then in 1953, it went into the ownership of Matsushita Electric. After 55 years of their ownership, JVC went under the ownership of JVC Kenwood Holdings in 2008. 

Lastly, in the year 2011 JVC Kenwood became the owner and they are the current owners of all JVC products including JVC TVs. On the other hand, the manufacturer of JVC TV has also changed a few times. The next section will discuss who recently manufactured JVC TVs.

Who Manufactures JVC TVs?

The manufacturer of JVC TVs varies from location to location. Although they used to be manufactured in different locations in the past, in April 2008 JVC announced that they will close their manufacturing plant that was situated in Scotland and Japan. 

As of now, for North America JVC TVs are manufactured by the renowned company AmTRAN Video Corporation. On the contrary, the distribution, service, and warranties are handled under the license of JVC Kenwood. 

For Europe, Dixons Carphone (owner of Currys) manufactures JVC TVs under the license of JVC Kenwood for warranty services and distributing chores.

Why Are JVC TVs so Famous?

They earned all their fame mainly due to two reasons. One being the extreme affordability and the other for giving people decent quality TVs with the minimum payment. 

These two combinedly made these TVs a hot potato for consumers who are in search of great quality while staying within a budget.

Does JVC Sell Anything Else Besides TVs?

Yes, if truth be told they are well known among several customers for their other products besides TVs. Some of the other name-worthy products from JVC are Audio, visual, computer-related electronics and software, media products, etc.

Is JVC A Good TV Brand?

If you count on the price, design, technology, warranty, and durability then JVC is one of the best TV brands to get your hands on. However, low prices will come with their shares of compromises as well. Watch this video to know more from real customers:

JVC TV Problems

No big issues were found about JVC TVs except that you can not really expect them to be as high quality as the big name brands that are bought with a fortune. Thus, making sure to check well and finding problems out while the warranty duration is still available; will be the best way to pursue.

What Are Some of The Best JVC TVs?

The list below will let you know about the best JVC TV models that are meant to be of great value when compared to other big brands.

1. JVC 32 Inch HD Smart Android TV AV-H323115A

This smart TV comes with a decent-sized display that will provide you with a decent quality of picture and viewing angle. You want to watch or play, everything will be available at your fingertips for just $324.

2. JVC 43 Inch 4K UHD Smart Android TV AV-H437115A

Are you into a medium-sized screen or prefer going for a screen that is in between 32 inches to 50 inches? Then, this would be the best fit as this smart android TV features a 43 inches screen with 4K UHD resolution. 

This model is very lightweight, sleek, and comes with a standard warranty. The price is only $515.

3. JVC 65 Inch 4K UHD Smart Android QLED TV AV-HQ657115A

Always dreamt of getting a big-screen TV? But the price however stood between your desire and wallet? Then this could be one of the best deals. Because no other brands can feature a 65 inches display with a price as low as $1098. 

This edgeless TV is packed with endless features that are still not a reality for many TV manufacturers.


Are JVC and Kenwood the same company?

Kenwood is the parent company of JVC. So, they are not really the same company but one owns the other.

How long do JVC TVs last?

If you maintain them well with proper settings and usage, they can last you up to ten years. However, if you are a heavy user, consider them to last you somewhere around four to six years.

Which is more energy-efficient, JVC or Sharp?

JVC is undoubtedly more energy efficient when compared to Sharp. With an 80.4% energy efficiency rating JVC is leading the market. Sharp has a rating of 75.6%.

Does JVC still make TVs?

Yes, for North America JVC TVs are being manufactured by AmTRAN Video Corporation.


As much as people are getting interested to know who makes JVC TVs, they are also pretty excited to know which models will suit them best. The worry about the warranty literally adds on the top. 

Hence, all of your concerns and solutions to them are put in one place. Thank you for staying till the end.

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