The television industry is very competitive in terms of its online and offline sales worldwide. Various brands compete in this industry. Emerson TVs are one of them.
In this article, we will try to answer questions like who makes Emerson TVs and is Emerson a good TV brand. We will also give a brief Emerson TV review discussing whether you should buy one or not.

Who Makes Emerson TVs?

Emerson TVs are a familiar name in the US household. They are known for their good build quality and affordable price. Though the name “Emerson” may sound western, actually the brand Emerson is not western at all!

Emerson TVs is owned by Funai, a Japanese electric brand. These TVs are manufactured in Japan and then imported to the USA.

About Funai

The headquarters of Funai Electric Co. is in Osaka, Japan. It is a Japanese consumer company founded in 1961. Their United States base subsidiary is known as Funai Corporation, Inc. located in Torrance, California.

Tetsuro Funai is the founder of Funai. Before joining the electronic market. Funai was renowned for making sewing machines in Japan. Tetsuro Funai, being the son of a sewing machine manufacturer, took over the business. 

Funai was one of the first Japanese manufacturers to enter the USA market. It was difficult to enter because of the aftermath of World War 2. However, the introduction of transistor technology revolutionized the entire landscape. 

Funai company was formed and the CEO Tetsuro soon became a USD billionaire at the age of 47.  In 2021, the Funai family owned 39.39% share of Funai Electric Company.

Funai Electronics

Funai electronics have a lineup of electronics products. Also, they act as an OEM, which means “Original Electronics Manufacturers” for multiple companies. They have assembled products for corporations like Sharp, Toshiba, Denon, and others. 

Companies like Dell and Lexmark supply their inkjet printer hardware technology from Funai. The licensed subsidiary in the USA makes products for brands like Philips, Emerson Radio, and Sanyo.

What About Emerson Radio?

Emerson Radio Corporation is a USA-based volume consumer electronics distributor. They are one of the largest in the USA. They specialize in designing, licensing, and marketing different product lines worldwide. 

Now the confusion arises when the name clashes with one another. Is Emerson TV a product of Emerson Radio Corporation or is it an entirely different brand? Questions like these often arise in the mind of the users. 

According to our research, these two are quite different from one another. Emerson Tv is related to Funai Electronics and Emerson Radio is a different entity. However, Emerson Radio may sell Emerson TV in their outlets, which can be an entirely different story altogether.

So You Want to Buy a TV?

Before jumping to buy a television, you must consider a few things. Not every type of TV is suitable for everyone or every type of need. There are a few things you might need to consider.

What Panel Do You Need?

Technology has been developed throughout the years. Since the days of black and white TVs to the big color screen box, we are now in the age of LCD/LED. The viewing experience has been more immersive and engaging.

However, the better technology you buy, the more you pay. There’s also an issue of resolution. From HD to 8K, different kinds of options are available in the market. Different manufacturers are providing the customer with different choices with increased prices.

So, how do you decide which one is for you? Well, you have to look at what is your need. Do you need a 4K or 8K TV, or an HD TV that can fulfill your need and you can save some extra money to buy something else? 

Does The Brand Matter?

Buying a product from an already established brand is always a good thing. They are trusted and tested. They also have a wide variety of products. Oftentimes they have products for every type of customer need. 

But, well-established brands often charge more than lesser established ones. They spend a good amount of resources on the R&D and the marketing of the product. So they do want to recover the money they have spent. 

Our suggestion for you is to make a list of companies that have good reviews on amazon. Not only go for the top 3 or top 5, but we would suggest you make a list of Ten companies. Usually, most companies with good ratings make good products.

Then, you should look for the offers or discounts available from the companies. When you have a wide collection of names, chances are very high that some of them are giving a good discount on their product. You can easily pick a TV from there.

Servicing Does Matter

No matter what brand you choose, you must ensure that that particular brand has a good service center in your city or they have a good service channel across the state which can ensure a quick repair of your product. 

That is why we will suggest you refrain from buying from a lesser-known brand. Either buy from a well-established brand or buy from a local brand that has good coverage around the city or state.

Should You Buy Emerson TV?

Now the question that arises is Emerson a good TV brand or not. Well, the answer is divided in two ways. Firstly, if you compare them with Samsung, LG, or Phillips, they are not in the same league as them. 

However, secondly, Emerson TVs are made by Funai, a Japanese company. So they have the Japanese assurance in their DNA. So the product is quite good. Also, they are in the budget category product. So you don’t have to empty your product to buy one.

Final Words

That’s about it. You have the answer to the question: who makes Emerson TVs and is Emerson a good TV brand or not. Hopefully, it will help you to make better purchase decisions in the future.

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