In this era of sustainable developing technology and innovation, we are always in search of gadgets with great value. We need the assurance that we will get every bit of benefit for all the money that we will be spending on an item. Speaking of great value and gadgets brings us to talking about TCL TVs.

So, have you been wondering about who makes TCL TVs as they are currently offering many outstanding features at an exceptionally affordable price? And how are they being able to offer such a cheap price without compromising with their quality?

We acknowledge your queries and we are here to answer all your TCL TV-related questions along with some TCL TV reviews in the end.

Which Country Made TCL?

Today China Lion; shortly known as TCL, is a renowned Chinese multinational company. The abbreviation itself says about the origin of this famous brand. Their headquarter is situated at Huizhou, Guangdong Province, China.

They have been in the market since 1981 with the name TTK which was later changed to TCL Technology in the year 1985. This Chinese company serves its outstanding electronics appliances worldwide.

At the same time, it gained a great deal of popularity within a short time by selling affordable electronics with great features. They have been ranked as the third-largest television manufacturer by market share since 2015.

How Good Are TCL Smart TVs?

There are several TCL smart TVs in the market right now along with some nonsmart ones. If you are intending to buy one, we suggest you go with a smart TV in this modern decade of the internet. 

Also, TCL TVs are doing their best on the smart platform. So, here are some of the pros and cons for you to decide if you want to get a TCL TV. 

Moreover, here is a video for you to watch to know more about TCL TVs and why you should get yourself one:


With years of experience, we have found more and more pros of this budget-friendly TV lineup than cons. Some of the important ones will be discussed below.

Picture and Sound Quality:

When compared to other budget-friendly TVs that are available in the market, this will undoubtedly be the best bet. In terms of picture and sound quality, they are known to come with greater quality when you are looking at the price.

However, when compared to other expensive brands, you will not find them as well built and as feature-packed. So, if you are here to get a simple tv on a budget, you are already in the right place.


TCL is known as one of the cheapest brands of TV with most of the amazing features that you usually get from a more expensive lineup. They are of great value for the money one will pay.

Smart OS:

TCL comes with a menu that is easier to navigate. In addition, it is easily integrable with mobile apps which is a plus factor. Their built-in Roku interface is another reason that makes it easier to operate than Android TVs.

Design and Longevity:

With their slogan “The Creative Life”; TCL shows vast creativity in terms of design. As we know, thinner bezels are one of the main factors that make any monitor or TV look smart and lighter. Most models of TCL TV feature this to make it look sleek.

On the other hand, if they are used properly with proper settings, they can last you around a decade. Also, with heavy usage, it is supposed to last you more than six to seven years without any worries.


Pocket-friendly options sometimes may reveal drawbacks if compared with high-end options. However, TCL TV problems are mostly related to its low brightness and screen uniformity for its cheaper models.

Why Are TCL TVs So Cheap?

The main reason for being so inexpensive is because they can skip the cost of importing raw materials for their TVs from other manufacturers and their warehouses.

TCL Technology is known for making every material in the same warehouse where they assemble the TV itself. So, it becomes easier for them to lessen the price while offering good functionalities.

What are the Best TCL TVs of 2022?

As of this year and the last few years, there have been several options for the customers to choose from. Here, we will not confuse you anymore and will briefly discuss a few of them which offer great value.

1. TCL 6-Series Roku TV (R635)

Are you a big fan of big screens? Look no more. This model comes with screen sizes starting from 55 inches; can be found in 65 and 75 inches also. Features outstanding QLED and mini LED display with huge app selection from Roku TV.

Though some people have complained about the sound being a little weak. To check price on Amazon click the link below:

2. TCL 5-Series Roku TV (S535)

Good news for gamers out there! This 4k TV with LCD screen and quantum dot feature screen size 50, 55, 65, and 75 inches. With its exceptionally good colors and quality, it has won the hearts of many gamers. This also has a few complaints about its sound being mediocre.


Coming to the very end, we hope you got all your questions answered here. Starting from who makes TCL TVs brief reviews on some of the best TCL TVs available in the market; we tried answering them all. If you are still with us, you know this brand is gaining all the fame due to its crazy pricing with great features.

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