The interest in Walmart’s Onn TV has risen to a point where many other inexpensive yet feature-packed TV brands are competing to keep pace with them. It has just been a few years since they started their journey in their own brand tv market as well. 

Yet they are making substantial headway with their success in the affordable gadget and tech market. According to research that we conducted using Google search research platform Ahrefs , people are searching for who makes Onn TV more than ever. The quick answer to the question is that Funai Electric are the primary manufacturer and supplier of electronics to Walmart at the current time and is likely the current manufacturer of the ONN TV.

It is our responsibility as the creators of whomakehub to provide additional information to answer your questions. Along with the marketer and manufacturer, we will also give you an idea of how good they are and if they are worth your hard-earned money. You will also learn about the issues that On Demand TV buyers face. 

Given the fact that these TVs are at a lower price point, many people would assume the quality of the product would not be as high as bigger brand names in this market space.

However, this is not necessarily the case at all, and on that note, let us get started!

Who Makes Onn TV then?

Being Walmart’s home brand, some customers mistook them to be the manufacturer of Onn TV. After one of Walmart’s big Friday sales where 65 inches screen-sized Onn TV were sold for only $228, interest in this TV brand increased tremendously. 

Durabrand which was established in 1999 is a private-label tradename of Walmart that is involved in manufacturing Onn TVs. This brand was made for Walmart for electronic appliances only. Later, it expanded and became available in many other countries when Walmart became famous. 

Onn products including Onn TV can mainly be found in all Walmart stores in the USA, Canada, and the UK. Though some models are becoming available on other platforms like Amazon gradually though seeing as Walmart has it’s own marketplace in competition with Amazon, they may not be available on there for too long. Currently from our research it seems that only 3rd party sellers are selling Onn tv’s on Amazon, which makes sense as we would not expect to see a Walmart shop on Amazon!

In case this is the first time you heard of Durabrand, they also produce other home appliances, DVD/CD players, telephones, computer speakers, boomboxes, car audio, toasters, vacuum cleaners and other similar products.

Who Manufactures Onn Products?

Walmart is the seller and marketer, Durabrand is the primary distributor under Walmart but who manufactures Onn products? From which country are the raw materials purchased and where is the final product actually produced?

Previously, Durabrand televisions were sourced from Orion Electric (a Japanese consumer electronics company located in Osaka, Japan) . Orion also manufactured TVs for Toshiba, Emerson, Hitachi and JVC. This supplier relationship has changed though and Durabrand televisions are now sourced from Funai Electric (a Japanese consumer electronics company established in 1958 and also located in Osaka, Japan) who actually do a lot of their manufacturing from their plants in China.

Funai Electric is the primary supplier of electronics to Walmart in the US at the current time and they also supply Sanyo, Philips and Magnavox through their US based subsidiary Funai Corporation Inc.

Why Should You/Should You Not Buy an Onn TV ?

Out of all the advantages Onn TVs have over competitors; the number one thing is their low price! Consumers, shoppers and reviewers are going gaga over their inexpensive pricing and yet managing to provide much better quality than other TVs bought in this price range.

If you just want a TV to watch your favorite shows and movies at a budget price, the Onn Tv brand could be a decent choice. Don’t be put off by the low price point, as Walmart is a very established and large retailer, and with this comes great warranty cover and a reputation that they must uphold.


The only thing we have been focusing on tirelessly so far is the low price of this brand of tv. As you know price is not everything so let’s cover some other factors that we have discovered about this brand.

Onn tv warranty

While the manufacturer warranty might last for a year only, there are sometimes extended protection deals on Walmart. The standard warranty we have found is a 1 year warranty on many models unless otherwise specified at the time of purchase (some are 2 year it seems). Our research suggests that on purchase of an Onn tv you can complete a survey and get the warranty extended to 2 years for free. You can register for your Onn tv warranty here.

Furthermore, our research shows that Onn TV’s warranty issues are handled by Element Electronics; a south Carolina-based brand.


Since it has only been a few years ago that the Onn TV brand was launched, most of their models have a modern, sleek look as you would expect. Additional features are commensurate to the price point of the tv in many cases. More $ gets you more goodies!


Quality mainly depends on sound, picture, and overall efficiency. However, with that budget, you get to enjoy 4K video quality with reasonable sound systems which give you a fair surround sound experience at a very cheap price.

Onn TV Problems

  • While some complain about the sound quality, there are other complaints from reviewers on Amazon stating that the tv did not last as long as previous bigger brand models.
  • Some experience a black screen at times. They are known to happen for incorrect shutdown issues or software problems. In some cases it can be fixed by a simple reset.

Amazon negative review summary for Onn tv 50″ 4k tv. 44 reviews 3.3 star rating out of 5 stars. Critical reviews refer to damaged packaging, screen flickering after 1 year usage and another mentions backlight failure after a short period.

Source: and reviews

Best Onn TV Review

Amazon positive review summary for Onn tv 50″ 4k tv.44 reviews 3.3 star rating out of 5 stars. Positive reviews include “amazing value, as good as a tv 2 or 3 times the cost” and “I have the Onn 43” 4K tv I bought a couple of months ago and it’s still going strong. Use it everyday and no problems so far.”

Source: and reviews

While there are hundreds of models to choose from, we will discuss only a few. You can find any of your choices simply by going to Walmart and searching for Onn TV in there.

1. Onn. 50″ 4K UHD Smart LED TV (100012585)

Does your country not have a Walmart store yet? Hold tight because this model may also be available on Amazon and can be ordered anytime. 

The 50 inches big screen Smart LED TV comes with an outstanding 4K 2160p resolution. Has connection technologies including HDMI, USB, LAN, headphone, composite, optical, coaxial, etc.

To know more about this TV, check this out:

2. Onn 32″ HD, Roku Smart LED TV (100012589)

A Roku smart TV for only $129? Yes, this is the one. Comes with HD 720p resolution and with different ports for connections.

Details and ordering processes can be found on Walmart’s website.

3. Onn tv remote

Remote control compatible with Onn Roku TV known as Universal for All Onn Roku TV Remote can be found on Amazon with a high rating and good pricing. This works on Onn 24”, 32” to 70” Roku TV with Netflix Hulu Roku-Channel VUDU Power Button.

Some Last Words

We hope who makes Onn TV has been of some help to you. Check out Walmart’s warranty length before purchasing and seriously consider this brand if you are on a tight budget as they are a bargain for the price!

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    TV started to develop a line on the screen that grew bigger and bigger until there was nothing left to see. The ONN people are telling me it was physical damage. That’s a damm lie. They sold me a piece of crap 75′ for $499 and will not reimburse me nor send a replacement tv.

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      Thats not good Terry, sorry to hear that. Did you contact the retailer you bought it from? Its always difficult proving damage like that on any product sadly.

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