If you are a 90’s kid, then it is very likely that you have grown up hearing, seeing the brand name ‘Sharp’ written in red on numerous electronic devices including televisions. Also, we won’t be surprised if you say you have had a few Sharp TV models at your place over the years. 

In consequence of all this, people today are very interested in knowing who makes Sharp TVs? Are they the same as what we have grown up seeing? How good are they in this new era of technology?

Thus, why make you wait any more? Let’s dive right into all the details about Sharp TVs, Sharp TV reviews, and many more.

The History of Sharp Corporation

Sharp dates back to the year 1912 when it was founded in Japan. From its birth, it had several names. Finally, in 1956 Sharp got the name Sharp Electronic Corporation which received enormous support and love from its customers. 

2012 was their 100th year and this year was most certainly one of the sorrowful years in Sharp’s whole journey. With a loss of JP¥376 billion (US$4.7 billion), they had to sell their shares to Foxconn group. 

With more time, they needed to sell more of their shares, and today Sharp does not stand alone rather it stands under different big company names.

Who Owns Sharp TVs?

The famous brand named Foxconn Group has sealed its name as the major owner of Sharp since the year 2016. Foxconn is a Taiwan-based industry specializing in making different consumer electronics. 

They also have other subsidiaries alongside Sharp; namely Belkin, Smart Technologies, etc. Foxconn is responsible for inaugurating different Sharp TV models in the market now. Though, most Sharp TVs are sold under the brand name Hisense these days in the USA.

Who makes Sharp TVs?

In the year 2015, Hisense got a 5-year license to make and sell Sharp TVs in America. As recorded in January 2019 all Sharp TVs sold in the USA were manufactured by this Chinese company Hisense. 

It is known that Hisense also established a manufacturing plant in Mexico so that they can make and assemble Sharp TVs there in 2017. 
However, many people ask who makes Sharp TV now? As of many reports and researches, Sharp TVs are still made by Hisense Corporation. Though there have been rumors that Sharp has regained its shares but it is not been confirmed yet.

What Types of TVs does Sharp Make?

Starting from normal ones, Sharp has come a long way where Sharp 4k TVs has been the talk of the town. They usually make Sharp Aquos; which is simply the name for Sharp’s LCD televisions. 

Besides, different ranges of 4K televisions have been in the market at very affordable prices.

Are They Any Good?

Being a very old brand, many Sharp TVs have not been reviewed by our team recently. But we will try our best to bring out all the important about Sharp from the internet so that you can be sure whether to go with a refurbished or brand new(if you can find any) one. 

If you would like to buy one of the Sharp TV models now, it will be a great choice for one of their Roku TVs as they are the most feature-packed ones as of today. 

You will most likely get them on Amazon, Walmart, and Best Buy stores. However, some models can be found in Costco stores as well. You should always keep in mind that there are not many options to go with if you are buying a Sharp TV in 2022.

The reason is definitely the bankruptcy of the actual company. 

If you ask from us, we would suggest you better go with other affordable brands like TCL, Insignia, LG, Hisense, etc. Because, even if you manage to buy one from Sharp, there is no possibility that you will get proper after-service and can claim warranties like before.

Best Sharp TV Reviews

This section will also talk about Sharp Aquos TV reviews that are available in the market. Sharp has gained quite a fame in recent years for being extremely affordable. Consumers from all around are choosing this brand to get the most out of their money.

1. Sharp – 50″ Class – LED- LC-50LBU711U

This 50 inches LED display TV with 2160p resolution feels like something straight from the future for budget-friendly people. They feature Roku TV which can stream thousands of channels for you to watch. 

Your best shot of buying this would be to hit at a Best Buy store. However, the possibility of getting a brand new one is very low in 2022.

2. Sharp – 55″ Class- LC-55LBU591U

Another big-screen TV from Sharp is this giant 55 inches display with a 2160p 4K UHD TV. It also features Roku TV so that you can watch a vast number of channels live from the comfort of your home. 

Due to complications of Sharp Corporation’s ownership and manufacturing companies, getting this TV in new condition is very low.

More Sharp TV models that are available on Amazon:

  1. Sharp AQUOS LC19SB28UT 19-Inch 720p LCD TV, Black
  2. Sharp 4T-B70CT1U 70 Inch AQUOS Board 4K-Ultra High Definition LCD Display


Does Sharp make Smart TVs?

Yes, they have a series of smart 4k TVs with high-end displays and resolution.

How long do Sharp TVs last?

They can last you up to 7 years with heavy usages. But with proper care and maintenance, a Sharp TV can last more than 10 years.

Is Hisense made by Sharp?

No, but the truth is somewhat upside down. As of 2019, most of the Sharp TVs that are sold in the USA are made by the Chinese electronic corporation Hisense.


As far as history goes, the 100-year-old company has been one of the biggest assets and friends of many of our parents. They served them well and got all the love they could get.

Due to its noticeable history, who makes Sharp TVs have been one of the most asked questions among TV enthusiasts. Hope all the answers regarding that have been answered here and helped you get a better idea about Sharp in 2022.

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