Samsung is a company that has been in the market with their business for quite a long time now. We will find very little to no individual who has never heard of this brand. Due to their long business years, many owners and manufacturers might have taken their turns to build for them. 

Due to all this, people are quite eager to know who makes Samsung TVs now or just simply about who makes Samsung TVs. This has been a very common question to us, as a result, we thought why not put all the queries in one place and answer them. 

That way, our readers get benefitted along with us. Therefore, this one’s for you to gain all the knowledge about Samsung TVs without searching from page to page. 

Here, you will get a clear view of who makes them, their owners, and manufacturers along with a few reviews to start with the TV shopping!

Who Is The Owner Of The Samsung Company?

The parent company of Samsung is Samsung itself. It was founded in the year 1969 in Korea. While they have thousands of their factories and manufacturing plants in the whole world, their headquarter is situated at Yeongtong District, Suwon, South Korea.

Who Makes Samsung TVs Now?

Samsung TVs are manufactured in their respective plants which are spread around in many countries. The next section will give you a better insight into exactly where are they made and distributed after.

Where Are Samsung TVs Made in 2022?

The accessories for the TVs are mainly manufactured in China, Vietnam, and Korea. Screens are manufactured in two factories in South Korea and one in China. 

Then, these parts get assembled in the respective countries where they will be sold. The countries that have their Samsung plants are Slovenia, Hungary, Romania, Korea, Russia, China, Mexico, Malaysia, Vietnam, Brazil, India.

Which is Better: Samsung or LG Smart TV?

To answer this tricky question we should better consider our needs and budget first. Because while one TV features one particular phenomenon, the other could most possibly not feature that. 

Considering some aspects, Samsung will stand out again in other features LG will win the game. For example: if you consider keeping LED displays in mind, LG will come with OLED and Samsung will come with QLED. 

Now, the question is, which one do you prefer? How bright is your room and which contrast quality do you need for that brightness? Like these, there are hundreds of aspects to consider. 

Again someone might specifically ask Samsung vs LG LED TV 43 inch, which is better?

As a result, we thought of introducing you to this video that will make the job easy for you to choose between TVs according to your need and budget. This video will show all these using 4 steps only, so keep on watching, folks!

Best Samsung TV Reviews

This review section is all about supremacy because this will make you known with all their revolutionary new models and new tech-filled TVs. Also, all these TVs have numerous screen sizes so that you can choose the one that fits your budget. 

Just sit tight and be a part of this revolution with us!

1. SAMSUNG Class Crystal UHD AU8000 Series – 4K UHD HDR Smart TV

A freshly brewed series from Samsung that features built-in Alexa to not even move an inch yet control everything just by speaking. You can choose from 6 sizes of screen namely 43, 50, 55, 65, 75, and 85 inches. We will mainly focus on the 65 inches screen today. 

You can always see the features of another screen just by going to the check price on the Amazon section and choosing your desired screen size from there. Let’s get to know some pros and cons to get a better idea about its specifications.


  • Dynamic Crystal Color
  • Comes with power cable, remote and manual
  • 3 HDMI connectivities
  • Multiple voice assistance
  • Slim fit wall mount


Some complaint about the remote

2. SAMSUNG Class QLED Q60A Series – 4K UHD Dual LED Quantum HDR Smart TV

Are you already confused about which screen sizes to go for? Then wait till you know the variety of screen sizes that this model offer. You can choose from 32, 43, 50, 55, 60, 65, 70, 75, 82 and 85 inches. 

On top of that, the QLED display and air slim design add a cherry on top.


  • 100% color volume with quantum dot
  • Dual LED backlight
  • Sleek and slim
  • Alexa built-in
  • Smooth motion ensures a clear picture
  • Extremely satisfying performance


If you are into gaming, better go with the other models

3. SAMSUNG Class Crystal UHD TU-8000 Series – 4K UHD HDR Smart TV, 2020 Model

Want a good service with a great TV that has over thirty-two thousand Amazon customer reviews. On top, 82% of them being 5 out of 5 reviews. Here you go first the variety of screen sizes: 43, 50, 55, 65, 75, and 85 inches. 

The 85 inches however has hit the record selling for being a great TV with great price.


  • 4K crystal processor
  • Multi voice controller
  • Vesa wall mount support
  • Life-like sound quality


The screen is fragile.


For many, the Samsung brand might seem like an expensive choice to go with. However, with a variety of screen sizes, you are meant to find your perfect fit that satisfies all your needs as well. Good luck giving Samsung TVs a try.

Also, as the big brand, Samsung has its own plants spread all over the world and Samsung is the owner of themselves, ‘who makes Samsung TVs’ have the simplest answer. It’s all Samsung!

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