You are now a proud owner of a new house but your living room is empty. You already own a TV but it is not suitable for the modern-day and age. Whatever your case is if you are looking for a new TV it is easy to get confused on what brand should you trust? 

Now, let us know who makes Toshiba TVs? How long have they been doing this and also Why should you trust them? Let us know about them and also we’ll check out some of their products too. This may help you to trust their company for your needs too.

About The Manufacturer

Toshiba has sold its rights to different companies in different regions. All of them follow the same instructions just to maintain product consistency throughout the world. Now, who is the manufacturer of Toshiba TVs? 

Toshiba has sold its TV manufacturing rights to a Chinese company Hisense. Since 2018 they are manufacturing and distributing Toshiba TVs.They provide the supply component. 

Toshiba sold their factory in Mexico to Compal electronics. They are the manufacturer and the distributor of Toshiba TV throughout the US, Canada, and Mexico. Compal also specializes in manufacturing laptops for companies like Dell, HP, and Lenovo.  

In Europe, a Turkish Zuru holding, owned by subsidiary company Vestel has licensed the Toshiba TV brand. Under their license, Toshiba TVs are supplied to the following countries.

  • United Kingdom 
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Bulgaria
  • Croatia
  • Cyprus
  • Czech Republic
  • Deutschland
  • Denmark 
  • Finland and many more…

Is Toshiba Still a Good TV Brand?

Despite its ups and downs in recent years, Toshiba is still going strong with 80% 5-star reviews from consumers on various e-commerce sites. Since 1928 they have provided a proper entertainment medium in everyone’s home with their quality TV lineup. 

Some of their previous decisions have put them in some challenging situations in recent years. A lot of consumers have lost their faith in them but they have solved their problem. They are again in consumers’ choice. In amazon and other E-commerce sites, these TVs have higher ratings.

They have made significant changes in their products to meet the demand of modern consumers. The design is made to look good according to your house. They offer various sizes according to your needs.

Alexa Integration

In this day and age of voice command, Toshiba has added additional support for Amazon’s Alexa. It’s not built-in but you have the opportunity to use this on your TV.

Color Gradient

Toshiba claims to show 1024 shades per color. The more color shade they can show the more accurate the color can be. So rest assure your Toshiba can show the color of your choice properly.

Dolby Vision HDR

To ensure the proper experience in your living room Toshiba has provided Dolby vision support. Make sure you can enjoy your 4K videos perfectly.

Toshiba Smart Portal

In this day and age of the internet TVs and platforms like Netflix, Disney+, HBO Max, etc via Toshiba smart portal. Toshiba has added full support to those services so people can enjoy whatever they love from the comfort of their couch.


One of the many reasons why Toshiba is still standing strong it’s because of their price point. They offer versatility with their price point. Where a lot of companies have stopped producing HDTVs and TV DVDs. Toshiba is still producing them a lot.

Because of their various product lines, people from all classes and countries crave their products. They have earned the consumer’s trust with their customer service and quality product. From HDTV to OLED 4K Toshiba got you covered.

 It doesn’t matter where you are from or your budget. Maybe you just want to collect some old-style TVs. You can easily trust Toshiba with your money. They won’t disappoint you.

Toshiba TV review

Toshiba has a huge variety of products for people of all kinds of needs. Here are some recommendations for which product to choose in terms of Toshiba:

1. Toshiba 490U7763DB

This TV has made its place on Amazon’s best-selling TV list for good reasons. This 4k TV has a 4 HDMI 3 USB. A front-firing soundbar provides the opportunity to add an additional soundbar. The light weighted remote control has great buttons and feels in it.

It has a good detailing for 4K, great upscaling, proper motion handling. A great number of physical connection options and a great range for smart tv.

2. Toshiba 55UL7A3DB

This TV is cheaper than the previous one but don’t let this distract you. This TV with its widescreen and balanced audio can make your home entertainment medium a special one. The look is also perfect to make your living room more beautiful. 

With two USB and HDMI support, you can use this beauty with your other products too. The build quality is fascinating. It will be satisfying for the user to use it.

The perfect picture and sound quality will make your money worth it. Making it the perfect home entertainment medium for you and your family to enjoy. It is called the best budget 4k TV for your needs.

3. Toshiba UL5A63DB

This is another budget-friendly 4k HDR TV from Toshiba. With the average 4 star rating on almost every single E-commerce site, this TV is selling like a hotcake. With the Alexa integration and beautiful sound quality, this TV can be a go-to choice for you.


Toshiba has made some decisions in recent times which has put them through some challenging times. But like a great company, they have passed the challenge and managed to earn the trust of consumers.

It doesn’t matter where you are from, what’s your budget, and what kind of TV you want. Toshiba has everything for everyone. They are the undisputed king of the budget home entertainment system. You can trust them with their products.

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