In virtually all of our rooms nowadays, a television is a must-have equipment. As a result, manufacturers from all over the world are competing to offer the greatest offers to clients in order to fulfill the rising demand. In this case, Sansui TV is no exception.

The consumer market is more competitive than it has ever been. A better deal at a lower price is always preferred by the consumer. Sansui TV is an example of a product that does just that.

We’ll try to answer topics like who makes Sansui TVs and whether or not Sansui is a decent TV brand in this post. We’ll also offer a quick Sansui TV review and debate whether or not you should buy one.

Who Makes Sansui TV

Sansui Electric Co., Ltd. was a Japanese audio-video and household appliance company. The company’s headquarters are in Tokyo, Japan. Kosaku Kikuchi, who had previously worked for a radio parts wholesaler in Tokyo before and throughout World War II, launched the firm in Tokyo in 1947. As his first product line, he chose transformers. “Let’s increase product quality even with greater pricing,” Kikuchi reasoned.

The firm started making high-end television sets and other video equipment back in the 1980s, but stopped exporting them. Orion Electric, based in Osaka and Fukui, Japan, is the current manufacturer of the renamed sets. Its subsidiary in the United States sells items under the Sansui brand, among others. Sansui is currently just an umbrella brand.

Sansui ceased operations in 2014. Sansui Electric China Co Ltd, which was created in 2003, has lasted longer than 2014. Doshisha, a Japanese consumer goods company, holds the exclusive license to manufacture and distribute Sansui products in Japan. Nimble Holdings of Hong Kong owns the brand outside of Japan.

It entered the Indian market in 1997. The Sansui brand was revived in India in July, 2019 with items in categories such as LED television, home audio, refrigerator, washing machine, split air-conditioner, and small kitchen appliances.

The Sansui brand had previously been leased to Videocon for 17 years, but after the license expired in 2018, the owners of Sansui β€” Hong Kong-listed Nimble Holdings Company β€” decided not to renew it due to Videocon’s financial troubles.

Sansui is presently renowned as a Japanese corporation that produces products for India. The Indian customer may anticipate superior technology and the assurance of Japanese excellence from Sansui. Sansui products are now designed exclusively for the Indian market and feature cutting-edge technology to keep the Indian customer entertained for years to come.

Sansui Models

Sansui brand currently offers the following TV models –

  • Android UHD TVs
  • Android FHD TVs
  • QLED Smart TVs
  • UHD Smart TVs
  • FHD Smart TVs
  • HD Smart TVs
  • LED TVs

Sansui TV Price

Sansui’s pricing point is one of the many reasons why the company is still going strong. With their pricing range, they provide a lot of options. Sansui continues to produce a large number of HDTVs, FHD TVs, UHD TVs, even though lots of other companies stopped producing them. 

People of different classes and nations desire their items because of their diverse product ranges. With their excellent customer service and high-quality products, they have gained the confidence of their customers. Sansui has you covered with everything from HDTV to OLED 4K.

It makes no difference where you come from or how much money you have. Perhaps you just wish to amass a collection of vintage televisions. You can put your faith in Sansui when it comes to your money. They will not let you down.

Is Sansui a Aood TV Brand?

Well, the answer is yes, If that is the kind of product you’re looking for. Sansui TVs are affordable and dependable. They became so popular as a result of the following features:

πŸ”· Clarity with Unmatched Vibrancy

Sansui LED TV is designed to provide amazing pictures and fascinate viewers with its strong built-in speakers, and it is expertly crafted with the latest Japanese technology.

πŸ”· Dynamic Colour Enhancer

You can enjoy richer color the way it was intended by the creators of your favorite shows and movies. Even non-HD video looks better with a larger range of colors.

πŸ”· Stunning Visuals

It boasts a high contrast ratio, good brightness, and a vibrant display.

πŸ”· Wide Viewing Angle

From every angle, advanced technology provides superb visibility for Sansui TV.

πŸ”· 20W Melodious Dolby Sound  Speakers

Sansui TV has immersive and excellent sound quality with sonorous speakers.

πŸ”· Multiple Input Ports

Enjoy smooth communication and infinite pleasure on your Sansui TV with several input ports such as VGA, USB, and HDMI.

πŸ”· Modes & Software Function

For optimal user delight, Sansui TV supports both PC and film modes.

Is Sansui TV a Smart TV?

The Android operating system of the SANSUI Smart TV is open (smart system). After connecting to WIFI, SANSUI LED smart TVs can download, install, and uninstall different Android programs, such as Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat, Netflix, and so on, using this smart system and network function.

On a Sansui TV, How Do You Change The Input?

To choose your favorite signal source, use the β–Ό / β–² buttons. To view a list of signal input sources, press the SOURCE button. To choose the signal input source, use the β–Ό / β–²buttons or the SOURCE button. To input, the source of the chosen signal, press the ENTER key.

Sansui TV Problems

Sansui TVs were determined to have no major flaws, save that they cannot be expected to be as high-quality as the big-name brands that cost a fortune. As a result, checking thoroughly and identifying faults while the warranty period is still active will be the best course of action.


That’s all there is to it. You now know who makes Sansui televisions and whether or not Sansui is a decent television brand. Hopefully, it will assist you in making better future purchasing selections.

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