Nowadays, the competition in the consumer market is more fierce than ever before. The consumer always prefers a better deal with an affordable price tag. Dynex TV is one of those products that offer exactly that. 

In this article, we will talk about who makes Dynex TV, and whether is Dynax a good TV brand or not.

Who Makes Dynex TV?

Dynax TVs are made by Magellan Technology. Magellan Technology is an Australian-based technology developer and manufacturer. They offer an enhanced range of products. 

However, they do not own Dynex TV or the Dynex brand in general. Dynex is owned by Best Buy.  So, if your question is who makes Dynex TV, the answer is Magellan Technology. But if you ask what company owns Dynex TV, then the answer is Best Buy.

About Best Buy

Best Buy is one of the largest retailers based in North America. They aim to sell quality products at an affordable price. Best Buy headquarters is in Richfield, Minnesota. 

On August 22, 1966, Best Buy first started its journey. Richard M. Schulze, with a business partner, opened a music store that sells high-quality stereos. In 1971, Schulze bought out his partner and began to expand the business. 

Till 1981, they were only selling stereo equipment. In1983 – 84 they changed their name from Sound of Music to Best Buy Company Inc. and also, they introduced the superstore format and captured 42 percent of the local market rather quickly. 

As of today, Best Buy is one of the Fortune 100 companies. Their revenue for 2021 was $11,849 million. Corie Barry is the current CEO of Best Buy. 

Why Does Best Buy Sell Dynex TVs?

Oftentimes it gets confusing that if Best Buy is a seller for another company’s product,  then why do they have their own products as well? Or, Is Dynex the only brand they own?

First of all, No. Dynex is not the only brand they own. They have few other brands that they sell under their umbrella. Some of them are – Dynex, Insignia, Rocketfish, Twister Cable, Modal, etc. 

Secondly, there are a few reasons why they do this. Such as – 

  • They want to offer products that are more affordable than other brands available in the market. Most of their brands are focused on North America-based customers. So those are tailored to their need, and that’s how they have managed to reduce the cost. 
  • They are trying to get the most out of the widespread supply channels they have. If they can sell their products as well, they can earn extra. Also, it is easier to offer discounts on one’s own product rather than others. 
  • Utilizing the brand value is another reason for them. Customers trust Best Buy. So anything coming directly from them naturally creates a favorable impact on customers buying decisions. Thus, Best Buy can profit from selling their product easily.

How to Choose The Best TV for You?

Finding a good TV that fits your need perfectly can be a challenge. There are so many products in the market that it is tough to set your mind on a particular offering. Here are some aspects you might want to consider for a better decision – 

🔹 Price over Brand?

Price or Brand is the never-ending dilemma that always appears when someone thinks of buying something. Most of the time, brands that are relatively more famous, charge more for the products. 

However, when you look at the overall picture, you can see that it is quite natural for them to ask for a higher price. Big brands spend big on Research & Development, marketing, and customer service. So, it’s normal for them to try to recover the investment. 

So, as they are careful about what they make, usually big brands don’t make bad or risky products. On the other hand, cheap brands may sometimes overlook quality just to offer a lesser price. Often they provide a very limited time warranty.

🔹 Is Better Image Quality Always Better?

No. It depends on what your need is. Nowadays brands are offering 8K TVs that are super clear and colorful. They do create an amazing experience and look awesome. 

However, they cost a ton of money as well. So, you have to be careful what you need. Most of the time a Full HD or QHD TV can get the job done smoothly. Try to look for a good deal if you want a higher resolution TV. That way you can still save some money.

🔹 Look for The Customer Service

Always purchase from a brand that provides superior customer service in your area or region. Not all the sellers you find online have or can provide the service some other brands can. You must ensure aftercare of a product that you bought.

Is Dynex a Good TV Brand?

After all the discussion, the question remains, is Dynex a good TV Brand? 

Well, the answer is yes, If that is the kind of product you’re looking for. Dynex TVs are affordable and dependable. They also have a wider range of support because of Best Buy.

But, they are not as high quality-focused as Brands like Samsung, LG, etc. If you’re looking for a TV that costs less yet is a value for money, Dynex is a good choice. You can buy them from any outlets of Best Buy or order online. 

Also, questions like how long does a Dynex TV last or do they get broken easily are not uncommon. Our suggestion is, no matter what TV you have, you should always handle them with care and safety. 

Try to read the manual that comes with the TV. Most of the time we ignore it and thus we make adjustments that don’t suit the product. 
Also, remember to look at the customer ratings and Dynex TV reviews available on the online stores. Oftentimes they give a real perspective of how a product behaves in real life.

Final Words

There you have it. All your questions like who makes Dynex TV or is Dynex a good TV brand are answered. Hopefully, next time when you consider purchasing a Dynex TV, this will come in handy.

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