Imagine a scenario – you come to your home after a long hard day. Your children and spouse start complaining about the bad TV quality. Now you happen to know some of the major TV brand names but you don’t know which one you should buy. As a rookie in this, it’s highly possible that you are unaware of the facts about the Sony TVs. That’s where I come in.

In this article, I have tried to cover major information about the details of Sony TVs. From who makes Sony TVs to which one you should buy, I have also gathered additional information about the brand and its manufacturer. So, give us 5 min, in return, you will get valuable information to build your opinion about Sony TVs.

Are Sony TVs Any Good?

Sony TV is famous for its superior quality service than other TV brands. With a robust sound system (thanks to technologies like Acoustic Surface Audio+) and the best build-up materials, Sony is highly praised due to its top-notch screen quality and durability. 

Sony, featuring 8K models, covers both LCD and postmodern OLED panel displays. Sony presents a high dynamic range display which shows a more detailed and clearer picture. Any Sony TV is expected to last at least 6-8 years due to its high-grade components. 

Using Google’s Android TV operating system, Sony gives the audience the chance to enjoy several streaming partners like Netflix, Amazon, YouTube, etc. with voice control ability. Although Sony has a reputation of having the highest price, the premium quality speaks for itself. Based on the customer reviews, any budget-level TV from Sony has beaten other TV brands on the longevity tests. Sony has also the reputation for the best after sale customer service care.

Additionally, Sony TV offers the lowest input lag which is mandatory when it comes to gaming. Sony spends a great deal of time in quality control and adjusting sets as close to near perfect. Although, depending on the model you use, the mileage can vary. If someone wants to enjoy luxury, Sony is the best brand for them.

Who Makes Sony TVs

Sony TVs are made primarily by Sony Corporation INC. Sony is a brand of the Japanese Sony Corporation, notably known for its electronics quality. They decided to develop TVs, assemble them at Sony with the help of a third-party OEM & ODM assembler’s factory. One of the major representatives of this assembler production line is Foxconn.

Due to its outsourcing building scheme policy, Sony has been able to reduce costs and make TVs from within. Now, several third-party companies from India, Slovakia, Mexico, China, Russia offer to assemble whether Malaysia & Japan has Sony TV production in their own Factories.

History of the Company

Akio Morita & Masaru Ibuka built TTK (Tokyo Telecommunications Engineering Corporation) which later turned into Sony Group Corporation in 1946. They started the company with 20 employees and a capital of approximately $500 to develop consumer products. 

With a mindset of contributing to Japanese culture through technology, Sony has been able to release many top-quality electronic products since its establishment. With their finest products, they are now one of the leading tech giants of the market. 

Is Sony Bravia a smart TV?

Now, we call a TV a smart one when it can provide content from the internet. Sony Bravia introduced its first internet-enabled TV in late 2009. Several streaming media partners (YouTube, Yahoo!, and Sony Video) were also incorporated in this. Later in 2015, Sony TV also brought out Android TV and in early 2022, Sony Bravia declared its Google TV indication.

About the Manufacturer

Mainly Sony TVs are manufactured by BRAVIA (Best Resolution Audio Visual Integrated Architecture) which is a brand and a subsidiary of Sony visual products Inc. Sony has its plants in several countries in the world where the BRAVIA televisions are being manufactured. The principal design behind the products are mainly done in Sony research facilities based in Japan and Mexico.

Sony Corporation has generated over 75 billion U.S. dollars in revenue in 2020 years with game and network services, financial services, electronic products & sound systems. Thus Sony proves how big the company is by employing 114 thousand people around the world. After conquering the electronic market, they are currently pursuing the music & the film industry and getting well known for it.

What are the best Sony TVs?

Sony TVs are a safe bet when you know you will get the highest quality possible in the current market. With exquisite color accuracy, the high-end and mid-range TVs are being called the best in the market despite having a premium price. Without further ado, let’s see some of the top TVs Sony has to offer –

1. Sony A90J OLED

Sony A90J OLED introduces self-emitting pixels which produce perfect blacks and a near infinite contrast ratio. The screen itself offers features like wide viewing angles, excellent reflection handling, Dolby Vision support & HDMI port facility. 

Before this particular model, Sony has been missing user satisfaction experience, online streaming services, and lower brightness levels from other OLED. Sony added these features exclusively with near-instantaneous response time for clear motion & Bravia Core streaming service which has been known for a genuine value-added feature.

The X90J is one of a kind TV to buy right now. It will give the best, if not the best authentic viewing experience possible in the market.

2. Sony KD-48A9

Sony first launched an OLED TV which is 48inch in the market which provoked other companies to chase it. This Sony model has a built-in X1 ultimate processor which will offer the best viewing experience possible. Name any streaming app – it’s in there. 

And in terms of picture detail and sharpness, there’s simply no better TV than this one at this size. When it comes to durability, this product is a top-notch one to rely on. It makes sure to worry about nothing for the audience.

3. Sony X750H

If you are in need of a decent budget-friendly TV, this is the best option for you. With an above-average contrast ratio, it’s a good choice for streaming and gaming. Sony X750H stands out among others for its simple yet brilliant user experience on the interface. With a decent response time, and low input lag, you won’t be disappointed.


I do hope I have been able to paint a picture before you about Sony TVs and who makes them. When it comes to choosing a great TV, there’s more to it than just a manufacturer. And when it comes to Sony, everybody knows what they will get because of the reputation. Display, Sound, internet – Sony covers it all and you can just sit there and wonder ‘how did they do it?

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