What is the average price for a premium golf ball should be? Being a golfer for years, you might be thinking it’s around US$ 4 to 6. Or, 3 to 4 pounds. Yes, you are right. That is the average price per golf ball; the premium ones to be exact.

Change of scenario! What if we tell you that some premium golf balls in the market can be found for around $2 each or a bit more than 1 pound?

As a matter of fact, Kirkland golf ball really costs you around this range per ball. Being this inexpensive, people are going all over to know who makes Kirkland golf balls and how are they managing to do so.

Well, stay with us to know more about this and some very important and shocking facts about Kirkland golf balls. Spoiler alert: the shocking fact is about Cosco’s discontinuation of selling this product. Let’s suppose you have not read that and get started!

Kirkland golf balls

What Company Makes Kirkland Golf Balls?

Can’t wait to know who actually makes Kirkland golf balls? It is Qingdao Sm Parker Golf Co Ltd. This company is headquartered in China and is one of the huge scale suppliers of leisure products like golf balls.

This company was founded in the year 1994. So, they have been in business for more than 26 years now.

Also, when you look for information in the box of Kirkland Signature golf balls, you will see the ‘ Made In China ‘ tag is there with clear vision!

Why Are Kirkland Golf Balls So Popular? How Good Are They?

Kirkland golf balls are known to meet the value for money classification perfectly. In the year 2016, Costco started selling them and they mainly got their reputation since then.

These balls are known to feel extremely premium when compared with the price it comes with. People started going crazy over them because they could see how great of a deal it was to get a dozen or two of these golf balls with such a low price.

Apart from the price, how good are they in reality? They are made of urethane covers. So it is easier for them to catch scratches and scuffs easily. You should be fine to play with these balls as long as you are okay playing with a non-smooth surfaced ball.

Recent Scenario: Are They Still Good?

Being an expensive sport itself, golf gear is highly-priced. However, in the year 2016 Costco started selling very premium but inexpensive golf balls proving the former statement to be inexact.

However, when Kirkland’s signature 3 piece golf balls were at the peak of their success, Costco started claiming this one to be meeting and exceeding the quality of the top leading balls in the market.

After that Titleist Pro V1 filed a lawsuit against them which was later settled in the year 2018. In 2019, Kirkland came up with a new 4 piece ball which started getting terrible reviews and it was all over the internet.

At this point, Costco could not survive with the high pressure of complaints and issued a recall. They also offered a refund and as far as it was known, they stopped selling the 4 pieces.

On the other hand, the 3 pieces are still doing good. It is still a great value for money.

Best of Kirkland’s Signature Golf Balls Review

Kirkland golf balls mainly offer two types :

  • Three-piece
  • Four-piece

From the last section, you have already known the recent scenario of this brand’s golf balls. Therefore, in light of the last section, we will only provide you with the review of Three Piece one here.

Kirkland Signature 3-Piece Urethane Cover Golf Ball

This sturdy quality ball is known to give high performance. They come with urethane covers which is ideal for pro golfers. They can be bought 24 pieces per box within an extremely affordable price range.

Let’s get to know some important pros and cons of this brand’s three-piece urethane balls.


  • High velocity
  • Decent overall performance for the price
  • Consistent flight
  • Soft feel
  • Superior greenside control
  • No visible seam
  • Conforms the USGA and R&A rules


  • Yellow ball due to sun exposure
  • Known to last a shorter period

To know more about this headline-breaking golf ball from Kirkland, consider watching this video. Also, the durability test in this video will give you a clear idea about its endurance and length of service:


How good are Kirkland golf balls for beginners?

They are known to perform well for almost all levels of golfer. But average to pro golfers is best known to handle them well.

Did Costco stop selling golf balls?

After issuing a recall for the 4-piece balls, Costco started offering refunds for already sold balls and discontinued selling them.

Do Kirkland golf balls come in the color yellow?

No, the white ones tend to turn to yellow color due to exposure to the sun.

How long can one play with Kirkland 3-piece Golf Balls?

They are known to last up to one round of play.


Many customers have come up with the verdict that Kirkland golf balls are better suited for pro users who swings well and shoots in 18 rounds. But there have also been good reviews from several beginners and mid handicappers.

So, know your level first and then head out to make the purchase. As these can be bought online now, do look for as many reviews as you can. However, you can also check our link on amazon for prices, reviews, and other important details.

Hope you are prepared to make the right decision for your next golf practice after knowing who makes Kirkland golf balls, price range, and reviews.

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